5 Best Dragon Age: Inquisition Easter Eggs

From cheese shields to famous movie references, check out this list of the greatest easter eggs found in Dragon Age: Inquisition
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After Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s release last month people quickly realized the game’s world is absolutely huge and full of surprises. These surprises include numerous easter eggs that players have stumbled across during their time in Thedas. Some of these easter eggs are references to other games released by developers EA and BioWare. Some are references to movie plots. Some are just funny. 

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Below is a list of the top 5 easter eggs people have found in Dragon Age: Inquisition so far:

(WARNING: This post contains spoilers)


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This might seem like a strange easter egg, but cheese is apparently commonly found in in several odd places throughout Inquisition. There is even a wheel of cheese that can be used as a shield, known as “The Wedge of Destiny.”

CNET asked BioWare about the common appearance of cheese wheels in Dragon Age, and BioWare explained that it’s just something they’ve done “in every Dragon Age game since Origins.” 


Plants vs. Zombies

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You don’t have to know much about the EA game Plants vs. Zombies in order to get this reference in Inquisition. In the image above there are clearly a few bodies in front of large flowers on Linden Farm, found in Crestwood.

In this area, the Inquisitor can find an item entitled “Plants vs. Corpses,” which describes the Battle of Pauper’s Cap, as told by Daveth the Mad. Plants vs. Zombies was developed by PopCap, and the game’s setting is a garden owned by Crazy Dave. 

Krogans in Thedas

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Unless you’re a fan of BioWare’s other extremely popular game series, Mass Effect, you might miss this easter egg. While exploring a few castles in Thedas, you may run across the head of a Krogan, a common alien race in Mass Effect, displayed on walls as a hunting trophy. 

You can find this easter egg in Halamshiral, during the quest “Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts,” in the trophy room. You can also find it in a hallway of Caer Oswin, during the “Promise of Destruction” quest. 

Cole: The Walking Spoiler

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Don’t start a conversation with Cole, one of nine main companions to join the Inquisition, unless you are prepared to hear spoilers to some well known movies and even a game or two. 

Cole is an unusual character. He has the appearance of a young man, but is actually a spirit from the Fade. He can sense other people’s pain, which he uses to help people, but he is also frequently confusing to other members of the Inquisition due to his uncanny ability to know things he probably shouldn’t. Like plotlines of famous movies. 

When an Inquisitor begins a conversation with Cole, he’ll often start off saying something mysterious like “He didn’t kill his father, he was his father.” This is supposedly a reference to the famous moment from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, where Luke Skywalker accuses Darth Vader of killing his father, and Vader replies “No, I am your father.” 

“The Lord of the Pies”


Imagine heading to Skyhold, only to be transported underground and finding a pie with a top hat on it while music that sounds like it’s coming from on old music box plays in the background. That’s exactly what happened to one gamer, who then posted the video, which you can watch above.

Since then, developers of Dragon Age: Inquisition have confirmed the strange occurrence as an easter egg. Environment artist, Graham Kelly, called it “The Lord of the Pies” and says that he “may or may not have hidden some of his smaller flock around the rest of Skyhold.” 

So many easter eggs have been discovered already, and the game only launched last month. It wouldn’t be surprising if more and more are found,  even a few years from now as has happened with a few games recently

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