Titanfall Guide: 5 Things To Do Before Release

Titanfall is almost here and we're here to help you get ready! Here are five things you should do to be prepared for the Titanfall launch.

The Titanfall launch is almost here! There is a ton of buzz going around about Respawn Entertainment’s first official release and fans are eagerly waiting for the launch next month.

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While you wait, there is no reason to just sit back and do nothing. There is plenty that you can do to ensure that you have a good experience when the game finally hits store shelves. 

Here are five things you should do before the Titanfall release.


1. Make sure your system of choice is ready.

What does that mean? It means that whether you are an Xbox One owner, or you are a dedicated PC gamer, make sure that your system is free of dust. Look at your machine and if you see any dust, find the safest way to remove it without voiding any warranty. This will not only help your machine look great, but it will let the machine get rid of any heat that is making it run slower.

Also make sure that your system is patched up with the latest dashboard or Windows updates. For my PC crew, the minimum specs have already been released so make sure you check those out and upgrade accordingly.

2. Have your internet connection up and ready to go.

Titanfall has no offline single-player mode; a constant, reliable internet connection is required. If you have the technical skills to fiddle with your router, make sure the NAT setting is set to OPEN. Also do any port forwarding that you may need to do, depending on your specific setup.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, get someone who does know like a relative or friend to help you. As a last resort, you could also call your internet service provider to help configure your router, but this is usually an unnecessarily long process and can cost some money.


3. Play other first person shooters that have jetpacks.

If you have never played an FPS that uses jetpacks, you will have a disadvantage going into Titanfall. One of the defining elements of the game is the fact that you use a jetpack to jump from one building to the next, parkour off street signs, or even take down a Titan. Those who have experience with jetpacks in games like Tribes: Ascend or Planetside 2 will already have a grasp of what is called Z-axis movement.

So while you are waiting for the beta, play something that uses jetpacks. This way, you can get a feel of what it’s like to battle in three dimensions of movement.

4. Sign up for Origin if you haven’t already.

Unfortunately for all of us PC people, EA’s unreliable Origin service is a must if you want to play Titanfall. I know that a lot of us were hoping that the game would appear on Steam, but Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella already confirmed the requirement.

Yes, this sucks a bit, especially since EA’s track record of horrible launch issues continues to plaque games like Battlefield 4. Hopefully, EA has learned its lesson and Titanfall’s release will go smoothly.

5. Do NOT pre-order until you have enough information to warrant a purchase.

People fall in the trap of pre-ordering a game that turns out a big mess. Those who pre-ordered Sim City can attest to that. Unless you are sure that you will want to play Titanfall, regardless of launch issues or bugs, then simply don’t pre-order.

It isn’t worth your hard-earned money. Wait until the bugs are fixed, you read a few official reviews, and play the beta. By having patience and waiting, you will make an informed purchasing decision and will feel better for it.

Titanfall launches March 11th for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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