Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Find Rock Lizard Locations

Rock Lizards are a valuable resource in Monster Hunter rise, assuming you can find them.

Knowing where to find Rock Lizards in Monster Hunter Rise is more difficult than you might think. These are small monsters that like their privacy, which means you’ll likely have a difficult time tracking them down.

Finding these critters is worth the effort, though. Even aside from the Endemic Life: Rock Lizard quest, you can get quite a bit out of these pint-sized reptiles. This Monster Hunter Rise guide tells you where to locate Rock Lizards, as well as what you'll need them for once you catch them.

Where to Find Rock Lizards in Monster Hunter Rise

Rock Lizards are almost literally everywhere in Monster Hunter Rise. You’ll find them on every map, though they tend to remain in hard-to-reach locations at high elevations. They’re also exceptionally small and easy to overlook, so navigate carefully as you climb around the peaks and ridges of each environment.

Here’s where you can find Rock Lizards.

Shrine Ruins Rock Lizard Locations

  • Sectors 1, 8, 10, 12

Frost Islands Locations

  • Sectors 1, 3, 4, 9 

Sandy Plains Locations

  • Sector 5

Flooded Forest Locations

  • Sectors 1, 2, 6, 13

Lava Caverns Locations

  • Sectors 1, 4, 9, 13, 14

The easiest one we found was the first one, though, in Shrine Ruins sector 1.

Drop down from the waterfall like normal, then head towards the pass leading up to sector 4. Use your Wirebug to climb up the rock face, and you’ll find the Rock Lizard chilling out on the grassy area at the top of the formation.

What Are Rock Lizards For in Monster Hunter Rise 

If you’re completing Endmic Life requests, grab your camera from the Action Bar and take a picture to finish the quest. If not, get your kunai out. You can get three item drops from the Rock Lizard if you use your kunai to defeat it, and the items are pretty handy as well, ranging from ores to crystals and more.

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Published Jan. 19th 2022

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