How to Find Cherry Blossom Biomes in Minecraft

The Cherry Grove biome is a rare one in Minecraft. Here's how to find them.

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Of all the additions made to Minecraft, few look as great as the Cherry Blossom or Cherry Grove biome. With pink flowers covering the ground and the pleasant-looking tree that can be used to create pink wood, there’s a lot to love. The only downside to all this is that they’re not easy to find. This guide will go over all you need to know about how to find Minecraft Cherry Grove biomes.

How to Find Cherry Blossom Biomes in Minecraft

There are a few ways you can go about finding Cherry Blossom biomes, and a few extra things to know. These links will take you down to different sections of this guide for easy access:

Where to Find Cherry Blossom Biomes

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Cherry Grove Biomes can be found on mountains and, more specifically, on slopes or the occasional plateau. Although they are a high-altitude biome, you won’t find them on a mountain peak. They’re very similar to meadows, albeit a lot more rare.

We do want to emphasize that last bit because it can be a surprise to find one. If you’re trying to find them naturally, it might take a lot of searching before you come across them.

How to Find Cherry Blossom Biomes with Commands

Like other biomes, you can immediately access Cherry Grove by enabling cheats and entering the locate command. Here’s what you’ll want to type in:

  • /locate biome minecraft:cherry_grove 

That will display the [x, y, z] coordinates of where the closest Cherry Blossom biome is as well as how many blocks away you are. If you want to go there immediately, you can use those same coordinates in the teleport command:

  • /tp – x y z

How to Find Cherry Groves with Biome Finder

For those looking to explore but don’t mind a bit of third-party help, we recommend using the Biome Finder. This tool maps out your entire seed and allows you to highlight specific biomes too. Here’s what you need to do to find a Cherry Grove in your world:

  • Go to the Biome Finder on Chunkbase.
  • Copy and paste your seed into the text box or choose a random seed.
  • Scroll past the map display and checkmark “Highlight Biomes.”
  • Click on the box to the right to reveal a scroll box and then click on Cherry Grove.

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Cherry Blossom Biome Generation Explained

As mentioned earlier, Cherry Blossom biomes are quite a rarity that some players need help finding. Generating a seed with them in mind can be a bit tricky too, due to how creating a new world works. Finding someone else’s seed online that has locations of the aesthetically pleasing area might be the easiest method for some.

Another option is to generate a single biome seed while creating a new world and specify Cherry Grove. The only caveat to this is that you’ll then be stuck with cherry trees as far as you can see. Certainly worth it if you want everything to look pink though.

When was the Minecraft Cherry Blossom Update?

This biome and its pretty trees were announced as a part of the 1.20 update, also known as Trials and Tales. It was released on both the Java and Bedrock Editions on June 7th, 2023.

That covers how to find Cherry Blossom biomes in Minecraft. If you need a summary of what’s coming next, check out our 1.21 update breakdown. Everything else needed to survive is available at our Minecraft guides hub.

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