Go Behind The Metal Of Making The DOOM Soundtrack

Big guns, fast guitars, and non-stop demon-slaying action. It's what DOOM is all about.

Bethesda's new DOOM sequel is taking the gaming world by storm by paying proper homage to a bygone era of gameplay and doing justice to a much beloved icon of the gaming world. One of the ways this game is able to channel the spirit of the original game is through a fantastic soundtrack which recalls elements of the first game while surrounding those elements in the music of today.

Composer Mick Gordon takes you through his process of creating music for DOOM which both sets a frenetic tone for the updated pace of gameplay and pays tribute to its predecessor's much simpler MIDI soundtrack. The score for DOOM  is a metalhead's dream come true and perfectly underscores the point of the game: kill all of these terrible demons and get the hell out of Hell.


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Published May. 17th 2016

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