Those Who Are About to Explode, We Salute You: Mangala Solaris (Red vs Blue)

[19:54:03] roigon > mangala solaris, the man on he street. He's not one of those nullsec participants with billions of isk and out of touch. Mang is a bloke like you. Doing missions, and mining and just being your average space joe plumber.

Ships Flown this Tournament: Sleipnir command ship
Survival Percentage: 100%
BattleClinic Rank: #1,501 (down from #1,492)
Previous Tournament Experience: Alliance Tournament X

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Alliance: Red vs Blue
Alliance Form:

  • 2013 (ATXI) – Eliminated on Day 4 by HUN Reloaded
  • 2012 (ATX) – Eliminated from Group Stage by Pandemic Legion
  • 2011 (ATIX) – (As RvB – Red Federation) Eliminated from Round of 32 by SOLAR FLEET

Mangala Solaris

Mangala Solaris is the people’s favourite, by virtue of the fact he is one of the people. Despite his protestations that he is “a terrible FC”, he still routinely leads a rag-tag bunch of Red vs Blue misfits on regular RvB Ganked roams across New Eden.

The institution of Red vs Blue is a kind of organised anarchy that needs someone as humble and grounded as Mangala. In a universe of super-organised mega-corporations led by megalomaniacal narcissists, the Red vs Blue ethos amounts to one concept: take nothing seriously.

As the Red and Blue elements fight an eternal friendly war against each other in New Eden, it is this refreshingly relaxed attitude that is the lifeblood of their combined “Purple” efforts and the platform which has supported Mangala’s haphazard rise to the top.

Not only does he now lead a tournament team which is looking every bit the part, he’s managed to stumble into a seat on the Council of Stellar Management.

Mangala is basically EVE Online’s answer to Columbo, and it is only a matter of time before a seemingly on-the-ropes Red vs Blue team will be rallied by a “just one more thing…”

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