GTA Online Cunning Stunts coming soon!

Cunning Stunts add-on incoming to GTA Online and it looks massive.

Tuesday, July 12 will bring more than just Amazon Prime day, it will also bring a new GTA Online add-on called Cunning Stunts.

The add-on will feature new races and challenges featuring crazy and over the top ramps, loops, and even bowling pins. As you can see from the picture below, these new races will be massive in scale taking place above the skyline of Los Santos and wrapping around buildings.  

The add-on will also bring new supercars, sports cars, and bikes all of which you can bet go fast. And what kind of race car driver doesn't wear racing clothes? You can also expect to get new racing suits, motocross gear and sweet new helmets to keep your precious little head safe.

There is no word on if this add-on will be free but considering most if not all of the other GTA Online add-ons are free, most than likely it will also be free. 

Published Jul. 7th 2016

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