Monster Hunter Rise Camp Locations: How to Unlock Fast Travel

Finding the Monster Hunter Rise camp locations makes your hunts much easier. Here's where to look.

Finding the Monster Hunter Rise camp locations makes your life much easier. Camps are how you fast travel in MHR, and they also act as rest areas where you can recover some health and get yourself in order again between hunts.

There are strings attached, though, as you'll need to complete certain tasks after finding these areas to fully unlock them. This Monster Hunter Rise guide explains how fast travel works and how to unlock all of the camps in the game.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Monster Hunter Rise

Sub-Camps are your fast travel locations in each Monster Hunter Rise map, but they do more than just let you get around quickly from the map menu. These locations also have supply boxes for inventory management and, like their primary counterparts, let you eat a meal to gain bonus effects.

The trouble is, you have to find them first. Once you find a camp location and head back to Kamura, Kagero the merchant gives you a security quest for that region or a materials quest.

Security quests task you with slaying a specific monster or several monsters, such as taking down an Izuchi or hunting eight Zamite. Once you’ve completed the quest, the sub-camp unlocks on the map, and you’re free to use it at any point thereafter.

There’s little indication on the main map where to find these rest locations, though. Here’s are their locations.

Monster Hunter Rise Shrine Ruins Sub-Camp Location

Kagero asks you to hunt eight Izuchi for the Shine Ruins Security quest. These are the normal-sized ones, not the Great Izuchi.

Monster Hunter Rise Frost Islands Sub-Camp Locations

Frost Islands Camp Location 1

One is in the northeast portion of the map, the enclosed area with the wooden structures.

This one unlocks the Frost Islands Sub-Camp Materials quest, where you need to gather two Warm Pelt and four Monster Bone S, but gathering these isn’t limited to the Frost Islands. Head back to Shrine Ruins Sectors 11 and 13 to find some Kelbi and get Warm Pelt

Frost Islands Location 2

The second is to the southwest and unlocks Frost Islands Security. You’ll slay eight Zamite for this one, which is also a handy way of getting Meaty Hide.

Monster Hunter Rise Sandy Plains Sub-Camps

Sandy Plains Location 1

The first sub-camp in Sandy Plains is just northwest of Sector 3, nestled amongst the ruins there.

Kagero gives you Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Security after you find it, where you’ll have to defeat eight Kestodon, the small dinosaur-looking critters that roam the Plains. Check Sectors 3 and 5 for these.

Sandy Plains Location 2

The second area is up by the oasis south of Sector 9, and the Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Materials quest it unlocks is a bit more complicated.

This time, you need two Monster Bone M and a Lagombi Pelt. Head back to the Frost Islands and take on the giant snow bunny for this one.

Monster Hunter Rise Flooded Forest Sub-Camp Location


There’s just the one site in Flooded Forest. Find it near Sector 11, then come back once Kagero gives you the Flooded Forest Sub-Camp Security quest and slay eight Wroggi.

Monster Hunter Rise Lava Cavern Sub-Camps

Lava Caverns Location 1

Head to Sector 10 of the map, and keep going northeast until you find this site. You’ll need to slay eight Uroktor for the Lava Caverns Sub-Camp Security quest. These are the long-necked, finned creatures that often lurk by the lava itself.

Lava Caverns Location 2

The second is in the ruins between Sectors 6 and 7. The Lava Caverns Sub-Camp Materials quest has you present two Monster Bone L and a Tetranadon Hide to Kagero, so get ready to hunt some frog.

That’s all you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise camp locations, but make sure to check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides for more tips and tricks.


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Published Jan. 19th 2022

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