A Complete Introduction Guide to GameSkinny – Come Write With Us!

You've made it to GameSkinny! Are you excited to write about video games? Because we are SO STOKED!

You've made it to GameSkinny! Are you excited to write about video games? Because we are SO STOKED!

These days, publishing great content online is not hard.. being heard is!

There is so much content online now that personal blogs, YouTube videos, in-depth forum posts.. they’re getting lost, overlooked, drowned out.

We think that’s lame.

So, we built a place for intelligent folks like you to have your opinion heard, shared, discovered and discussed. We believe in giving gamers a space, and we’ve already had great success with Guild Launch, where guilds and gaming groups can create their own websites, so….

We created GameSkinny.

A publishing platform built from the ground up that does a few very specific things, and does them very well: 

  1. Gives you a place to create a games writing portfolio
  2. Gives great content exposure to an established audience
  3. Gives serious contributors a chance to improve their skills through on-site info, tutorials, and interaction with GameSkinny Editors
  4. Rewards top writers with real, actual money through our Bounty program.

Write about video games, build your audience, and be as rad as you can be.

So there ya have it. It’s that simple. Give GameSkinny a try. We think you’ll like it. Below is a collection of articles and resources to get you started.

Level 1: Posting Basics

“Help, I’m new here!” That’s ok, welcome to the madhouse! If you are new to writing or need a push in the right direction, this section is for you. Learn the basics of posting and writing on GameSkinny.

Level 2: Advanced Tactics

You’ve completed level one and you’ve got a good handle of how things work ’round these parts. Awesome! Now it’s time to sharpen your skills and grab games writing by the thumbsticks horns. 

Level 3: Expert Mode

Oh boy, you’re really grooving now! Once you feel like you’ve mastered level two and have honed your skills, now it’s the tough part: gaining notoriety and recognition as a writer and boosting that view count. We want to see that dashboard grow and so do you!

Bonus Level: Learn More About GameSkinny

If you want to learn more about GameSkinny and want to get involved, here are some links to get you started. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and check out our new forums (Coming soon to Community.GuildLaunch). Also, be sure to check out Guild Launch too! 

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