Titanfall available free on Origin Access next week

Titanfall joins the growing list of gamesavailable for free with an Origin Access account.

With the sequel to the critically acclaimed Titanfall expected by the end of the year, EA have decided to add the original game to their Origin Vault. This service is available to the Origin Access members, which comes with a $4.99 (£3.99) monthly subscription. The game will be available to download for free starting March 22.

Titanfall, which many expected to be the next generation of first person shooters, was generally very well liked and received a great deal of praise from both critics and players alike. The game consists of normal FPS mechanics, with a twist; players are able to jump great distances, leap on to buildings, and make use of a variety of interesting weapons. For a detailed review, check out one of GameSkinny's Titanfall reviews.


Titanfall will be the 17th game to enter the Origin Vault, joining games such as Battlefield Hardline, the Dead Space franchise, the Dragon Age franchise and FIFA 15. The full list can be found below, or on the Origin Vault page.

 The Origin Access feature also gives a 10% discount on all games available on the Origin store, as well as early access to new games, including a recent access to the Need for Speed PC release.

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Published Mar. 19th 2016

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