Mafia 3's Alligators Will Always Be Hungry and Hunting

New Mafia 3 video shows us why we should never go swimming.

With Mafia 3 being released this week, fans are excited to see more footage. A different factor that is being featured in this installment is a new way to make evidence disappear. Literally.

IGN just released another video showing us what is basically a montage of alligators eating dead gangsters. Most of the time, the game's protagonist Lincoln Clay is throwing their corpses into the swampy river to dispose of evidence. Or maybe it's just for fun? Either way, this is an interesting feature.

The video begins by showing us why we can NEVER go swimming in the game. A damn alligator will come to you like a kid running to the Christmas tree at light speed. It seems like they were letting Lincoln swim towards the alligator just to show us what would happen. It's not a pretty sight.

The rest of the video shows a litany of brutal alligator killings. They are always on the lookout for floating corpses or unfortunate swimmers, and they always get their dinner. The music IGN added makes the video brutal and hilarious all at once. Mafia fans should watch this, because it will be impossible for them not to get pumped.


Published Oct. 6th 2016

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