How to Embed a Tweet Into an Article with HTML

Embedding a tweet is much easier than you might have thought!

Be it Ferguson riots, #GamerGate, or simple announcements and banter, Twitter has become a vital and volatile aspect of today's world of journalism. 

At GameSkinny, we focus on gaming news - but any HTML-based posting system can easily embed tweets with a few easy steps. Let's take a look at a simple example from our own Twitter account and demonstrate how to embed it with images.

Here is a basic tweet from @GameSkinny, this is what we'll be replicating:

How to embed this tweet:

Step 1: Click the elipsis "More" button

Step 2: The click on the "Embed Tweet" option

Step 3: Copy (Ctrl + C) the highlighted HTML code

Step 4: Open your article's HTML viewer

Step 5: Paste (Ctrl + V) the copied Twitter HTML code into the post HTML, like so...

Step 6: Click "Update"

Result in editor:

Result in post:

Then just make sure you save your changes and you're all set!


Published Nov. 28th 2014

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