Aion Articles RSS Feed | Aion RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network The 7 Best PvP MMORPGs on the Market in Early 2020 Fri, 24 Jan 2020 16:37:15 -0500 Serhii Patskan


World of Warcraft Classic

  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
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  • Platforms: PC
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There is a solid PvP component in World of Warcraft, but nothing will ever compare to the PvP combat in the Classic version of the most famous MMORPG on the market now, and probably ever.


In Classic players need to focus on obtaining honorable kills, which will increase their Honor points. Every week these Honor points are summed up and players get to see their actual rating in the game.


Since this type of approach is very different from the original PvP system in the last few expansions, players really need to put a lot of work on a weekly basis.


If this kind of approach makes you excited, and the competitive spirit is strong within you, then World of Warcraft Classic is the best PvP experience you will ever have.




These were the seven best MMORPGs on the market today that focus on PvP component, and be sure to leave your feedback in the comments section below.


The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Developer: Zenimax Online Studios
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  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
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PvP component in The Elder Scrolls Online is presented in realm vs. realm format, where three factions fight for control of Cyrodiil. Each faction has its own territory, and Cyrodiil is a sort of disputed zone, where all PvP battles take place. The main objectives of these battles are to capture control points, watchtowers and fortresses, where the siege of fortresses involve hundreds of players. 


The battle system in the MMO version of The Elder Scrolls is similar to other games in the series. The left mouse button performs attacks, and the right one blocks attacks. Active skills are installed on hot keys, from 1 to 6. The targeting system is a modified version of the classic Tab-target.


All-in-all, ESO is not exactly the most PvP-driven title of all listed here, but be sure to try it out if you like the world of Tamriel.



  • Developer: Netease Games
  • \n
  • Platforms: PC
  • \n

Netease Games, the Chinese developer, take the PvP component of Revelation just as seriously as PvE content. Fortress sieges, clan confrontations, and interserver battlefields play an important role in the world of this fantastic MMORPG.


The combat system is nothing new, but it's not the pure non-target system you would expect. It utilizes both a classic control scheme with auto-target and a crosshair for manual aiming. It is worth noting that players can also dodge attacks, which makes combat even more fun and dynamic.


At the moment, Revelation allows players to choose one of seven classes: Assassin, Blademaster, Gunslinger, Occultist, Spirit Shaper, Swordmage, and Vanguard. There is also a really elaborate customization system in the game, which will allow you to make a truly unique character.


Guild Wars 2

  • Developer: ArenaNet
  • \n
  • Platforms: PC
  • \n

There are several types of PvP modes in Guild Wars 2. There is a standard arena where two teams fight and capture control points. Unlike arenas from other MMORPGs, here local maps have very complicated layouts, which increases the level of difficulty.


But the main PvP entertainment in Guild Wars 2 is the epic World vs. World vs. World mode. In this mode, up to 500 players can fight on huge continental maps. All kinds of obstacles, such as roadblocks, towers, siege equipment and other key points and positions are scattered throughout giant maps. The best part is that you can join this mode right from the very beginning of the game.


Guild Wars 2 has a large and relatively stable playerbase. The game gets regular updates and developers often communicate with players. All this makes it a high-quality AAA level project.


Blade and Soul

  • Developer: NCSOFT
  • \n
  • Platforms: PC
  • \n

The game has a really unique battle style, which uses auto-target with an aiming system. Because of this Blade and Soul has an extremely dynamic combat, which, in comparison to other fighting MMORPGs, is very unusual.


As of now, there are twelve classes in total. Each class of heroes has a unique playstyle. Assassins are shadow fighters that try to stab you in the back, Destroyers are slow but have powerful attacks, Summoners are masters of spells and area effects, Blade Masters deftly parry blows, responding with sharp and frequent attacks.


If you feel that you're not ready to fight in real PvP battles, then you can always start a training arena, where you can fight with other newcomers and sharpen your skills for the real deal. Make no mistake: the real draw to Blade & Soul is its fast-paced PvP.


Black Desert Online

  • Developer: Pearl Abyss
  • \n
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • \n

PvP in Black Desert Online is presented in free-for-all format, but there is one limitation: you have to wait to level 50 to get into the PvP action. Luckily leveling is a snap and shouldn't take you much time at all.


The game also has a guild war system, which plays an important role in server politics.


The combat system is entirely based on combinations of abilities, which makes it one of the most exciting features of this game as it incorporates animation cancelling and fighting game-style inputs for a player to rise above the rest.


When you figure out the combat system and settle on a class, Black Desert Online may quickly become one of your favorite MMORPGs for PvP.



  • Developer: XLGAMES
  • \n
  • Platforms: PC
  • \n

PvP aspect is central to ArcheAge and is the foundation of most of its content. This is one of the few games where the confrontation of guilds and political games are paramount.


Initially, all players are divided into two factions and six races: Nuians, Elves, Dwarves, Firran, Harani, and Warborn. Two factions can fight each other always and everywhere with the exception of starting locations.


In this regard ArcheAge follows the free-PvP principle, which is very rare for an MMORPG title. This means that players can kill both representatives of the enemy faction and of their own, too. Of course, there is punishment for killing your own faction, but the fact that it's even possible makes ArcheAge truly wild.


One of the best parts about Archeage is doing trade runs across the ocean with your friends. It's a real social experience, and if you lime risk in your PvP, then this should make it really exciting for you.


Lastly, the current version of the game has two pay methods: free-to-play (regular ArcheAge with cash shop), and buy-to-play (ArcheAge Unchained, without shop). So it's up to you which version you wish to delve into.


Farming items or skill points can bring a lot of satisfaction, battles with mobs can be a serious test of skills, and quests can deliver a lot of fun indeed. But nothing will ever compare to a solid PvP brawl in your favorite MMORPG title.


When you challenge other players online, you both get the opportunity to test your skills. That is some of the most rewarding experience a gamer can get.


The PvP aspect is a huge draw for many to the MMORPG genre overall. If you're a PvP MMOer, read on for seven titles to bring the right to in 2020.

5 MMOs with The Best Character Creation Tue, 20 Jun 2017 13:56:11 -0400 stratataisen




Despite being over 10 years old, Aion’s character creator still is gorgeous as ever and holds up well against some of the newer MMOs of today. When you dive into the game and create your first character, you’ll find many options to choose from. You could go with one of the numerous presets Aion provides, or you can use the facial and body sliders to create something uniquely your own.


That wraps up our list of the best character customization systems in current MMOs! What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments -- and share some photos of the characters you've made using these in-game creators!


Blade & Soul


This fantasy, martial-arts MMO boasts a highly customizable character creator -- and it has a right to do so. Blade & Soul has a wide variety of faces, hairstyles, and colors -- plus it allows you to further tweak those features with the use of sliders.


And don’t worry if you’re afraid you don’t have the talent to make an amazing looking character, because the game allows you to use presets if you want. What are presets? They are characters that another player made that you can load into the game and use in the character creator!


Black Desert Online


Black Desert Online is by far the prettiest and most in-depth on the list in terms a graphics and customizations (my graphics card weeps just thinking about it).


In this Korean sandbox MMO, you have the ability to tweak everything -- and I mean everything -- on your character. Much like EVE Online, you can hover your mouse over sections of your character's face and adjust them accordingly. This also includes where the hair falls against your character’s armor and face. You can even take a hairstyle and give it a cut to make parts shorter or use extensions to make it longer.


Of course, having such control over features can lead to some fun and terrifying results. Get the video above to 2:47 and you’ll see celebrity recreations along with some more...abstract results.


APB Reloaded


If you thought EVE had a lot of sliders and details to choose from, then allow me to blow your mind with APB Reloaded. While this open world, third-person shooter MMO has changed hands in both developers and publishers, it still has an insanely in-depth character and clothing customization system.


Not only does APB Reloaded allow you to customize your character's physical look (including tattoos), but you can also customize what they’re wearing. And I don’t mean picking from some preset items, although those are available. The game allows you to pick from a gallery or create graphics of your own to make your clothes uniquely yours.


You can also use it to recreate the clothes of characters from other games. There’s an example of this in the video above, as a player remakes from Overwatch with the use of APB's character and clothing customizer.


EVE Online


I know what you’re thinking. ‘Wait...EVE Online? Aren’t you flying a ship and look at charts for most of the game?’ Yes, yes you are. But in spite of that, this game has a character creator -- and a pretty impressive one at that.


One of the first things you’ll notice in the video is the quality of the graphics and character model, which are quite good. Next, you’ll want to note how you can pick every little detail from facial features and hair to body type and clothes. Not only that, but you can even pose the character how you’d like for their character portrait, including facial expressions.


There’s one small detail that I love about this character creator. It almost feels silly to say, but look at how each section of the body is highlighted by the outline of the muscles as your mouse passes over them. Lovely.


One of my favorite pastimes in any MMO, or even a single player RPG, is the character creation. I could sit there for hours tweaking face sliders, hair options, and skin colors -- practically never getting around to the actual game. I think part of the addiction to this feature, for me anyway, is to see how many different ways you can make a completely badass character or a completely silly one. Or even recreating celebrities and characters from other game.


In most MMOs, when you go to create a character, you’ll have a decent array of choices to customize your avatar -- like different faces and hairstyles, skin and hair color choices, and sometimes even little extras like earrings, tattoos, or pets. But then there’s some MMOs whose character creators dwarf all others, as they give you sliders galore and allow you to tweak almost every detail on your character.


The next five games in this slideshow have some of the most in-depth, granular character creation you'll find in any MMO on the market right now. 

Aion continues to grow with "Echoes of Eternity," available now Sun, 17 Jul 2016 17:41:09 -0400 Kevin Malkiewicz

Aion’s latest update, “Echoes of Eternity”, is now live. NCSoft’s MMO turns 8 this year and the company is still adding fresh and new content to satiate its player base. The update brings additional story, customization, dungeons and a number of other changes and content for players to dive into.

The game’s fifth content expansion adds a laundry list of new features for both seasoned players as well as the new. Having new Character Progression, Customization, Zones, Instances, UI/Quality of Life Improvements, and Items will give players hours of new content to consume.

Character Progression

“EoE” increases the level cap from 65 to 75, and also adds a new progression path as players evolve into Archdaevas. Becoming an Archdaeva rewards the player with a cosmetic player portrait as well as the ability to earn and spend Essence to make their character more powerful.


Usually an expansion focuses on end-game content to placate players who are at max level. “EoE” adds new player customization at the creation screen (hairstyles, colors, textures, and body sliders) to give new players even more choices when starting their adventure in Aion.


The zones of Iluma and Norsvold are the new areas that players will be exploring in this latest expansion. Iluma is the location of Elyos’s holy ground. A land that was defiled by the Asmodians’ contant bloodshed. Norsvold is the land that serves as a bitter reminder of the time when the Elyos and Balaur fought together to wreak havoc on their world.

Both zones feature capture points for world PvP that further enforce the brutal war between the Elyos and Asmodians.


Two instances, Archives of Eternity and The Drakenseer’s Lair, have been released as players fight to obtain the Artifact that is the key to destroying the Tower of Eternity. Both instances are for 6 players that are level 66 and above.

UI/Quality of Life Improvements

Improvements to the Gear Modification interface, item activation interface, and other explanatory text improve the overall player experience. Catchup mechanics such as a reduction in the 1-65 leveling experience and a new experience boost system will help new players and re-rolling seasoned players move through legacy content.


New Item Sets for both factions pair with the new Archedaeva system providing players with gear that scales with their current Archedaeva level.

“Echoes of Eternity” is available now, and can be downloaded from Aion’s main site.

The plight of the MMORPG junkie chasing the nostalgia dragon Sat, 20 Jun 2015 11:56:17 -0400 Ashley Shankle

MMORPGs hold a special place in the PC gaming space. They're one of the few genres that provide a complete escape from real life, giving the player goals to achieve, exotic landscapes to explore, and social circles to maintain. Some may argue that the genre is unhealthy, but if not for it I would never have met some of the most important people and had some of the most fun of my life.

My very first MMORPG was Ragnarok Online, which a friend recommended to me because of the spritework. I admit I didn't play it for long the first time I started, but I was enamored with the concept of a game where you go on adventures with friends. To a homebody like me, it just seemed too good to be true.

Ragnarok Online was my catalyst; every MMO player has one. Your first game that gave you that taste of freedom and adventure that you just can't get in real life. Real life just isn't as fantastical, nor does it give long term goals that are easy to follow and complete.

That, perhaps, is the biggest draw for the MMORPG genre (and video games in general): They give easy-to-follow metrics to gauge how you're doing. Real life isn't like that. You don't know exactly how close you are to a promotion. You can't gauge how intelligent you are by looking at an easy to read stat sheet. You don't know which is the "right" and "wrong" way to grow up and live as an adult.

MMOs and addiction

I say all of the above with what might seem like a negative connotation, but I thoroughly believe there's something to be said about the type of comfort games provide, particularly MMORPGs. People who would otherwise not have the confidence, courage, or money to go traveling or meet new people can do so in these games. They're a whole new world in the safety of your own home.

The downside to the easy to gauge metrics is just how addictive they are, especially if you're confused about where to go in real life. This is where game addiction comes into play, with the worst cases of addiction lying squarely within the MMORPG genre.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm an MMO junkie. I will also be the first to admit I have some serious anxiety issues in real life and feel a bit helpless when I think about my future. While I can say that MMORPGs give me an outlet to escape from real life, they're not making anything any better. I know they're just giving me an excuse to keep hiding and not progressing on a personal level.

This is where things get muddled for a lot of people, because many play these games excessively for the very same reasons mentioned above. But stopping means admitting all that time spent playing was for naught. It means leaving your friends behind. It means transitioning to a focus on real life, and facing your problems. These are all things I can barely bring myself to do each time I quit an MMO in hopes of "growing up".

This article has been a big downer. What started as (what I wanted to be) a showcase of my MMORPG history and asking you, the readers, to tell me yours has turned into one big wall of preaching about the evils of the genre.
My bad.

Chasing the nostalgia dragon

Over the years I've bounced from one MMO to the next in hopes of capturing the feeling EverQuest and vanilla World of Warcraft gave me when I was younger. The worlds in those games felt massive and the content itself was confusing and difficult. In a word, it was amazing. I want that feeling again.

Several of my friends do the same thing. Always chasing that dragon, in hopes they'll feel the same way they did a decade ago.

I've become enamored with several MMORPGs over the years since my EverQuest and WoW days, but not for the same reasons. Let's do a short list of some of the MMOs I've devoured over the past four years and ultimately what killed them for me:

  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - The world itself was beautiful and crafting was great but ultimately the game was linear and didn't fill me with a sense of wonder.
  • Aion - Its PvP was okay but the community was cancerous and the dungeons a bore.
  • Blade & Soul CN/TW - The PvP, story, and visuals were amazing but the tiny world bogged it down. No sense of wonder whatsoever.
  • TERA - Minimal sense of adventure when leveling the first time and the enchantment system is a real grindfest at endgame, but dungeons were pretty fun.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Interesting in concept, but ultimately not my cup of tea outside of crafting.
  • ArcheAge - Really great farming, housing, and economy workings; but too much work for no payout.

I could go on and on. I've given numerous MMORPGs a try since 2006 (the year I quit WoW for good and went back to Ragnarok Online), but none of them will ever scratch the itch the same way again.

There's something to be said about the hold game experiences have on you, when you spend nearly a decade just trying to reclaim those feelings they gave you the first time around. I'm never going to explore Norrath nor Azeroth for the first time ever again - I can accept that. I'm never going to be all bright and starry-eyed that same way ever again -- that's what I and many other older MMO players have difficulty accepting.

Over the years, I've found the easy gameplay in MMOs to be a real deterrent to my enjoyment. Most games have quest tracking that tells you where to pick up, do, and turn in quests. Mobs in most MMOs aren't very difficult anymore and die fast enough that you don't really learn to master your class over time. There is no sense of adventure for me, just like there is no sense of pride over my in-game feats.

I can understand that normal people don't have the time nor the motivation to put real effort toward killing every mob, nor do they have the patience to read their quest dialogue and figure out what to do themselves. But that doesn't mean I can't be disappointed when I try a new MMORPG when it doesn't scratch that itch. I'm entitled to be a little disappointed when I genre I once loved just isn't the same anymore.

Moving forward with the MMORPG genre

The MMOs coming up in the next year or two are looking to change the genre, but will they be able to? And if they do, will they be able to satisfy the cravings of the MMORPG old guard?

Let's look back at ArcheAge, which was released last year and brought with it a slew of features yet to be fully implemented in an MMO before. The housing and farm plots are one of the biggest features the game totes, backed by trade pack hauling and a huge emphasis on player killing for profit.

ArcheAge has a lot of technical issues, but the biggest problem isn't technical at all. It's how the PvP system works. That along with the heavy emphasis on subscribing is what ultimately struck down its player numbers after a couple of months. People just don't have the time nor willingness to put that much effort toward crafting, only to have to fight for their lives and loot on a trade pack haul.

Like ArcheAge, a lot of MMORPGs coming out over the next few years are going to be trying new things. There's nothing wrong with that since the genre woefully needs a kick in the butt to progress past the WoW clone phase. My hopes are riding on these upcoming new entries to the genre, because it's getting tiring going back to the same old games and hoping something will spark inside me and make me love them again.

In some ways, I feel the MMORPG genre needs to regress, and in others I feel it needs to progress. But I feel like I covered that subtly in all of the rambling paragraphs above. Where there is no challenge, there is no sense of danger. Where there is no innovation, there is no imagination and sense of wonder. Where there is no carrot on a stick, there is no motivation. So why even bother most of the time?

Not everyone

Before I wrap up this -- rant? It's become a rant, I suppose -- I do want to note that not everyone is like me when it comes to MMORPGs. Most people, as stated above, just don't have the time nor energy to deal with the type of difficulty found in the MMOs of yore. Not everyone is an addict, either.

Plenty of people can play an MMO and never have it affect their real lives. Millions of people play them every night when they get home from work or school without letting it deter them in their real life pursuits. Good on them, because I can't. And I crave something I just can't find.

I've hit my dancing Elin quota for this lifetime.

Perhaps it's because of the change in pace from older MMORPGs to newer ones, or maybe it's just the type of person they attract now in comparison to who they attracted a decade (plus) ago. Who knows, that's not something I'm about to spout a bunch of bull about.

Separation and realization of the differences between real life and games is hard. I guess that's the sum of all of the above. I don't know if I will ever be able to stop chasing the experiences I had so long ago. I don't know if I will ever be sated with the lack of readable metrics in real life. But I do know I love MMORPGs and I look forward to what's to come. Take that as you will, with all of the above on the table.

Aion 4.5: Steel Cavalry Arrives Today! Tue, 28 Jan 2014 20:48:03 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Ready to reroll yet again and try out the new Aethertech class? Today's the day Aion 4.5 launches, and this time around patch maintenance is happening early.

Today's scheduled maintenance is taking place between 3:30AM PST/5:30AM CST/6:30AM EST to 9AM PST/11AM CST/12PM EST, after which Aion 4.5: Steel Cavalry will be available to login and play should maintenance not be extended.

Users will not be able to access the official site for a three-hour period during maintenance. The Black Cloud Marketplace will be unavailable through maintenance until 11:30AM PST/1:30PM CST/2:30PM EST.

Along with the much-anticipated Aethertech class comes new skills, features, and the brand new Glory Point system to accompany the current Abyss Point system and push 1-Star and above officers even further.

If you are a bit behind on exactly what's to come with the Steel Cavalry update, be sure to take a look at the official Steel Cavalry website.

NCWest Community Manager Hime has posted a rundown of the new Glory Point system on the official forums. Hime also goes into the new dungeon count system. You must be logged into the Aion forums view these links.

The Aethertech Challenge

Once the game is up and running, NCWest is holding and event to give the game's very first level 65 Aethertech characters a Wild Kitter's Cipher-Blade -- also known as the key to 'that cat Aethertech we keep seeing.'

The full rules can be read on the official site, and clearly state no Secret Remedy of Growth items can be used in order to qualify to win. A total of eight characters will receive the prize, with one character per faction on each server being the lucky winners.

Be sure to read the contest announcement on Aion's website. The contest will only run until February 7th, after which server-side data will be compiled and checked to determine the winners. Good luck out there, Daevas!

Aion 4.5 Coming to North America Next Week Wed, 22 Jan 2014 09:56:10 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Aion 4.5 is the much-anticipated follow up to the massive 4.x patches that saw launch in all of the game's release regions in 2013. Along with it are new skills, instances, and the new tanky Aethertech class. The update, dubbed 'Steel Cavalry', is slated for release on January 29th.

The biggest feature in Aion 4.5 is the inclusion of the Aethertech class, which was believed to have been taken back to the drawing board when no news nor sign of it appeared in Korean promotional material around the time of the 4.0 patch launch in Korea. That proved not to be true as NCSoft began promoting the class prior to 4.5's launch in the country.

Along with what may be Aion's most unique class to date comes two brand new instances for endgame, The Illuminary Obelisk and Iron Wall Warfront. Each class will also be receiving at least one new skill, and the Glory point system will be implemented to accompany Abyss points.

The new skills for each class are as follows:

  • Gladiator (Level 65) - Mocking Blast I: Grants a sharp increase in enmity and deals damage.
  • Templar (Level 65) - Grasping Winds I: Requires flight. Deals physical damage to an enemy and hooks them, dragging them towards you.
  • Assassin (Level 63) - Chain Evasion II: Evade an attack to increase your chances of evading even more.
  • Assassin (Level 65) - Sadistic Blade I: Requires flight. Inflicts physical damage on a target, dealing bonus damage if the target is stunned. (Level 2 chain skill from Throw Dagger)
  • Ranger (Level 65) - Dizzying Arrow I: Fires a projectile that inflicts physical damage and lowers your target's parry, evasion, and block.
  • Sorcerer (Level 63) - Refracting Shard II: Inflicts magical water damage on a target and restores a certain percentage of the inflicted damage as MP
  • Sorcerer (Level 65) - Conflagration I: Inflicts magical fire damage on a target. (Level 3 chain skill from Blaze)
  • Spiritmaster (Level 63) - Backdraft II: Inflicts magical fire damage on a target and absorbs a certain percentage of inflicted damage as HP.
  • Spiritmaster (Level 65) - Stone-Scour I: A charging skill that inflicts magical earth damage on a target.
  • Chanter (Level 65) - Heaving Strike I: Inflicts physical damage to a target. (Level 4 chain skill from Division Pummel)
  • Cleric (Level 65) - Traumatic Blow I: Increases the casting speed and physical damage taken by a target for a set period of time.
  • Songweaver (level 65) - Song of Celerity I: Increases your attack speed by a set percentage for a certain period of time.
  • Gunslinger (Level 19) - Bullet Resistance II: Create a shield that blocks attacks until a certain amount of damage is inflicted.
  • Gunslinger (Level 65) - Cinder-Winds I: Requires flight. Blasts an enemy with wind damage and decreases their flight speed for a short duration.

Check out the official Steel Cavalry page for more information on the Aion 4.5 update coming to North America on January 29th.

Aion 4.5 Hitting Japanese Server Next Tuesday Fri, 13 Dec 2013 10:32:44 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Aion 4.5 is finally making its way out of South Korea, and its first stop is in Japan. This new patch brings the Aethertech class, new endgame content and gear, new character customization options, and UI updates.

The international Aion community has had their eye on the Aethertech class since its mysterious reveal last year, but was skipped over for release in the game's 4.0 and subsequent patches. The class is finally making its way to the client with 4.5, and its release in Japan is sure to be the most popular out of any region.

Along with the Aethertech are three brand new endgame instances as well as two hairstyles for both male and female characters.

There is currently no release date for Aion 4.5 in North America nor Europe, but if the half-year wait between the Korean and Western releases of 4.0 were any indication, we may be seeing this patch within the next 7 months. Fingers crossed we get the game's most unique class sooner rather than later.

(Via MMO Culture)

Aion: New Events & Player Designed Aethertech 'Contest' Wed, 11 Sep 2013 20:41:14 -0400 Ashley Shankle

There are several things of note happening in ol' Atreia this month; the events are exciting for all players, but one is a special treat for Aion's more creative players.

Events: Alchemy, Daeva's Day, and Talk Like a Pirate

All this month, NCWest is hosting events to celebrate the game's 4th anniversary in North America.

Alchemy Event

Now through Sept. 18th - Before you veteran Daevas take a step back and reflect on the game's subscription years, get in the Ateian spirit with the game's current Alchemy Event, which is a reward goldmine.

Daeva's Day Events

Once the Alchemy Event ends on September 18th, Daeva's Day Events kick in complete with those wonderful cake buffs! All of the details on this Daeva's Day have yet to be revealed, but NCWest is promising rewards, challengers, and hide-and-seek. These festivities will be beginning on the 18th as the Alchemy Event comes to a close and lasting until October 2nd.

It Be Time to Talk Like a Pirate, Matey

Last but not least in the list of fun times to be had in Aion this month is Talk Like a Pirate Day On September 19th. Players will be able to partake in pirate-themed acivities with other players. Special North America-only pirate cosmetics will be available on the Black Cloud Marketplace the day before, for Daevas with a real itch to "YAR!" it up.

Creative Players: Leave Your Legacy Aethertech Design Contest

NCWest swears this isn't a contest (because there are no prizes), but the chance to get your design in-game is exciting enough to consider it to be one.

We saw Gunslinger and Songweaver design contests late last year and earlier this year as the momentum built up for Aion 4.0's release. With Aion 4.5 having recently been released in Korea, it's time for a new contest on this side of the water.

The Leave Your Legacy: Aethertech contest is running from today until September 25th. Players can submit their designs for approval, and if approved, they may make their way to the game's development team for a final decision.

The details on this Leave Your Legacy are rather lengthy, so be sure to take a look at the rules on the official site before you get to designing an Aethertech to rule them all.

Aion 4.0 Launching in Europe Today, Aethertech and 4.5 Patch Live in Korea Wed, 28 Aug 2013 18:24:19 -0400 Ashley Shankle

If I didn't know any better, I'd say today was a pretty exciting day for Aion fans across the world. Unfortunately regional differences and delays have made it merely a 'pretty okay' day instead.

European players will finally get to choose whether to try their hands at the Gunslinger and Songweaver classes, or to level their mains in the dangerous fields of Katalam. Meanwhile, the Aethertech class and various game improvements are reaching South Korea in Aion 4.5. A pretty busy day for the game across the board, but not exciting.

Aion 4.0 in Europe!

Those of you who have remained loyal to Aion EU are partially catching up with the rest of the world today, once the servers come back up.

At the time of writing, European players are still waiting for the servers to get back in action after some unexpected maintenance delays. The Aion community staff has been silent on Twitter for upwards of five hours now. It may be at least a few more hours until the servers are restored and players can try out the 4.0 patch for the first time. Better late (and later) than never.

The Aethertech and Aion 4.5

The 4.5 patch is a hefty update, bringing not only the new Aethertech class but also a wealth of general updates and tweaks. I highlight some of those in this article, and will try to bring more solid information on the patch in the near future.

The general updates to the game are nice, but the Aethertech is the star of the show this patch. This page on the Aion KR Powerwiki gives a in-depth look at the new class including a complete skill list, though both pages are purely in Korean.

Not fluent in Korean and struggling with Google Translate's garbled results? Worry not! I will be working up a translation of the complete skill list this weekend and will post it Sunday or Monday. My Korean isn't great, but a so-so translation is (sometimes) better than none.

Aion 4.0 Reaching Europe, Aethertech Landing in Korea August 28th Mon, 19 Aug 2013 16:16:16 -0400 Ashley Shankle

European Aion fans who haven't migrated to the North American servers don't have long to wait until you can take the 4.0 patch for a test drive. GameForge will be releasing the patch, which has been announced to be equivalent to Korean 4.0.2, to the live servers on August 28th.

GameForge had initially announced that the patch would be reaching the public test server in June. Two months later and here we are; the PTS having gotten the update over the weekend and the live servers finally seeing it next week.

A delay is better than never seeing Aion 4.0 in Europe at all, right? Well, maybe. For you see..

Aethertech Class Landing in Korea in 4.5 Patch

.. EU really is behind.

The Aethertech has been toted as a Technist-based tank, with enough robot swag to make even the most jaded player excited. Unless you get to endgame and don't want to deal with the 3 day long instance cooldowns. (I don't..)

The Aethertech is coming in patch 4.5, and with it are:

  • Eight new instances
  • New pets
  • Four new hairstyles
  • Level 65 Abyss items
  • Potion conversion (to higher level potions)
  • Increased drop rates on low level instances
  • UI tweaks
  • Coin exchange (to higher tier coins)
  • New crafting designs
  • A whole slew of AP changes
  • New skills for every class

These are a lot of changes, especially for a x.5 patch and not an x.0. It is likely that North America will see Aion 4.5 by the end of the year, but it could be quite some time until European Aion players will be getting the Aethertech and all of these changes.

You have been waiting a long time to play the new classes and run around Katalam, European players! Just one more week to go, but with being so behind and with the gap between Korean and European updates growing even more wide, is it really worth it to hang around GameForge's Aion? That is a tough question.

DSA: Profile of Community Manager Andrew "Tamat" Beegle Fri, 02 Aug 2013 23:06:04 -0400 Amanda Wallace

Andrew Beegle (known also by Tamat) is a Lead Community  Manager for League of Legends. This year he is up for a Dragon Slayer award for Community Manager. 

Andrew has had an impressive resume, with eight years experience managing online communities. Until September 2010, Andrew was a community manager with NCsoft and their MMORPG Aion. While working on Aion, Tamat said this about improving community interactions: 

There are always ways to enhance and improve communication between a game development team and its players.

Tamat has a history of dealing professionally with LOL problems, and is known for being a gamer, reviewer, writer, and for developing content and programs focused on the gaming community. 

Andrew Beegle has a large following on twitter, with over 38,000 followers. If you've interacted with Tamat in the last couple of years since he's taken over as Lead Community Manager for League of Legends, then you can understand why he's been nominated for Community Manager. 

Aion's New Prestige Pack and How It Works Mon, 22 Jul 2013 02:48:39 -0400 GabrielKross

So late friday evening I got the Aion newsletter stating that the Prestige Pack is now available. What exactly is the Prestige Pack though? Clicking on the learn more link takes you to the official page for the Prestige Pack. The pack is a bundle of boons to assist players advancing through the game. The pack contains the following:

  • Mark of Wealth-increased Kinah gain for 30 days.
  • Instance Cooldown Pack-decreases instance reset timer for level 61+ instances on all characters for 30 days.
  • Prestige Chest-once a day can be opened for a random prize, for 30 days.
  • Value Boost Pack I- gives a one day boost to AP gain, Crucible gain, and charge rate of Energy of Repose.
  • Major Crit Spell Scroll-boosts spell crit for one hour.
  • Major Crit Strike Scroll-boosts critical strike for one hour.
  • Greater Running Scroll X3-boost running speed for one hour.
How does it work?

Now that you know what's in the Prestige Pack, I'm sure you'll be wanting to know how it works. The Prestige Pack is run on the same concept of Tera's Elite Status. Basically it's a subscription of 1200 NCoin a month for these boosts to replenish. Simply put you are paying a subscription cost to get ahead of the competition. For a limited time if you sign up for the Prestige Pack you will be rewarded a bonus 400 NCoin upon your second pack delivery. Do you think these boons are worth the 1200 NCoin a month or will you not be wasting your money on them? Let me know in the comments below what you think.

Aion's Prestige Pack Officially Out - A Million Daevas Cry in Unison Mon, 22 Jul 2013 14:24:58 -0400 Ashley Shankle

If you've logged into Aion over the past few days, you've surely heard the cries that the sky is falling. The Prestige Pack has made its way into the game, significantly changing players' experiences leading up to and at endgame.

The Prestige Pack offers bonuses to monthly subscribers much like those seen in RIFT and TERA; however, this pack is nowhere near the "incredible value" NCWest claims it is and is vastly inferior to those offered in other games. I would like to say this is "not okay", but it's gone a bit beyond that at this point.

So what we have here in this pack is a collection of items you receive once a month for one character at a cost of $15 USD. You can get a good look at it here on the official site.

After you check out the above, take a look at what RIFT's Patron subscription nets and what TERA's Elite member tier gives players. The majority of the benefits from these packs affect all characters on a single account, whereas Aion's Prestige Pack only affects one character and provides significantly worse benefits to the player.

Does NCWest think the Aion playerbase is retarded?

I understand a game needs to make money in order to be kept running, but the benefits being offered to Aion players are pitiful in comparison to other games.

I hate saying this because I far prefer Aion over TERA, RIFT, and almost every other free to play MMORPG: But what is the point of playing if you hit endgame and have instance cooldown timers so long you have reason to play 80% of the time, and can actually progress your character 20% of the time?

The new 4.0 instances had their cooldowns increased soon after release to make way for the Prestige Pack. You want to see the exact differences between the cooldowns of standard users and Prestige players? Check out this nifty sheet by Aion celebrity Jambo, which covers the differences not only between what's going on with Aion NA but also GameForge's Gold membership.

Not only is the increase to instance timers down right scummy, but the actual rewards in the Prestige Pack are absolute garbage. You pay $15 a month to receive these abysmal items:

  • Instance Cooldown Pack - The only real draw to this pack, and it's only that way because NCWest gut instance timers.
  • Mark of Wealth - One character gets double kinah drops for a month. Cannot be stored in your account warehouse and given to another character. Oh, and it takes up a spot in your special cube.
  • Prestige Case - Yet another masterfully crafted RNG box from the geniuses at NCWest. You can get medals and coins, the exact ones can be seen on the official site. You only get one of these a month.
  • Value Boost Pack - This is a three-parter including an AP boost, Insignia boost, and Energy of Repose. Each of these items only lasts 24 hours and you only get one of each per sub term.
  • Major Crit Spell Scroll - Boost your spell crit by 40! For a whole hour! Woo hoo.
  • Major Crit Strike Stroll - Boost your crit strike by 120 points! For a whole hour! Hurrah.
  • 3 Greater Running Scrolls - You have got to be kidding me.

It's hilarious that NCWest claims this is an incredible value -- "a savings of $70!!!1!!!" -- when the Black Cloud Marketplace is so overpriced in the first place that absolutely nothing here nor barely anything in the shop itself could be classified as an incredible or even decent value.

If NCWest wants to profit off Aion NA, this isn't the way to go.

The circumstances under which the Prestige Pack was made to be valuable (hiking up instance cooldown timers) is downright underhanded. I feel embarrassed because I referred so many people to Aion, only for the game's endgame to be cut down with a terrible pay to win guillotine.

I hate throwing out that term, "pay to win".

Is it really so difficult to reduce the prices of items on the Black Cloud Marketplace? Does any pet worth its salt need to cost $8 for a single character? Do permanent mounts need to cost $30 to $50 -- again, for one character? Does a pack of terrible items really need to be sold for $15 a month?

Perhaps NCWest needs to look at the cash shop before shoveling out some garbage premium membership option, but it feels like they won't even bother until Aion is on its last leg yet again. It's just starting to feel predatory at this point, but at the end of the day a fool and his money are still easily parted.

Oh, and read this. Things are not looking good.

NCWest sneaks 'Prestige Pack' into Aion cash shop. What is it? Thu, 18 Jul 2013 03:33:31 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Aion has been a relatively fair mistress in terms of the Black Cloud Marketplace thus far: Prices are high but it is entirely possible to play the game without ever having to dip into your wallet.

The fairness of the Black Cloud Marketplace may change soon enough, as the 'Prestige Pack' made its way into the BCM yesterday and was quickly taken down. This on its own isn't alarming, nor is what was found in the pack: AP boosts, Tea of Repose, 30 'Prestige Boxes' packed with medals, and a chunk of instance cooldown reset scrolls.

All of this seems harmless. Standard cash shop mumbo jumbo and all that jazz -- until you consider that late game instance timers were significantly increased with this week's server maintenance. This is slapped on top of significant increase in new 4.0 instance timers seen in the game's transition from Korea to North America.

Prestige Packs were taken off the Black Cloud Marketplace soon after being put up, but that does not mean we won't be seeing them implemented soon. With instance cooldowns so long, NCSoft knows players are going to be desperate to get their hands on reset scrolls on the cheap.

As a long-time player and supporter of Aion, this turn of events is alarming. At one time we on the North American server could at least feel safe in that NCWest wouldn't treat the game like GameForge does in Europe. Unfortunately we may not be so lucky for much longer.

There is a rather lengthy thread on this topic on the official forums. Check it out for more discussion on these packs and what they may mean for you as a player.

Too Much To Do: Aion 4.0 Wed, 10 Jul 2013 00:03:14 -0400 Sarah Lou

Aion has released their newest update Aion 4.0: Dark Betrayal, featuring increased levels, new zones, a plethora of new dungeons, and two new classes.

The new zone, Katalam, is an all-out war zone where Asmodians and Elyos’ will level from 60-65. For veterans that have been playing Aion since its release, this is brought about a bit of nostalgia for some of the community as it reminds veterans of leveling up in Morheim where OWPvP was rampant while leveling.

What most Aion players have been buzzing about are the two new classes that have been hinted at for quite some time; the Songweaver and Gunslinger. The Songweaver is a harp wiedling, CC heavy, support caster with the potential to put out quite a bit of damage. 

While, despite what most of the Aion community expected, the Gunslinger is a pistol (or cannon) toting caster that relies on magic boost and magical accuracy to deal damage.

There's so much to do that it's almost too much! Between leveling one's main to 65,  trying out the new classes with any intention of getting them to max level, all the PvP,  and experiencing the new dungeons; there is little time for much else. Thank the Empyrean/Shedim Lords for the Fast-Track Server.

Currently, the Asmodian Initiative event is being held on select servers. So, if you’ve ever wanted to roll an Asmo and hunt down some Ely, now would be the time to do it. For more information about this and the Aion 4.0: Dark Betrayal update Click Here.

Beginner's Tips for New Aion Players - Welcome to Atreia! Mon, 01 Jul 2013 11:15:57 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Let's say you want to play Aion, for one reason or another, and find yourself playing the game just going through the motions without any outside help. It's not uncommon -- I myself did that twice up to level 40 myself before finally being shown the light. I suppose it didn't help I turned off tutorials...

Below is a (hopefully extensive) list of things to keep in mind during your low to mid-level stay with Aion. This will cover both large and small points, for people both installing/getting ready to play and those already well on their adventure in Atreia. I may add more in the future as I think of more. If you have any recommendations or tips of your own, please leave a comment below!

Past level 50, you should be in (or try to get into) a legion that is willing to help you learn the ropes. You won't be protected by the sanctuary of the Fast Track server after level 56!

Super Tips and Advice for New Aion Players
  • You choose a sub-class at level 10 after you complete your Ascension quest. You receive this quest at level 9.
  • Use the Fast Track server, it's there for a reason! You get double experience and rifts are disabled, meaning you won't get ganked past level 20. You can change channels on FT just as you can on standard.
  • Elite really does mean a mob is tough as nails. Pay attention to a mob's nameplate outline and the amount of orbs lit up in their icon to get an idea as to how strong they are before initiating.
  • Don't try to take on more than three mobs at a time unless you have reason to be confident.
  • Campaign quests are those marked in yellow, standard quests are light blue, and those marked in dark blue are those that may give special rewards upon completion of the quest chain.
  • You can level two crafting professions up to Expert level (499) and one up to Master (500+). Other crafting professions can be taken up to 399. Gathering professions do not count toward these totals.
  • Each class aside from Muse/Songweaver can use two or more types of weapons. Choose based on your role and personal preference.
  • Manastones are an essential part of gearing up, even at low levels. Don't vendor them automatically! Figure out which you need and hold onto them. Watch the prices on certain types on the auction house and sell them appropriately. Some -- such as Magic Attack, Crit Strike -- may sell for more than you expect. Stock up on useless Manastones and use them for Manastone quests for a chance to get useful stones.
  • Gather while you level. Not only do you make money from selling what you gather, but the game is filled with Gathering Quests to net you solid experience on top of slaughtering mobs.
  • Spy quests require you to tread into enemy territory. Keep this in mind!
  • Aethertapping is optional, but can be very profitable. It's no fun.
  • Armsfusion is a must for two-handed weapon users after level 20. Armsfusion allows you to fuse two weapons together, including all manastones. More on this can be read on the official site.
  • You receive your Abyss entry quest at level 21. The Abyss is a free-flying cross-faction quest area. You cannot use the Fast Track server in the Abyss, so be prepared for a fight.
  • You receive AP from mob kills in the Abyss.
  • Your first stigma slot opens up after a quest at level 20. Stigmas are something you must keep in mind as there are no notifications for them past this quest. Learn what stigmas are available for your class, as well as what skills must be found instead of purchased.
  • You can get enchantment stones from gear by using Extraction Tools. These can be found at general vendors and are one-use items. Enchantment stones are used to improve gear. Their level is not indicative of the level equipment they should be used on; they also sell for a pretty penny.
  • Low level enchantment stones can now be combined using a Combination Tool. These can also be purchased from general vendors.
  • You are eligible for a house at level 21. You receive a free studio apartment via a quest that starts in your capital city.
  • A character can use mounts starting at level 30, but there is no rush. Their high price and the miracle that is the Greater Running Scroll makes them unnecessary. They're fun, but not something that you need to worry about. Don't stress over that 11 million if you don't have to.
  • Aion has built-in Twitter functionality. It's under the menu. Seriously:
  • Those coins you get from quests aren't useless: you can turn them in for gear. The coins you are getting from quests at your level can likely be used toward gear of your relative level. These vendors tend to be found in the same building as a town's magistrate (or whatnot). Coins can also be sold on the auction house for good money.
  • Quest items do not automatically leave your inventory after you have abandoned a quest. Be sure to remove quest items when you remove their correlating quest from your log.
  • Do not underestimate the stat boosts from food and drinks.
  • If you meet a member of the enemy faction, you can set up a private shop to talk to them. The name of your shop should be what you want them to see. They can do the same, though they are more likely to strike you down than have a conversation.
  • Your cube (inventory) can be expanded in your capital city. The NPC Shugo will either be in the Hall of Prosperity (Elyos) or Temple of Gold (Asmodian). Further expansions can be received via quests at higher levels.
  • Asmodian characters receive incentive gear and items every few levels. You can only receive these on the standard server, and if you bypass one tier of incentives and another comes up the lower level one is gone forever.
  • Those Atreian Atlas notifications you get are not just for show! These bonus items are only accessible once per account but are well-worth the effort. Do follow the link in these messages and log into the Atreian Atlas to see what is available.
  • When using the auction house, you can hold Shift and right click on an item to price an item per unit instead of the entire price.
  • Right click on an item with the auction house search tab open to auto-enter that item's name in the search field.
  • Every Daeva starts as Rank 9. As you receive more AP via PvP, quests or killing mobs in the Abyss your rank will go up to Rank 8 and so on.
  • You can use the 'C' key to interact with NPCs, attack, and loot -- no need to keep the loot or attack hotkeys on your bar!
A Weekend with Aion 4.0 - One Change After Another Mon, 01 Jul 2013 11:21:37 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Almost a year of hype over the impending Aion 4.0 came to its smashing conclusion last Wednesday with the expansion/patch's North American release, and it was good.

While the main focus is on the game's first new classes, the increase in level cap and extensive level 61 to 65 areas and content has brought world PvP back to the high level Daeva masses. The addition of Idians, further enchantment levels, new Godstones, and tuning have further given max levels something to strive for -- aside from massive amounts of AP.

The new classes themselves have a great deal of polish and both bring something new to the table, though I cannot personally comment on the effectiveness of the Gunslinger. I decided against rolling one after having made one on launch night and seeing literally hundreds of them pre-level 10. I am just not patient enough to compete with others of the same class to get in a party.

Ode to the Songweaver

The Songweaver is extremely powerful,
She'll play music and make your mana full,
And slay her enemies and leave them in a pool [of their own blood].

- "I'm bad at this"

The point remains that the Songweaver is in fact an extremely powerful class. Their heals aren't half bad and the ability to chain heals (and mana restoration) feels dynamic in action. Because they can restore their own health and mana, a good Songweaver can theoretically live forever in a 1v1 duel at max level. Their heal and mana pools are virtually infinite.

The above combined with their heavy burst damage puts the class near the top of the "Do not F with" list.

The one glaring downside here is the fact that Songweaver's casting animations are long. Not a tiny bit long, oh no. They are long enough you will get beat on while casting one of your "instant" crowd control skills, in instances where similar skills with a Spirit Master or Sorcerer take less time.

The only real way to combat these long casting animations is to invest in some attack speed, which isn't really possible until the mid-40's. Those of you who enjoy the class but are not fond of the slow animations should try to give it a chance until you get some gear around those levels with some additional attack speed. Before your mid-40's you can also purchase Courage Scrolls to give you a temporary boost.

New Quest Tracker is Best Tracker

I hate unintuitive quest tracking -- luckily, 4.0 brought with it a sleek quest tracker with enough bells and whistles to keep my happy. Gone are the days of a maximum 7 quests displayed at a time!

Screenshot unrelated.

The new tracker's scroll bar and sorting options are great and make tracking quests easier than ever. Being able to sort by recent, zone, or recommended makes things a little easier when you run into a camp with 10+ quests for you and you're not sure how to approach tackling them.

With all of the above said, the unwieldy size of the icons at the top of the tracker and the fact that they cover up the words under my minimap is really not ideal. I love the new tracker (enough to give it its own sub-section), but this is something I would really like to see fixed.

World Chat

The addition of World Chat in Aion just might be the most useless feature the game has gotten yet. Who is going to use a megaphone, which costs real money, when they can just talk to everyone on their server or Fast Track via the Looking For Group chat?

If you find this nuisance to be just as useless and ugly as everyone else, forum user Adimus has figured out a solution to getting rid of the World Chat window.

Let's hope investing in megaphones isn't viable for gold farmers and spam bots, because your block list does not affect the messages you see in World Chat. Taking the steps listed in the thread listed above may be a good idea in the long run.

Dark Betrayal Was Worth the Wait

Despite a few tiny problems, Aion 4.0 was well worth the year wait. The new classes, raise in level cap and new content, and quality of life changes were all welcome additions to what was already a relatively robust game. While I could certainly do without the World Chat, that is a very small issue when compared with all of the positives brought with Dark Betrayal.

Log in to me!

If you are new to the game, played in the past, or were one of the many Daevas who played before 4.0 now is the best time to play for experiencing new things and meeting new people.

Aion 4.0's Official North American Patch Notes Are Out! Wed, 26 Jun 2013 15:25:14 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Those of you keeping an eye on Aion's status today eagerly awaiting the 4.0 launch are no doubt frustrated by the maintenance extension. With an estimated 6 additional hours of downtime, this mega-hyped Daeva doesn't have much to do but sit here and stare at the NCWest Aion Twitter account waiting for updates.

[Update: The launcher is now working! Boot the game from the Aion executable or shortcut to begin!]

Perhaps not as exciting as the actual Aion 4.0 launch is the release of patch notes, linked on the official Twitter and subsequently linked right here. Good thing we have a while to wait, because within that .pdf file lies 62 pages of information on what we're about to see later today. It's a long read!

It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since 4.0 was revealed, and even harder to believe that the update is coming our way less than a year after its Korean release. It feels like just yesterday Aion was still pay to play and we were still on 2.9. Sigh~

Let's hope they get the issues sorted out soon. I can't wait to see the new UI in action, try out the new classes, and run around Katalam like it's nobody's business. Choo choo!

Aion 4.0 Launches Tomorrow (Now Today) - Get Hype! Tue, 25 Jun 2013 15:53:38 -0400 Ashley Shankle

I am so excited for Aion 4.0 I have shunned my other MMORPG vices for launch. Do I do new content on my Chanter? Do I reroll to Songweaver or Gunslinger? I just don't know, and most Aion players either aren't sure just yet or will be trying to do both.

The 4.0 patch will mark the largest update the game has seen to date, and will be the first time Aion will see new classes tossed into the fray. That alone is exciting enough, but the massive amount of level 60 to 65 content making its way to the game overshadows even the excitement of new character classes.

The North American 4.0 launch will contain Korean patch 4.0.3, which includes 11 new instances to tackle. Saja from the game's production team answered some player questions on the official forums a couple of weeks ago, and his answers are well-worth the read if you find yourself getting antsy for answers over the next 24 hours.

The answers in the thread are extensive, but there are three things the impatient Daeva should note as we wait for release:

  • The patch is scheduled for release at standard maintenance time, but is subject to change. Maintenance is scheduled to end at 11:30AM PDT/2:30PM EDT.
  • The patch cannot be downloaded until it goes live.
  • Patch notes will be similarly released when it goes live.

With this information on-hand, it is highly recommended you pay heed to the North American Aion Twitter account through tomorrow for the latest information on server status and direct links to further information and patch notes.

Aion will never be the same again after tomorrow. Are you ready for the new classes and whole new struggle to reach endgame? If you're a bit behind on what Aion 4.0 entails, there is plenty of information to be found on Massively, Daeva's Report, the Dark Betrayal site, and here on GameSkinny. Time to play the waiting game.

Aion Europe Gets 4.0 Patch in August, North American Patch Hits in 5 Days Fri, 21 Jun 2013 03:02:22 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Not everything needs to be bad news for European Aion players, right? Sit tight, because you guys have something to look forward to: Aion 4.0 in August.

The period of (mostly) silence on the patch's localization has ended with an announcement on the official Aion EU Twitter account, which states:

Update 4.0 will hit the European servers in August 2013. More news this and next week. Stay around for more details. ~PD

This is convenient timing considering the North American release is coming in a mere five days. Knowing the approximate release time should at least some solace to European players debating whether to switch to the North American servers upon their earlier 4.0 release.

Some further information was tweeted over the hours following initial announcement. Compiled and compressed here with links:

  • The launch patch will be 4.0.2, which includes 6 instances alongside Katalam and both the Songweaver and Gunslinger classes.
  • The public test server will be going up before the end of June and will initially only be available in German. (More information on the Aion 4.0 PTS on the official forums.)

Overall this isn't a great deal of information, but it is better than nothing. A vague time frame for release is preferable to guessing and being disappointed. Kudos to GameForge not being a year behind this time around.

Aion 4.0 and North America - Collision Imminent

So let's buckle our seatbelts here.

We have five days until the big patch that is going to completely upset the current endgame and breathe new life into the servers. Five days. If you're trying to do something in particular, do it now before everyone either rerolls or makes the mad dash for 65.

The version we will be receiving in North America is 4.0.3, which packs in 11 instances and both of the new classes into a single 3GB to 4GB patch. The official website has been updated over the past two weeks to include information on the new classes, skills, zones, and instances coming with the patch. The following instances are listed to be packed in with the initial release:

  • Steel Rose
  • Danuar Mysticarium
  • Idgel Research Center
  • Void Cube
  • Danuar Reliquary
  • Infinity Shard
  • Sauro Supply Base
  • Ophidan Bridge
  • Danuar Sanctuary
  • Eternal Bastion
  • Kamar Battlefield

If you've been keeping up with news from the Korean server, you can see some name changes have taken place. This official zone trailer below shows some of the new areas coming to the game and provides their names for the NA servers.

Speaking of localization, the reasoning for Europe's release being a patch behind is likely due to the amount of effort and time it takes to localize games in the region. The EU client must have multiple language support as opposed to the North American English-only client.

Don't get settled just yet. We have five days left until we see Aion 4.0 in NA. Just five more long, torturous days.