5 Craziest PUBG Kills And Killing Sprees

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Getting a surprise kill or the drop on somebody in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is one of the best feelings in the world. I can't think of a game in recent memory that has given me an adrenaline rush like PUBG can.

PUBG forces you to be quick on your feet, or end up dead even quicker. That means the ways to kill (or be killed) are nearly endless. From getting a surprise drop in an inventive way, to going on an insane spree, there are lots of crazy moments that happen in this battle royale. 

The next five slides include what I believe are some of the best kills and sprees we've seen in the game so far. I won't be including long-range kills here, because there are plenty of montages for those on YouTube, and shots like that tend to be more luck-based than some of the other maneuvers you'll see here. 

If you want to see any more awesome highlights from the game, I highly recommend you check out YouTube user dearsomeone. Hands down, he creates some of the best highlight reels in the PUBG community, and has some serious editing skills with a great taste in music. Check out his videos after these clips for even more insanity.

Published May. 21st 2017

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