Muck: How to Kill Wyverns for the Wyvern Dagger

The Wyvern Dagger in Muck lets you make the fastest attacks in the game. Here's how to get it.

Combat is a huge part of Muckand there aren't many weapons better for it than the Wyvern Dagger. This knife has the fastest attack speed of any weapon in the game, but is fairly average in terms of damage, dealing an amount between what mithril and adamantite swords deliver.

This guide will cover how to get the materials required to make the Wyvern Dagger, and how to craft it.

Muck: How to Kill Wyverns for the Wyvern Dagger

In order to craft the Wyvern Dagger, you are going to need one set of Wyvern Claws and ten pieces of Oak Wood. The ten pieces of oak are the easy part. You've likely got more than enough wood at this point, and if not, just get chopping. Attaining the Wyvern Claws is much trickier, as it requires you to kill Wyverns — a lot of them.

Wyverns are the green and yellow flying enemies that spawn only at night. They have a 1% chance of dropping Wyvern Claws when they die. They aren't particularly difficult to kill, nor or they that rare, but the fact that they only have a 1% chance of dropping the item you need means it will likely be a grind.

Wyverns will not start spawning until Day 7, so this gives you plenty of time to stock up on weapons and gear.

The most effective weapon to use against them is a bow. Melee weapons will not work while you are grounded. Unless you have a jetpack, you're probably not gonna get much use out of trying to slash at them. An oak bow is the most powerful of the wood bows, so you're best off using that.

Wyverns can deal some pretty heavy damage with their Windball projectiles. They will naturally try to keep their distance from you, but you should try to do the same. You'll both be firing ranged attacks at each other, and you want to have ample time to dodge if need be.

Its attacks always travel in perfectly straight lines, so as long as you strafe constantly, you're good. Remember to keep an eye out for other monsters that may be around you as well. The last thing you want is to die to a sneak attack from a second Wyvern.

There is one little trick that you can abuse to help make taking down these enemies a bit easier. Like other enemies, Wyverns will target structure blocks when they are nearby. At the moment, however, they can not deal damage to workbenches. This means that if you place a workbench down while in combat, this will momentarily "stun" the Wyvern as it tries and fails to damage the workbench. You can use this to lay down some easy attacks.

Muck: How to Craft the Wyvern Dagger

Once you have finally got yourself some Wyvern Claws, it's time to get crafting.

Head to your Anvil with your claws and ten Oak Wood and use them together to craft the Wyvern Dagger. This is a green-handled, curved yellow blade with incredible attack speed. It may not do as much damage as the other high-end blades in the game, but it more than makes up for it with the rate at which you can make attacks.

Decking out your Muck character with weapons and items like these are essential if you're looking to beat this game. Make good use of your newfound blade to tear through your foes at night as you work towards repairing the engine, and eventually fighting Bob the Dragon.

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Published Jul. 23rd 2021

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