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Most Beautiful Minecraft 1.20.2 Seeds

Looking for the most beautiful Minecraft seeds? We've got you covered.

Some seeds are better for survival worlds, but others are better for aesthetics. In this list we’ll go over the top 10 most beautiful Minecraft 1.20.2 seeds.

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The seeds in this list were chosen for their unique and particular traits that make them stand above the rest. Or at least, the rest we scoured through. Read on to see if there are any you might like to use for your next creative world or even survival.

Most Beautiful Minecraft 1.20.2 Seeds

Jungle Mountain

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  • Seed: 7506926137149878989
  • Spawn: 31, -53
  • Biome: Sparse Jungle 

This world has a beautiful Spruce Jungle that has plenty of resources to collect. What makes this seed special however, is that the entire jungle is surrounded by a mountain range adding to the breath taking view.

So Many Biomes

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  • Seed: 4441491909852396530
  • Spawn: 4, 8
  • Biomes: Jungle, Snow, Forest, Mountain 

Can’t make up your mind on what your favorite biome is? Don’t worry, this seed has a whole bunch of them right next to each other that makes a unique view that constantly changes as you explore.

Crater Lake

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  • Seed: -7546871049307550237
  • Spawn: 4, -74
  • Biome: Plains, Mountain

I love lake views both in game and real life. This world has a giant lake in the middle of a crater that makes for an amazing view. On top of that, there’s a snowy mountain range just behind it.

Carter Village

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  • Seed: 5212633
  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Plains, Meadow

If you want to live in a village that has an amazing view look no further. This village is surrounded by a towering snowy mountain that looks beautiful in any direction you look.

Jungle Oasis 

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Seed: 392800909 
  • Spawn: 14, -56
  • Biome: Jungle 

This jungle oasis is truly a marvelous paradise. The lush jungle next to the open sea is stunning. I would make a tree house on top of the tallest tree so I would have the best view.

Ice Peak Village

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  • Seed: 214788164
  • Spawn: 1, -5
  • Biome: Ice Spikes

If your idea of beauty is a snowy winter wonderland this is it. This world has a cute little village on top of a hill that surrounded by towering ice spikes.

Cherry Grove Hill

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  • Seed: -7601484423674584936
  • Seed: -8, 4 
  • Biome: Cherry Grove

There is no doubt that Cherry Groves are the most beautiful biomes in the game. This seed will spawn you right in the middle of a giant Cherry Grove on top of a hill.

Cherry Tree Village 

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Seed: 5305304
  • Spawn: -1, -8 
  • Biome: Plains

When I first spawned into this world I was blown away. The tiny houses of the village surrounded by cherry trees is already a pleasing view. But what makes this village stand out is the giant mountain behind it where you can see the sunrise.

Cherry Snow Mountain 

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Seed: 77858
  • Spawn: -2, -2
  • Biome: Plains, Snowy Mountain 

I’m a giant fan of how cherry blossom trees look when against snow. This small Cherry Blossom Grove is surrounded by a snowy mountain adding just a hint of beauty in the frozen tundra.

Frozen Cherry Lake

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Seed: -6384763642895912697
  • Spawn: 86,71
  • Biomes: Ice Spikes, Cherry Grove

This seed puts an Ice Spikes Time and a Cherry Grove right next to each other with a giant lake right in the middle of them. The lake partially frozen so you can look up at the cliffs and see the beauty of both areas.

Those are the most beautiful Minecraft 1.20.2 seeds. If you’re looking for more seeds or guides, check out our dedicated MC guides hub.

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