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Starfield: Best Spacesuits Ranked

Starfield has some amazing spacesuits to discover and here are the 10 best we've found.

Starfield will overload you with Spacesuits that are incredibly useful, help you look snazzy, or are only good for adding credits to your pocket. In this guide, we’ll go over the best Spacesuits in Starfield from a use perspective rather than a fiscal or fashion one.

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Best Spacesuits in Starfield Ranked

Mark 1 Spacesuit

This is one of the earliest available spacesuits in Starfield. You can find it in the basement of the Lodge. Upon first inspection, it might look like you can’t access it due to a high lock-picking requirement. However, this is a Bethesda game, and that means glitches abound. You can actually peer in through the little opening in the glass case and take the spacesuit without issue. To gain immunity from most of the game’s early threats, put your shame to the side and glitch on in to get this incredibly effective spacesuit.


This armor doesn’t look great, but for some reason, Starfield decided to have it be a real prize of a spacesuit to find. Luckily, it’s completely free and only requires you to complete the Mantis quest to get it. It has an amazing 116 physical resistance with 100 Electromagnetic resistance, so you’ll find yourself well-equipped, whether it’s ballistics or lasers coming at you. Personally, I can’t get past the look of this thing. But if you play in first-person, you won’t have to worry about such things.

Shocktroop Spacesuit

The Shocktroop Spacesuit is awesome-looking and has the stats to boot. With 128 physical resistance, 30 thermal, and 15 corrosive and radiation resistance, you can expect to come out relatively unscathed from just about any danger. You can find it almost anywhere during quests, but you can also buy it from most merchants selling spacesuits.

Bounty Hunter Spacesuit

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If I’m going on any combat mission, you can bet I’ve got my Bounty Hunter suit ready to go. This thing looks like a tank and acts as such. With 144 physical resistance, 140 energy resistance, and 132 electromagnetic resistance, you’ll simply resist all. You’ll also look cool doing it, and you can find this in plenty of places. You can find it during the Mantis mission, but for me, I found it during the UC Vanguard questline when you get to Londinion. It can also be purchased in Neon or later in the game; you can find it dropped by Spacers as well.

Old Earth Spacesuit

While I’m not crazy about the look of this suit, there’s no denying how effective it is. With every resistance above 130, you can expect some great protection from the perils of the galaxy here. It’s a random drop most of the time and only begins appearing once you’ve leveled into the 30s. Find it on Spacers or in random containers. Again, it’s not the flashiest. However, the fact that it’s free makes it too good to pass up.


Mercury is a tribute to what old spacesuits look like, and it’s the perfect complement to any arsenal. You can find this on planet Earth at the Nasa landmark. The stats won’t blow you away with a physical resistance of 108, an energy resistance of 91, and an electromagnetic resistance of 100. Where this spacesuit is effective, though, is the solid 25 resistance from airborne, corrosive, radiation, and thermal. For those exploring dangerous planets with unstable atmospheres, Mercury is a perfect spacesuit for you.

Monster Costume

This suit is not meant for combat. If you take it into a firefight, your nickname will become “Swiss Cheese” before you can even draw your gun. However, the spacesuit is just hilarious. For anyone who’s seen the movie The Village, you’ll get a kick out of both the spacesuit and the Tourist’s Go Home quest, where you’re hired to wear this suit and scare tourists. It’s delightfully dumb, showing off that signature Bethesda charm.

Trackers Alliance Spacesuit

You can find the Trackers Alliance Spacesuit all over the place, and it has some of the best stats in the entire game. With a 144 physical resistance, 112 energy resistance, and electromagnetic resistance of 128, you’re a certified fortress inside this. You can scoop it up as a random drop, or you can find it at The Key during the Crimson Quest questline. It’s not too flashy, but it gets the job done.


You won’t have access to this armor until you reach your eighth NG+. When you get it, though, it’s easily the coolest star-suit in the entire game. You get 224 physical resistance, energy resistance, electromagnetic resistance, and you’re essentially invincible when you’re wearing this. You also get 50 resistance for all the elements, so if you’ve managed to get this far in Starfield, you’ll start your eighth playthrough with this fantastic spacesuit.


For the truest fans out there, once you embark upon your 10th journey through Starfield, Venator will be yours. With it comes everything the Tempus has to offer and more. 246 physical resistance, 246 electromagnetic, and 246 energy resistance give you the keys to the castle when conquering Starfield’s toughest challenges. Run the Red Mile with this on, and the monsters will run from you.

There are so many great spacesuits to find in Starfield, but these are the best. Your tastes may vary, and you might just care about looking cool while taking down villains across the galaxy. Whatever your choice, hopefully, this guide helped you find what you’re looking for. For more on Starfield, take a gander at our guides hub.

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