The top mobile games starring your 2016 presidential candidates. It's election season and the games industry shows it's support.

The best mobile games starring our 2016 Presidential candidates

The top mobile games starring your 2016 presidential candidates. It's election season and the games industry shows it's support.
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You’ve heard what the presidential candidates think of video games. But regardless of how they feel about games, all of the White House hopefuls appear in games of their own — most of them mobile games. With about 42% of Americans playing games regularly, the amount (and type) of exposure that these candidates get in games could have at least some influence on the election results. 

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That said, let’s take a look at the best mobile games starring our 2016 presidential candidates.

Bernie Sandwiches

A lot of these presidential games are based off of memes. Bernie Sandwiches is no exception. Out of all the games listed, I spent the most time playing this one. The game is simple: help Bernie collect sandwiches while jumping over obstacles. The game loads the same level every time. This can be repetitive, but this was great for passing around with friends. Billboards in the background advertise Bernie’s policies and views.

Punch The Trump

Defeat Donald Trump in a match of fisticuffs. The best part of this game is that Trump fights back. There would be no satisfaction in beating up the bigot without his resistance. The game is challenging until you get used to the combat. Four buttons control right and left jabs and uppers. When you press the buttons in the proper order you unleash a combo. Between discovering combos and collecting new weapons, this game has some replayability.

Trump Dump

Unlike the other candidates, most of Trump’s games have you assaulting rather than endorsing him. Trump Dump is the original “I hate Donald Trump” mobile game. A Flappy Bird rip-off, don’t confuse this game with clones like Dump Trump or Trump Dump 2016. The goal: dump on Trump. Maneuver your bird through brick walls to take dumps of increasing size on the candidate. It was fun the first few times. I’d actually like to hear how far some of you can get.

Avoid Hillary

Maybe this title has nothing to do with her current presidential run. Move former President Bill Clinton around and avoid a cascade of Hillarys. Whether you are her husband or just not feeling Hillary as future President, this should still be fun. The difficulty increases with your score. This game is only available on iOS.

Hilarious Election Run

The most ambitious title on this list, Hilarious Election Run is the only game sporting full 3D graphics. This game is a free runner with all of the usual mechanics. No matter who you vote for, it’s great seeing our candidates perform front flips and power slides. The controls are dodgy, so you probably wont spend much time on this game. This is another iOS exclusive.

None of these apps were endorsed by their respective candidates, but that doesn’t make them any less fun. A few of the candidates didn’t have any games I could find (which reflects in their polling). Head over to the candidates’ official websites if you would like to contribute to their campaigns. Have fun, and please make the effort to vote this year.

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