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Available on identityrpg.com


Identity is a multiplayer RPG about discovering your fate and the world around you. It's a game like The Sims, but you get in-depth play of the character. Players can be a criminal, police officer, or businessperson. You can also interact with players from all over the world.


There are so many things to do in this game. You can buy houses or live in apartments with other players. You'll have full control over furnishing your home. Get jobs and start careers the more you rank in progression. Perks and other special characters are unlocked as well. This huge open-world adventure brings real-world features and other players to create a simulated life experience.




The best MMOs are always out there every year. This was a roundup of only a few of the best from 2017. What are your favorite MMO games from this year?

Worlds Adrift 

Available on Steam


Bossa Studios brings Worlds Adrift, an MMO that allows players to build ships and customize them how they want with resources they find in the world. Designing the ship is very important because it affects how it holds up In battle. Get crews together to help explore and build ships. Join alliances to attack and defend the world. It’s all up to the player and how they choose to go about their journey. Befriend allies to help you drift from different islands in a continuously evolving world.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood
Available on: Square Enix Online Store

Square Enix released this MMO adventure about conflict between man and dragon. You must follow the Warrior of Light and his comrades who want to save Ala Mhigo. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood lets you travel east to defeat Garlemald. New challenges are brought about in this adventure. There are Eight-man raids, and this second expansion brings good content and new creatures that stand in your way to victory.









Revelation Online 

Available on https://ro.my.com


This is a beautiful MMO in which players can embark on many adventures and use PvP mode to play against other players. The vibrant atmosphere consists of cliffs, forests, and mountains available for players to freely explore.


Fight through dungeons with up to 5-10 friends to overcome obstacles. Play quests to unlock mysterious artifacts. There’s unique classes and spells to learn. Form relationships with your soulmate or provoke battles with your enemies. Revelation Online brings a wide range of social interactions. Fight together with your friends to rule the world. 

Wild West Online

Available on Playwwo.com


612 Games brings you a Wild West action MMO where you are free to explore the land and gather resources. You can be a hero or villain your actions decide your fate. Enjoy the day and night cycle while exploring the land for Saloons. Drinking whisky can heal you but not too much. Players can purchase weapons from the Gunsmith and new outfits from the Tailors located throughout the world.

Ashes of Creation 

Available on ashesofcreation.com


Intrepid Studios brings this open-world, non-faction-based MMORPG where players' actions and decisions matter -- the players' world changes because of their actions. Choose your class, race, and gear through character customization. Control how your the civilization evolves. Whatever the player does in the game makes history throughout the story. 



Valnir Rok

Available on Steam 


This online sandbox survival game takes players to Valnir Island, where they will have to survive wild animals, beasts, and dangerous men. Valnir Rok is inspired my Norse mythology. It’s an open-world adventure that allows players to trade, find jobs, craft tools, and find recipes while exploring deserted villages. You can build houses or villages to defend your territory from other players. Valnir Rok lets you battle against other enemies and place bounties on their heads. This is a true Vikings tale.

Dark and Light 

Available on Steam


Dark and Light is a survival fantasy game that gives players control over magical energy through the planet Gaia. Landscapes are crawling with creatures, and players will have to fight to survive. You will have to build your own sand bases while exploring the world. The further you travel, players unlock more areas to build your base. 


The best MMO games are upon us and this will list the top games of 2017. A good MMO can be pretty memorable to gamers and bring in a lot of traffic. Enjoying a good MMO with friends online can be very exciting because going on adventures alone isn't as fun. Let's see exactly what MMO you might want to check out this year. 


[Image courtesy of mmorpg.com]

The 11 Most Anticipated MMO Releases of 2018 https://www.gameskinny.com/t1goh/the-11-most-anticipated-mmo-releases-of-2018 https://www.gameskinny.com/t1goh/the-11-most-anticipated-mmo-releases-of-2018 Mon, 27 Nov 2017 16:04:37 -0500 Sergey_3847


Dark and Light


Developer: Snail Games
Platforms: PC
Release date: TBA 2018


Dark and Light is an online sandbox survival RPG that has an absolutely massive, fully explorable world of 40,000 square kilometers. It is inhabited by a large number of races involved in various dangerous adventures.


The reputation system plays a significant role in the character progression, which will ultimately allow you to buy your own land and build a city there. Also, there is a dynamic weather system in the game that influences the events of the world in a significant way. For example, merchants will close their stores during heavy storms.


All this should make Dark and Light one of the most significant MMO releases of 2018.




That is it for the most anticipated MMOs of 2018. Hopefully you have found a project or two that have you interested. Stick with GameSkinny for more upcoming game news and information, including our take on the most anticipated RPGs of 2018.


Which upcoming MMO do you want to play the most? Leave your opinion in the comments section below.




Developer: What! Studio
Platforms: Android, iOS
Release date: January 2018


Durango is a promising new mobile MMORPGs from Korean developers What! Studios. Players will need to survive in a world with dinosaurs, and some of them can even be tamed and saddled.


You will also be able to go hunting, fishing, and resource gathering, which will provide your character with animal hides, blood, water, and food. By teaming up with other players, it will become possible to hunt together for large animals and also resist the aggression of NPCs and players from other clans.


Dual Universe


Developer: Novaquark
Platforms: PC
Release date: TBA 2018


According to the game's official plotline, humanity will find itself in a position where it must develop a way to leave Earth after a powerful neutron star is set on a collision course for the solar system.


This irreversible event will test humanity's readiness, and thousands of ships depart to different sides of the galaxy to ensure the survival of the species at all costs. Thus, the players will play as one of the colonists trying to find a way to survive in new alien environments.


The creators of Dual Universe were inspired by such projects as EvE Online and Space Engineers. So, if you like those types of games, then Dual Universe is definitely something worth looking forward to.


Escape from Tarkov


Developer: Battlestate Games
Platforms: PC
Release date: TBA 2018


If you like hardcore multiplayer online shooters that combine FPS, TPS (third-person shooter) and RPG elements, then be sure to check out Escape From Tarkov next year.


The events of the game take place on the territory of the city of Tarkov, where you will take on the role of a mercenary fighting against players of another private military company.


The developers promise a full-on realistic shooter with complete freedom of action and character control. 


Ascent: Infinite Realm


Developer: Bluehole
Platforms: PC
Release date: TBA 2018


One of the publishers of PUBG is preparing to release a new MMO in 2018 -- Ascent: Infinite Realm, which was previously known under the working title "Project W."


In this upcoming game from Bluehole Studios, players will enter an amazing world of technology and magic. Battles will take place not only on the ground but also in the air. You will be able to use a variety of battle techniques, build houses, join raids to pillage dungeons, customize your vehicles, and participate in PvP battles.


A:IR will have five basic classes: Assassin, Mystic, Gunner, Warlord, and Sorceress. Heroes will be allowed to fish, farm, manage furs, attack air ships, take part in public activities, and destroy huge monsters together.


The Crew 2


Developer: Ubisoft (Ivory Tower)
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release date: March 16, 2018


The Crew 2 will now not only include racing challenges in cars but also on motorbikes, motorboats, and even in airplanes. Ubisoft decided to add a new level to the genre of racing games and give every player absolute freedom of action. 


The open world of The Crew 2 will cover the entire vastness of the US, with all of its diverse landscapes. All players will have an opportunity to explore the land, sea, and sky without any boundaries.


Street racers and professional riders, off-road explorers, and freestyle fans can gather from all states, from one coast to another, and compete in a whole variety of racing disciplines.


Ashes of Creation


Developer: Intrepid Studios Inc.
Platforms: PC
Release date: TBA 2018


Ashes of Creation is a new dynamic MMORPG that will react to every player's actions. The developers of the game stated that they wanted to reduce the static elements of the gameplay to a possible minimum, and hopefully they achieved what they wanted.


You will have the opportunity to build a house in any part of the open world and to then make it grow into an entire settlement. You can also cultivate a piece of land, hunt animals, craft items, etc.


The game will have a system of quests that change in real time, which may include the siege of a castle involving several hundreds of players from all over the world.


Lost Ark


Developer: Smilegate
Platforms: PC
Release date: TBA 2018


If you've been carefully following the MMO scene for the last couple of years, then you've surely heard about Lost Ark already. This epic MMORPG was supposed to leave the closed beta testing this year, but it looks like the developers needed another one to bring the game to its desired state.


The delay is not surprising at all, as Lost Ark is one of the most ambitious MMO projects ever. The game will introduce 18 different classes, with each one having its own unique combat system. 


On top of that, the world of Lost Ark will have no limits in terms of exploration; you can go as far up as you wish or as deep as you desire.


Wild West Online


Developer: 612 Games
Platforms: PC
Release date: TBA 2018


Wild West Online is an upcoming open-world MMO that takes place in the 19th century Old West. Players will be able to create their own gangs and engage in bank robberies or bounty hunting. The saloons will be open to all visitors, and there will also be an opportunity to play card mini-games.


But that's just the tip of the iceberg. If none of the above activities interest you too much, then you can always do some gold mining, recipe crafting, or farming instead -- this game will feature lots and lots of opportunities for all types of players.


Life is Feudal: MMO


Developer: Bitbox Ltd.
Platforms: PC
Release date: January 2018


Life is Feudal: MMO is a survival simulator set in the Middle Ages. The MMO version of the game is not too different from the original Life is Feudal. It includes the same role-playing system based on stat cap and skill cap, a rich crafting system, and characteristic socio-political development. The difference is the scale, which in this case is much bigger,


The world map covers 21 square kilometers, with the open possibility of further growth. The size of the map also influences the number of players that can take part in the game, which will most definitely result in an even harder level of difficulty.


If you like to play survival MMOs set in medieval times with deep crafting systems and gorgeous graphics, then Life is Feudal: MMO should be just right up your alley.


World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth


Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms: PC
Release date: TBA 2018


After the massive success of the Legion expansion for World of Warcraft, Blizzard made an announcement about their next expansion during this year's BlizzCon -- Battle for Azeroth.


The new expansion will bring lots of cool changes to the game, the most important of which are as follows:

  • your character's cap level will increase to 120
  • \n
  • no more separate PvE and PvP servers; instead, players will choose through a menu which mode they want to play
  • \n
  • new artifact -- Heart of Azeroth
  • \n
  • two new Alliance and Horde islands
  • \n
  • six new races
  • \n
  • ten new dungeons
  • \n
  • two new raids
  • \n
  • new RTS mode -- Warfront
  • \n

As usual, the announcement of Battle for Azeroth was followed by an exceptionally well-made cinematic trailer, which you can watch above.


The MMO market has been growing intensely in the last few years, and it looks like 2018 will be no exception. Over a hundred new releases are expected to enter the market next year, but we've chosen only the best ones that you should be aware of.


Many of these games are in either closed or open testing stages, while others are still deep in development. A few of the familiar titles that should have been released in 2017 were delayed and will see the light of the day only next year.


MMORPGs are obviously the most popular among all the massively multiplayer online games, but you will find a few unusual titles in this selection as well. So, if you're looking for something fresh, then check out these 11 most anticipated MMO releases of 2018.

Dark and Light Complete Bestiary https://www.gameskinny.com/z7syu/dark-and-light-complete-bestiary https://www.gameskinny.com/z7syu/dark-and-light-complete-bestiary Mon, 14 Aug 2017 11:27:23 -0400 ESpalding

Even if you have only just started playing Dark and Light, you will be aware that the game is full of all kinds of wildlife -- there are over 50 species in-game. Some are friendly and docile, like sheep, but some you wouldn't want to wander too close to for fear of losing a limb, like bargesh. 

As you might have already seen in our Dark and Light Taming Guide, a lot of creatures can also be tamed and used as mounts to help you find resources faster.

But to get a real sense of what creatures roam the game world, here is a complete Dark and Light bestiary, as well as each creature's use in-game. Some of the creature information has yet to be revealed online, but this guide will be updated as soon as those details become available. 

Full List of All Creatures in Dark and Light


An Alligar is Water creature that cannot be tamed. Further information currently not available.


Bargesh are akin to hyenas. Even though they aren't powerful, they are agile and move quickly. The upside of Bargesh is that they can strip fallen creatures of their hides and meat, and they can be a combat or hunter/gatherer mount.


Bears can be tamed and can be used as a mount. Further information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


Boars are really easy to tame, but once you have them on the ground and have the food trough in front of them, they will go through food really quickly, so make sure you have enough!

Once tamed, Boars can be used to:

  • Collect berries from bushes
  • Harvest apples
  • Gather wood, mushrooms, and twine
  • Mount

Information currently not available.


It might come as a surprise, but you can tame Cyclops and even have them as mounts. They are really aggressive and run pretty quickly so you are going to have to find another way of slowing them down to make sure you get enough arrows into them.

Once you have them under your control, they are exceptionally strong and make fantastic siege weapons capable of breaking down all kinds of walls and defenses.


Tameable. Further information currently not available.


All Elementals in Dark and Light can be tamed, but you don't need to use hook arrows and food to win them over. To tame them, you need soul stones. You must make sure the Elemental is down to very low health before you start the taming process -- otherwise, the soul stone won't work. They can be crafted once you hit Taming Rank 6, but you'll need a core from each of the elements to make one.

Each Elemental can help you out in different ways. For example, the Earth Elemental can be used to construct defenses, while the Fire Elemental can provide heat in colder climates and cook food.

Elemental creatures in the game are Fire and Ice Imps, Dark Ice and Dark Fire Elementals, and Fire, Light, Wind, Ice, Earth and Water Elementals.


Information currently not available.

Fire Tiger

Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.

Frost Dragon

Information currently not available.


These majestic flying beauties are a must for mount collectors -- but be prepared for a fight when you go to train them. Griffins take quite a lot of arrows to bring down and will struggle to get airborne again as soon as they can. As with Boars, they do require a lot of food and will go through it quickly -- but the plus side is that they feel the effects of the hooks for longer.

Griffins can be used:

  • In battle
  • For carrying objects
  • For exploration
Grut Stag

These are one of the easier creatures to tame and can also be used as a mount. If you want to utilize them to gather resources, they are great at harvesting grass and straw.


Information currently not available.


Even though you don't have to tame them yourself and they are not found in the wild, Horses are widely available from vendors in towns and cities at minimal cost. 


Due to their size and toughness, Kebo require a lot of resources to tame -- not just arrows and their components, but also a lot of time and a lot of feed.

Kebo can be used to collect many items in Dark and Light, such as stone, sulfur, twine, and wood. Kebo have a hearty attack, but move rather slow.


Unlike Boars, Longhorns don't not tame very quickly. Actually, everything about them is pretty darn slow. On top of slow taming, they don't eat quickly and the torpor effect drains from them pretty slowly.

They can, however, carry quite a load, so they're useful when gathering sulfur and stone.


Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


Pathers are really aggressive and can spot you from quite a distance. When attempting to tame one, you can't outrun one in a straight line. You need try and gain a height advantage to get the easiest shots in. Once they are down, they eat rather slowly but the torpor effect drains from them really quickly so you will have to be on your toes and get ready to fire more shots at it.

Panthers can be used as mounts.


Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


Sheep are relatively easy to tame as they don't move very fast, at least until they are injured -- and then they move rather quickly.

Sheep are used for one thing in Dark and Light and that is to provide wool, which is used to craft certain items in the game. So you need a pretty decent supply of it.

Searing Dragon

Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


Personally, I wouldn't be wanting to get anywhere near the Spiders that you find in Dark and Light. They are commonly found in jungle areas and can be easily spotted from a distance because they have a glowing mark on their backs. They eat slowly, so make sure you have the ways and means of defending yourself and your quarry as you tame them. 

Once tamed, you can equip Spiders with a mount and run off to hunt some goblins or other fast-moving prey.


For a creature that looks like a water fly, they are really substantial. They will take about 3 hours to tame -- but once you've managed to tame one, they can be used as a mount.


Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


These two-headed vulture-type birds can be found living along the coastline. When taming one, be sure you're wearing sufficient armor because it will definitely attack you. the silver lining is that they don't take very many arrows to bring down. 

Vrocks can be tamed quite early in Dark and Light, too, making them a great choice for a beginner's flying mount.


Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


Wyvern are the smallest of any of the dragon types and are relatively easy to tame as well. Normally quite docile, they will flee when attacked so you need to make sure you try and get them caught in trees or over the edge of a cliff.


There are two types of Yetis in the game -- wild yetis and summoned yetis. Wild yetis cannot be tamed and will more than likely rip you apart if you try. But if you collect shards from killing yetis, you can summon tamed yetis in special temples dotted around the snowy tundra.

These docile creatures will:

  • Guard your belongings
  • Assist you across tricky terrain
  • Help you collect resources and complete tasks.


So there you have it -- 50 creatures from the Dark and Light universe. As previously stated, there is a lot of information missing but this will be updated as the relevant information is released.

In the meantime, make sure you check out the rest of our Dark and Light guides here at GameSkinny to get the most out of your time in the wilds:

Dark And Light: Troubleshooting Errors and Known Bug Fixes https://www.gameskinny.com/swcpr/dark-and-light-troubleshooting-errors-and-known-bug-fixes https://www.gameskinny.com/swcpr/dark-and-light-troubleshooting-errors-and-known-bug-fixes Tue, 08 Aug 2017 09:23:12 -0400 Ty Arthur

If Ark left the non-dinosaur crowd feeling a little out in the cold and wishing for knights and dragons in a fantasy world instead, Dark And Light is the answer to that predicament.

It remains to be seen if Dark And Light will beat Ark's ludicrous Early Access time record -- but for now the game should firmly stay there, needing some drastic updates to deal with a horde of bugs, frame rate drops, and connection issues.

Sadly, the bulk of the known bugs in Dark And Light don't have fixes at the moment. The latest patch seems to have actually nerfed some of the servers further, with many players unable to connect at all or freezing at 99%. Some of the current issues, however, can be mitigated or removed if you don't mind getting creative.

Immortal Harvest Objects

This issue is scheduled to be fixed in a patch, but for now can be very frustrating: sometimes random objects like trees, grass, and even some animals never run out of health and can't be harvested.

There's a weird fix to this issue -- just die, in any way at all. Piss off some guards and wait to get stabbed, poke your head under a lake, hang out in a frozen tundra with no clothes, attack something way higher level than you, jump off a cliff, or whatever.

When you come back, the problem seems to be resolved for the vast majority of users. Its not a very elegant (or convenient) fix, but there you go, just kill yourself anytime it happens.

Changing Dark And Light Steam Launch Options

In this instance, the standard troubleshooting issue of verifying your Steam files isn't going to help much, since the problem is on the game and server side and not with anything on your computer.

There are a few tweaks you can make for better frame rates (and in some cases, load times), however. Open up Steam and right-click the Dark And Light entry in your library, then choose Properties.

On the General tab, click the Set Launch Options button, and then copy and paste these changes directly into the text box and click OK:

-lowmemory -high -sm4 -d3d10 -novsync -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system +r_waterforcereflectentities 0 +r_shadowrendertotexture 0 +mat_hdr_level 0 +vt_maxPPF 16

If you have any issues after making the launch changes, you can just use these options for the bare bones fixes that may work better, depending on  your rig setup.

 -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 novsync 

Remember that these options will stay in effect until you remove them, so if you don't get any increase in frame rate or drop in desync issues, just return to the same screen and delete out all the launch options.

 Changing Steam Launch Options

Changing Dark And Light Graphics Settings

If the aforementioned launch options aren't helping, there are additional graphics and gameplay settings that can be manually tweaked in a file rather than from any in-game menus (thanks to Steam user Misfits | Vega for the tip).

To make these changes, open up the C:\ drive (or wherever your Steam games are stored) and navigate to the following folder: 

steamapps/common/Dark and Light/DNL/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor

Right-click the file named "GameUserSettings.ini" and open it with Notepad so you can alter its contents without any formatting being added.

Fully delete the contents of the file, then copy and paste in the commands listed below. Keep in mind that may want to make a copy of the file's original contents first in case you run into any unexpected issues. Otherwise, re-installing the game is always an option if these settings mess up anything.

Commands To Paste

bUseSimpleDistanceMovement=False bDisableMeleeCameraSwingAnims=False
LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=1600 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY=900


Found any other reliable fixes for the many Dark And Light bugs? Let us know in the comments section! If the game is working for you, be sure to check out our other Dark and Light guides to get the most out of your play time:

Dark And Light Guide: Keyboard Shortcuts and Basic Tips https://www.gameskinny.com/td8cj/dark-and-light-guide-keyboard-shortcuts-and-basic-tips https://www.gameskinny.com/td8cj/dark-and-light-guide-keyboard-shortcuts-and-basic-tips Fri, 04 Aug 2017 09:26:36 -0400 Ty Arthur

Offering the Ark survival experience with a stronger fantasy flavor, Dark And Light is difficult for new players to get into without some serious knowledge before hand of what to craft and how to play.

Due to major lag problems, FPS drops, and constant desync in Early Access, keyboard shortcuts can be a life saver. The less often you have to pull up menus to scroll through, the better.

Below we've listed out all the basic beginner info you need to know to get started with this survival sim. Want to get into the more advance topics? Check out our other Dark and Light guides here:

Dark And Light Keyboard Shortcuts

Some of the standard shortcuts aren't what long time PC gamers will be used to, and you'll need to know how to quickly order around your tamed creatures without highlighting them and pulling up a sub-menu. Here are the most helpful shortcuts (and don't forget you can re-bind them):

  • R - Reload (also Open Container / Access Object when highlighted)
  • Q - Holster
  • C - Radial Belt Menu
  • Right Shift - Sprint
  • G - Drag Body
  • Control - Crouch 
  • Alt - Swap Hotbar Belt
  • A - Transfer Item
  • D - Drop Item (for many items at once, hover over the item in the inventory)
  • ' - Mount Follow
  • L - Mount Move
  • , - Mount Stay
  • J - Mount Passive
  • K - Mount Passive
  • H - Mount Attack
  • DEL - Remove On Screen HUD
  • END - Switch Camera
  • Mouse 3 - Center Camera On Player
  • O - Quests
  • P - House Info
  • U - Skills
  • \ - Toggle Auto Hide Chat Box

Dark And Light Basic Harvesting / Building Strategies

When first getting started, its important to construct a thatch hut with a door in a defensible position, preferably near a city. Eventually you will want to upgrade to better structure types. Remember that when you log out, your character and tamed creatures are still there -- and yes, you can be killed and looted while logged out. Griefing is a problem, and you need to find ways to protect yourself.

Always be hidden somewhere first before logging out -- like inside your house behind the closed door (although this isn't completely safe, since other players can destroy your buildings). Note that if your structure is missing parts when you log in, usually doors, they haven't actually disappeared, the textures just aren't loading. It's a known bug being worked on at the moment.

 Building A Home Base

Besides building a structure, you need to stay on top of hunger and thirst. Berry Jam (made with berries and grass) is a good early option for managing thirst and hunger, but it spoils quickly, so only craft it as needed rather than making several ahead of time. To keep objects, especially meat, from spoiling, get yourself a larder box (although note that the in-game text is wrong, you use Sulphur Powder for the box, not Silica Powder).

Finally, always search a corpse for extra loot before harvesting. Below we've listed out what you should focus on harvesting in the early stages of the game and with which implement.

Use your bare hands to harvest:
  • Grass from grass
  • Straw, magic shards, and twine from bushes, flowers, and trees
Use an axe to harvest:
  • Wood and apples from trees
  • Stone, sulfur ore, and straw from rocks and mineral veins
  • Meat, bones, and hide from corpses
Use a pickaxe to harvest:
  • Twine from trees
  • Hay from bushes
  • Sulfur from rocks
  • Gold from city barrels
  • Elemental cores from elemental corpses
Use a sword to harvest:
  • Shards, berries, flowers, and hay from bushes
  • Meat from corpses
Use a scythe to harvest:
  • Fur from animal corpses
  • Seeds from bushes

 Harvesting From Rock

From there its time to explore the world and learn how to craft and tame along the way! Have any other beginner's Dark And Light tips and tricks that new players should know? Sound off in the comments section below!

Dark And Light Console Cheat Commands https://www.gameskinny.com/pys1r/dark-and-light-console-cheat-commands https://www.gameskinny.com/pys1r/dark-and-light-console-cheat-commands Wed, 02 Aug 2017 09:42:24 -0400 Ty Arthur

The fantasy world that survival simulator fans have been craving is now in Early Access with Dark And Lightwhich will have you gathering resources, constructing buildings, and taming creatures. 

Dark And Light has more than a few similarities to Ark, including the list of console admin commands that let you either outright cheat or just spawn specific items for crafting.

How to Access Admin Console Commands in Dark and Light

To open the Dark And Light admin console command section, you just need to tap a single key. By default, this is set to the + key, but you can change the key binding to anything you want -- like the more industry standard Tab.

Navigate to the Key Bindings section of the Options menu and look for the "Toggle Console" entry to change the key for accessing the admin area.

Now just tap that key and a black bar appears on the bottom of the screen letting you type in specific commands. Type enablecheats and hit Enter to get going.

 Changing the Toggle Console option

Basic Dark And Light Cheats

The basic Dark And Light cheats are all very similar to Ark -- so if you've been playing that survival simulator already, you should know the commands by heart at this point.

After enabling cheats and toggling on the admin console command section, just enter any of these codes to breeze through single-player local server experience:

  • cheat god - enables invincibility mode so no enemy can kill you
  • cheat infinitestats - similar to the previous one, this gives you highest possible stats for everything
  • cheat fly - fly into the air rather than walk
  • cheat ghost - similar to the previous one, except this lets you move through any object or barrier
  • cheat destroyallenemies - removes all enemies from the entire game, although they will respawn
  • cheat giveresources - automatically get 50 of all resources

 Stab me all you want - with god mode on its doesn't matter!

Spawning Dark And Light Items

After enabling cheat codes, open up the admin console command area and use the GiveItemNum command to force spawn a specific item. The pattern to use is as follows:

GiveItemNum (item ID) (quantity) 1 0

The item codes are listed below, and the last number refers to whether you are getting the item or a blueprint for the item. For the blueprint, switch the final 0 to a 1. 

For instance, if you wanted 10 Foundations in your inventory, type GiveItemNum 411 10 1 0 and hit Enter while the admin console area is active.

Note that some users have reported having to type cheat before it like with the other cheats, so if the command doesn't work, use Cheat GiveItemNum instead.

Item Item ID
 1  Bedroll
  2   Small Chest 
 3  Medium Chest 
   4    Wall Torch
  5   Bed 
 6  Fireplace
 7  Wooden Sign
 8  Private Storage
 9  Larder Box
 10   Dining Table
11  Wooden Chair
12  Cooking Pot
  13   Stone Axe
 14  Stone Sword
 15  Stone Pickaxe
  16   Stone Spear
 17  Wood Bow
 18  Stone Arrow
 19  Throwing Arrow
 20  Crossbow
  21   Unused ID
 22  Small Plot
 23  Medium Plot
 24  Large Plot
 25  Compost Bin
 26  Mortar
  27   Workbench
 28  Forge
 29  Sulfur Powder
 30  Quartz Sand
 31  Ground Bone
 32  Lightstone Sand
 33  Darkstone Sand
 34  Iron Axe
 35  Iron Pickaxe
 36  Iron Scythe
 37  Iron Spear
 38  Stone Hook Arrow
 39  Iron Hook Arrow
 40  Unused ID
 41  Wooden Feeding Trough
 42  Stone Feeding Trough
  43   Paper
 44  Magic Parchment
  45   Iron Dagger
 46  Iron Sword
 47  Iron Hammer
 48  Iron Greatsword
  49   Unused ID
 50  Tree Bark Shield
 51 - 52  Unused IDs
 53  Summoning Pool
 54  Irrigation Intake
 55  Pipe Cross
 56  Straight Pipe
 57  Slanted Pipe
 58  Vertical Pipe
 59  Sprout
 60  Water Reservoir
 61  Sand Table
  62   House War Flag
 63  Glass Bottle
 64  Hanglider
 65  Parachute
 66  Boar Saddle
 67  Bargesh Saddle
 68  Vrock Saddle
 69  Bahamut Saddle
  70   Wyvern Saddle
 71  Bear Saddle
 72  Panther Saddle
 73  Griffin Saddle
 74  Infernus Dragon Saddle
 75  Unused ID
 76  Grut Stag Saddle
 77  Longhorn Saddle
 78  Horse Saddle
 79  Deer Saddle
 80  Arachane Saddle
 81  Stirge Saddle
 82  Lavatiger Saddle
 83  Nidhog Saddle
 84  Voidray Saddle
 85  Mastodon Saddle
  86   Yeti Saddle
 87  Kodo Saddle
 88  Frost Dragon Saddle
 89 - 97  Unused IDs
 98  House Contract Table
 99  Contract
 100  Soul Of Darkness
 101  Soul Of Light
 102  Unused ID
 103  Small Spell Tower
 104  Canopy
  105   Cooked Meat
 106  Fine Cooked Meat
 107  Cured Meat
 108  Fine Cured Meat
 109  Copper Ingot
 110  Iron Ingot
 111  Mithril Ingot
 112  Ink
 113  Focus Elixir
 114  Focus Potion
 115  Centaur Wine
 116  Summoning Stone
 117  House Seal
 118  Goblin Contract
 119  Cooked Mushrooms
 120  Spiced Meat
 121  Silica Powder
 122  Cloth Shirt
 123  Cloth Pants
 124  Cloth Cap
 125  Cloth Gloves
 126  Cloth Boots
 127  Leather Breastplate
 128  Leather Pants
 129  Leather Helmet
 130  Leather Gloves
  131   Leather Boots
 132  Druid Tunic
 133  Druid Pants
 134  Druid Cap
 135  Druid Gloves
 136  Druid Boots
  137   Copper Breastplate
 138  Copper Pants
 139  Copper Helmet
 140  Copper Gloves
 141  Copper Boots
  142   Fur Breastplate
 143  Fur Pants
  144   Fur Cap
 145  Fur Gloves
 146  Fur Boots
 147  Mithril Breastplate
 148   Mithril Pants
 149  Mithril Helm
 150  Mithril Gloves
  151   Mithril Boots
 152  Mithril Robe
 153  Mithril Light Leggings
 154  Mithril Hat
 155  Unused ID
 156  Mithril Shoes
 157   Breastplate Of Darkness
 158  Darkstone Pants
 159  Darkstone Helm
 160  Darkstone Gloves
 161  Darkstone Boots
 162  Robe Of Lightsone
  163   Pants Of Lightstone
  164   Hate Of Lightstone
 165  Gloves Of Lightstone
  166   Shoes Of Lightstone
 167  Brimstone Tunic
 168  Brimstone Pants
 169  Brimstone Gloves
  170   Brimstone Boots
 171  Brimstone Hood
 172  Icewind Robe
 173  Icewind Pants
 174  Icewind Gloves
 175  Icewind Shoes
 176  Icewind Hood
 177  Iron Breastplate
 178  Iron Pants
 179  Iron Gloves
 180   Iron Boots
 181  Iron Helm
 182  Ranger Tunic
 183  Ranger Pants
 184  Ranger Gloves
 185  Ranger Boots
 186  Ranger Helm
 187  Magic Essence
 188  Fire Essence
 189  Water Essence
 190  Air Essence
  191   Earth Essence
 192  Light Essence
 193  Dark Essence
 194  Chaos Essence
 195  Magic Altar
  196   Spell Tower
 197  Spell Generator
 198  Spell Tower Ammo
 199  Sorcerer Staff
 200  Druid Staff
 201  Celestial Staff
 202  Battlemage Staff
 203  Drain Spell
 204  Rune Of Restoration
 205  Rune Of Warmth
 206  Rune Of Light
 207  Rune Of Radiance
 208 - 210  Fireball 1 - 3
 211 - 213  Lightning Bolt 1 - 3
 217  Polymorph
 218  Unused ID
 219   Rune Of Haste
 220  Unused ID
 221  Arctic Illusion
 222  Rune Of Deathstalker
 223  Rune Of Wyvern
 224  Wall Of Fire
 225  Wall Of Ice
 226  Wall Of Lightning
 227 - 228  Firestorm 1 - 2
 229 - 230  Hailstorm 1 - 2
 231  Telekinesis
 232  Dark Vision
 233  Rune Of Guidance
 234  Resurrection Altar
 235  Planar Gate
 236  Rune Of Recall
 237  Flame Missile
 238  Rune Of Soul Binding
 239  Rune Of Greater Soul Binding
 240  Acid Extract
 241-262  Unused IDs
 263  Small Fertilizer
 264  Medium Fertilizer
 265  Large Fertilizer
 266  Herbivore Feed
 267  Carnivore Feed
 268  Mystical Feed
 269  Magic Shards
 270  Grass
 271  Straw
 272  Field Flowers
 273  Blueberries
 274  Field Mushroom
 275  Wood
 276  Charcoal
 277  Twine
 278  Apples
 279  Stone
 280  Sulfur Ore
 281  Copper Ore
 282  Iron Ore
 283  Mithril Ore
 284  Lightstone
 285  Darkstone
 286  Bones
 287  Raw Meat
 288  Fine Raw Meat
 289   Rotten Meat
 290  Ice Chunk
 291  Fur
 292  Hide
 293  Fire Element Core
 294  Water Element Core
 295  Earth Element Core
 296  Air Element Core
 297  Light Element Core
 298  Dark Element Core
 299  Gold Coin
 300  Fire Blossom
 301  Fire Blossom Seed
 302  Snow Lotus
 303  Snow Lotus Seed
  304   Terra Flower
 305  Terra Flower Seed
 306  Thundergrass
 307  Thundergrass Seed
 308  Light Blossom
 309  Light Blossom Seed
 310  Darkweed
 311  Darkweed Seed
 312  Nightcap Mushroom
 313  Deathcap Mushroom
 314  Vigor Mushroom
 315  Whitecap Mushroom
 316  Fungal Spores
 317  Wheat
 318  Wheat Seed
  319   Cooking Herb
 320  Luck Clover
 321  Shrub Seedling
 322 - 326  Unused IDs
 327  Shabby Foundation
 328  Shabby Door Frame
 329   Shabby Cieling
 330  Shabby Wall
 331  Shabby Door
 332  Triangle Shabby Left Wall
 333  Triangle Shabby Right Wall
 334  Slanted Shabby Roof
  335   Shabby Dormer
 336  Simple Foundation
 337  Simple Wall
 338  Simple Ceiling
 339  Triangle Simple Wall Left
 340  Triangle Simple Wall Right
 341  Slanted Simple Roof
 342  Simple Door Frame
 343  Simple Door
 344  Simple Window Frame
 345  Simple Steps
 346  Simple Skylight
 347  Simple Skylight Hatch
 348  Simple Wall Spikes
 349  Simple Barrier Door
 350  Simple Barrier Door Frame
 351  Simple Barrier
 352  Simple Railing
 353  Giant Simple Beast Gate Frame
 354  Giant Simple Beast Gate
 355  Large Simple Beast Gate Frame
 356  Large Simple Beast Gate
 357  Simple Window
 358  Simple Column
 359  Simple Ladder
 360  Simple Rectangle Foundation
 361  Firm Foundation
 362  Firm Wall
 363  Firm Ceiling
 364  Triangle Firm Wall Left
 365  Triangle Firm Wall Right
  366   Slanted Firm Roof
 367  Firm Door Frame
  368   Firm Column
 369  Tiled Firm Roof
 370  Firm Skylight Frame
  371   Firm Skylight Hatch
 372  Archer Firm Door
 373  Archer Firm Wall
 374  Firm Window Frame
  375   Firm Window
 376  Firm Ladder
 377  Firm Door
 378  Firm Steps
 379  Curved Firm Ladder
 380  Giant Firm Beast Gate Frame
 381  Giant Firm Beast Gate
 382  Large Firm Beast Gate Frame
 383  Large Firm Beast Gate
 384  Firm Rectangle Foundation
 385  Rugged Ceiling
 386  Rugged Skylight
 387  Rugged Skylight Frame
 388  Rugged Door
  389   Rugged Door Frame
 390  Rugged Foundation
 391  Archer Rugged Door
 392  Rugged Ladder
 393  Rugged Column
 394  Archer Rugged Wall
 395  Rugged Steps
 396  Slanted Rugged Roof
 397  Triangle Rugged Left Wall
 398  Triangle Rugged Right Wall
 399  Rugged Wall
 400  Rugged Window Frame
 401  Rugged Window
 402  Rugged Wall Spike
 403  Rugged Barrier Door
 404  Rugged Barrier Door Frame
 405  Rugged Barrier
 406  Rugged Rail
 407  Rugged Rectangle Foundation
 408  Framework Ceiling
 409  Door
 410  Door Frame
 411  Foundation
 412  Column
 413  Stairs
 414  Slanted Roof
 415  Left Gable
 416  Right Gable
 417  Wall
 418  Rectangle Foundation
 419 - 421  Unused IDs
 422   Castle Of Hope Ceiling
 423  Skylight


Have you found any other useful IDs for spawning Dark And Light items? Let us know in the comments section! And be sure to check out the rest of our Dark and Light guides for more help with the game.

How to Tame Creatures in Dark and Light https://www.gameskinny.com/mhtp7/how-to-tame-creatures-in-dark-and-light https://www.gameskinny.com/mhtp7/how-to-tame-creatures-in-dark-and-light Mon, 31 Jul 2017 09:06:19 -0400 ESpalding

As you journey through the world of Dark and Light, you will come across many of the world's other inhabitants -- its wild creatures. Some may be hostile, but the majority of them can also be tamed regardless of their persuasion. Whether you want to try and tame a sheep or something a lot larger and mythical, you'll need to know how to do it and this guide is going to show you how.

Equipment Needed for Taming in Dark and Light

Before you go venturing out to tame yourself a creature, there are some things that you are going to need to take with you -- a way to capture the beast and a way to lure the beast.

Using a Bow

Using a Bow weapon is a rank 2 Ranged Combat skill and gives you the ability to engage creatures at distance, as well as tame those creatures.

To make a Bow, you are going to have to gather:

  • Wood x15
  • Twine x50
Stone Hook Arrow

These special arrows are vital if you are going to have any luck taming creatures. You could say that they have an effect like a sedative, which makes the creature in question go into a sleep-like state, making it easier to capture. You are able to craft them when you reach rank 2 Ranged Combat.

To make Stone Hook Arrows you will need:

  • Stone-tipped Arrow x1
  • Magic Shards x1
  • Twine x5
  • Charcoal x3

What Animals can be Tamed in Dark and Light?

The bestiary in Dark and Light has about 150 creatures in it but not all of the creatures can be tamed. There are real-life animals as well as mythical ones, so if you have ever wanted to catch a Griffin, now's your chance! On your travels, you will come across both herbivores and carnivores, so you need to make sure you have enough of the correct food with you to tame them.

Some of the herbivores in the game include:

  • Sheep
  • Boars
  • Horses
  • Deer
  • Grut Stags

With a few exceptions, all of the herbivores in the game eat grass -- but there are other types of food which have a greater effect on the speed at which taming is successful. From least effective to most effective, these are the types of food you can use when taming herbivores:

Grass < Apples < Rare plant drops such as Lucky Clover < pre-made Herbivore feed.

Some of the carnivores in the game include:

  • Hyenas
  • Wolves
  • Bears
  • Vrocks (which are like 2-headed vultures)
  • Wyvern
  • Yeti

Also with few exceptions, all of the carnivores in the game eat raw meat, but there are other types of food which have a greater effect on the speed at which taming is successful. From least effective to most effective, these are the types of food you can use when taming carnivores:

Raw meat < Rotten meat (be aware that some creatures may not like this) < Raw fine meat < pre-made Carnivore feed

One thing you should note is that if you run out of feed before finishing taming, you will have to start again with more feed. All food needs to be presented to the creature in a Feeding Trough because if you don't give it enough feed, the taming process will end. 

Catching Creatures to Tame them in Dark and Light

So once you have your arrows, the right kind of feed, and feeding troughs, it is time to head out into the wild and find your intended target.

Once your quarry within sight, you need to target them with an arrow. When you fire the hook arrow at the animal, you need to left click to hook the other end of the rope to the ground.

The arrows don't start taking effect until the hooks have taken hold. As an animal runs away, the hook will embed itself and the torpor effect starts to take effect. If the animal is aggressive, you will need to fire multiple arrows and attach them to the ground so that when the animal is at a certain distance, the hook will snag and start the process.

When the creature goes down, you can place a trough next to it and fill it with food. As the creature starts to eat, the taming process starts. If the creature starts to come around from the effects of your arrows too soon -- before it is tamed -- you can fire another arrow into it to add to the torpor effect. However, as the creature is no longer moving, you will need to move away until the rope is taut and then fasten it into the ground.

With a little bit of time and patience, it won't be long before the creature will be 100% tamed!

We hope that this guide on how to tame creatures in Dark and Light has been useful. You really must let us know what kind of creatures you've managed to tame! Show us whats out there!

Make sure you check back to GameSkinny for more Dark and Light guides!

8 Most Anticipated Upcoming MMORPGs — And Why You Care https://www.gameskinny.com/206vs/8-most-anticipated-upcoming-mmorpgs-and-why-you-care https://www.gameskinny.com/206vs/8-most-anticipated-upcoming-mmorpgs-and-why-you-care Mon, 10 Apr 2017 11:00:01 -0400 Paige McGovern


Camelot Unchained

  • Developer: City State Entertainment
  • \n
  • Engine: Unchained 
  • \n
  • Current Status: In Development
  • \n
  • Expected Release: TBA
  • \n
  • Business Model: Subscription
  • \n
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • \n
  • Official Website
  • \n
What it Offers

Camelot Unchained is a unique realm vs. realm MMO. Players choose one of three realms to join, which will influence their race and class choices. You can be a Tuatha, Hamadryad, Empath, Fianna, Jotnar, Stonehealer, and more. Players must fight for resources and land, and coordinates attacks and sieges against enemy realms. 

What Makes it Different

There will be no real world money shops in the game. Gear and supplies can't all be bought by one NPC players must find the masters of a profession to craft coveted items. The economy will be entirely player-run. All magic spells will be created by the player, and not the developer. Spell books and a set of runes are necessary.  

How to Get Involved

Register an account on the official website, become a part of the forum community, and pledge a minimum of $35 to receive Beta 2 access and the full game upon launch. 




What do you think about these MMOs? Are you planning on playing any? Share your thoughts in the comments!



  • Developer: ArtCraft
  • \n
  • Engine: Unity 5
  • \n
  • Current Status: Pre-Alpha 4
  • \n
  • Expected Release: TBA 
  • \n
  • Business Model: Buy to Play
  • \n
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • \n
  • Official Website
  • \n
What it Offers

Crowfall is described as a "thronewar simulator" MMO. There will be elements of strategy, politics, survival, and kingship in this game. Every player will have their own kingdom. Combat is action-based. 

What Makes it Different

There are no instanced dungeons in Crowfall. With many different elements, the game is diverse and can suit any player. There are no levels. Upon creation, players choose a unique character archetype, such as Confessor, Forgemaster, Frostweaver, or Myrmidon. Every skill can be accessed, but its use may change based on archetype. Skills must be raised to quality for a promotional class, which can vary greatly from one's original chosen class. Players can also learn select disciplines.

How to Get Involved

Register on the official website and pledge a minimum of $69 to gain access to scheduled pre-Alpha testing. 


Chronicles of Elyria

  • Developer: Soulbound Studios
  • \n
  • Engines: Unreal 4, SpatialOS
  • \n
  • Current Status: Production
  • \n
  • Expected Release: 2017
  • \n
  • Business Model: Buy to Play (Pay for Life)
  • \n
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • \n
  • Official Website
  • \n
What It Offers

Chronicles of Elyria takes place in a medieval world where kingdoms, counties, and towns are run by players and NPCs alike. The game is an entirely open world where players must explore and settle in profitable areas to survive and thrive. Any griefers will be deterred by the law and jail time, which will consequently limit their playable life.  

What Makes it Different

Players start as a child in player- or NPC-run families. The game evolves over a 10-year storyline. Characters will never be offline with the help of programmable, offline character scripts. In addition, the game will run on a unique business model where the player must pay for a Spark for a new life every 10 to 14 months, when their character dies. 

How to Get Involved

Register an account on the official website, and check out the store to pledge your support for the game. Pledge a minimum of $40 to gain access to the full game upon launch. 


Dark and Light

  • Developer: Snail Games 
  • \n
  • Engine: Unreal 4
  • \n
  • Current Status: pre-Early Access 
  • \n
  • Expected Release: TBA
  • \n
  • Business Model: Buy to Play
  • \n
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • \n
  • Official Website
  • \n
What it Offers

Dark and Light is a fantasy sandbox MMO. Magic is a part of the world and the characterization of the game. In a dynamic story, the player must choose to fight for light or be consumed by darkness. 

What Makes it Different

According to the game's Steam page, there "are over 100 magical skills related to survival, exploration, defense, transformation, control, [and] attack." With no set classes, there is a growth system for players and NPCs alike. Both melee and magical weapons can be forged and mastered. Magic will be used whether a player is hiding from an enemy, constructing a house, or claiming land by changing physical laws. 

How to Get Involved

Become a part of the conversation on Steam


Epocylipse The AfterFall

  • Developer: Razor Edge Games
  • \n
  • Engine: Unity 5
  • \n
  • Current Status: In development
  • \n
  • Expected Release: TBA 
  • \n
  • Business Model: Buy to Play
  • \n
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • \n
  • Official Website
  • \n
What it Offers

Epocylipse is set in the year 2258. It is a survival MMO where humanity has been all but wiped out after an outbreak of an infectious disease. In this game, there is a day and night cycle, aging characters, faction wars, and a fully loot-able harsh environment. 

What Makes it Different

With aging comes perma-death, which means characters must find a heir before they pass on. The game is skill-based, so how well you play in the environment really matters. If the game isn't hard enough, you can enable optional rules that pose new challenges. You can play alone, with friends, or on servers. How you want to play is up to you.

How to Get Involved

Register on the official website to be a part of the forum community.


Conan Exiles

  • Developer: Funcom
  • \n
  • Engine: Unreal 4
  • \n
  • Current Status: Early Access
  • \n
  • Expected Release: 2018 (full launch)
  • \n
  • Business Model: Buy to Play
  • \n
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • \n
  • Official Website
  • \n
What it Offers

In Conan Exiles, players explore the land and civilizations of an ancient world where monsters truly do exist. The player must craft tools, buildings, and fight giant creatures to stay alive. They must also battle against the elements and watch out for deadly sandstorms.

What Makes it Different

This year, The Purge will be implemented. The Purge are enemy NPCs that will raid, pillage, and destroy everything they encounter. Players must work together to stop this deadly threat. In addition, players will be able to tame animals, and new systems -- sorcery and settlement systems will be introduced. The opportunities in this game will be limitless. 

How to Get Involved

You can purchase the game on Steam Early Access now for $29.99, or upgrade to the Barbarian Edition for an extra $30. 


Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

  • Developer: Visionary Realms, Inc. 
  • \n
  • Engine: Unity 5 
  • \n
  • Current Status: In development
  • \n
  • Expected Release: 2017
  • \n
  • Business Model: Subscription
  • \n
  • Platforms: Mac and Windows PC
  • \n
  • Official Website
  • \n
What it Offers

Pantheon is set on the fantasy world of Terminus, where many diverse civilizations, deities, and fantastic creatures rule. The world is designed to be challenging with tough monsters, plenty of exploration, and a reliance on friends and community. The planned weather system and enchanted areas add a survival element to the game not often found in MMOs. 

What Makes it Different

Death is meaningful. High-level characters can "retire" and pass a portion of their skills onto their children. Rare spells and items can only be found in unique locations, and can be locked behind an event. Visionary Realms is reinforcing an emphasis on group play by planning AI NPCs and player-run dungeons and regions.  

How to Get Involved

You can support Pantheon's development on the official website here. Pledge a minimum of $50 to gain access to the beta and full game. 


Ashes of Creation

  • Developer: Intrepid Studios
  • \n
  • Engine: Unreal 4 
  • \n
  • Current Status: Pre-Alpha
  • \n
  • Expected Release: TBA 
  • \n
  • Business Model: Subscription
  • \n
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • \n
  • Official Website
  • \n
What it Offers

Ashes of Creation promises a world "built to react to the actions of [the] players." Land can be developed anywhere and can be specialized for a certain purpose. There are many custom skills and abilities that ensure 64 unique classes. And there are multiple quest types that can change in real time. Players can fight in dungeons, raids, large-scale castle sieges, city defenses and assaults, and arena combat. 

What Makes it Different

The world is planned to be highly interactive. Intrepid Studios' Node System will control how the world is developed. This system will split the map into four distinct sections: Military, Divine, Economic, and Scientific. The many skill and combat choices will allow every player to thrive. Griefers in the open world are not expected to be a problem because of the game's in-depth flagging system. 

How to Get Involved

There will be a Kickstarter campaign for Ashes of Creation in approximately three to five weeks. There will be a countdown on the official website once the Kickstarter is two weeks away. Register your account now to stay updated on the Kickstarter and to begin participating in the forums. 


New MMOs are announced and released constantly. The genre is full of unoriginal World of Warcraft clones and overambitious or money-hungry developers who promise to produce an MMO to be proud of and usually fall short. 


That is the fear, of course: that a game can sound fantastic on paper, but it's unlikely to ever deliver. If a game does release, it may be after years of setbacks and crowdfunding. And still, it can still be underwhelming. There can still be empty promises.


I get it. We're all afraid of getting our wallets emptied and our dreams dashed one more time for supporting or simply hoping for that one game that's going to change everything. But there's still hope for the MMO genre.


Let us show you why with these eight upcoming MMOs you should definitely be watching.  

4 Ways Upcoming MMOs Are Going to Change the Genre Forever https://www.gameskinny.com/96wqx/4-ways-upcoming-mmos-are-going-to-change-the-genre-forever https://www.gameskinny.com/96wqx/4-ways-upcoming-mmos-are-going-to-change-the-genre-forever Tue, 07 Mar 2017 08:00:02 -0500 Ty Arthur

Let's face it, the massively multiplayer gaming arena has become stagnant. With only a few exceptions here and there, anyone looking to join in on a new MMO can expect to see the exact same ideas churned out with slightly different graphical styles, from the beautiful but overly grindy Asian titles, to a slew of by-the-numbers fantasy games with the same basic quest layouts and crafting mechanics, they are all the same.

Games going free-to-play propped up the genre for a time, but even that seems to be failing to draw in huge numbers lately as players tire of talking to the village elder and killing X wildebeest time and again.

2016 in particular was a year marked by a lot of the same old, same old, dominated by World Of Warcraft's Legion expansion and the cluttered and overly complicated Korean MMO Black Desert Online.

All is not lost though, and there's hope for some serious game changers to arrive in the future. A handful of titles coming in the next year or two have the possibility of revolutionizing what it means to be an MMO, and thus saving this dying genre by injecting a fresh level of enthusiasm.

Key to this possible renewal are several game changing mechanics, from permadeath to survival elements.

Aging and Permadeath

Considering that developers want you to play in a living world for multi-year stretches, it's odd how few MMOs have tried to implement legitimate aging systems where infrastructure crumbles and characters die of old age.

Looking to fill that void and permanently change the gaming landscape is Chronicles of Elyria, an incredibly ambitious game that features a mechanic normally thought anathema to all things massively multiplayer: permadeath.

That's unquestionably a good way to get you invested in your character, knowing he/she's going to die permanently if you aren't careful. It also helps prevent the end-game boredom so typical of any MMORPG, as there will regularly be a new character to build up in a different way.

Like in real life, death is inevitable, as your character will age and eventually pass away. Further adding realism is how characters will change based on personal habits, from clothes getting dirty to bulges around the midsection developing if you eat more than you exercise. A much bigger look at this still early in development title is expected to be launched in just a handful of days at PAX East, so keep your eyes peeled!

On a similar note but with a different execution is Crowfall, featuring resetting campaigns that prevent any one player from always being on top and giving the player base a reason to keep going even after reaching "end game" content.


If one character is good, five characters would be better, right? We've already seen some squad-based MMO implementation recently with Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, and there's more of this style slated to come soon. It may not radically change everything about the genre, but it does expand the scope at least.

Long in the doldrums with no active news for years, it seems like Lineage Eternal is actually getting pushed towards a western release now and will put you in control of a four person squad. You primarily run one character at a time, with the others trailing behind, but you can switch between members of the group frequently, changing up the basic concept of one character at a time in any other MMORPG.

Did you dig the freedom and mass combat of Mount & Blade? The early access Tiger Knight takes that concept and puts it in a Chinese setting while offering each player a large group of soldiers to command in addition to your main character. It's basically online large scale warfare as the main game mechanic, allowing the Total War crowd to have its own historical warfare MMO.

Cross Genre

Once upon a time the term MMORPG exclusively meant something like World of Warcraft or Everquest. Nowadays the lines between massively multiplayer and other genres are starting to blur, with MOBAs in particular sitting in a position where they may as well already be called MMOs as well.

For instance, is Overwatch a "massively multiplayer" game? After all, it has no single player mode and revolves around large groups of players coming together for matches.

Now in beta, Mu Legend's aesthetics strongly bring to mind any of the huge MOBAs like League of Legends, and adds in a strong action RPG element to the massively multiplayer style.

Going a totally different direction while combining some of those same MOBA aspects is the upcoming Cloud Pirates, taking us off the ground and going up into the sky. Who doesn't want to be a sky pirate every now and again? Rather than upgrading your thief's skills or your warrior's sword, instead you unlock new airships, upgrade your cannons, and utilize new modules.

These cross genre games certainly aren't limited to online battle arena mechanics either, and its a good bet we'll see other styles continue to collide with MMOs in the future as developers break out of the typical massively multiplayer comfort zone. For something really unexpected, check out StarBreak, a Sega Genesis style platformer that also happens to be an MMO.

Survival Elements

The perpetually early access Ark: Survival Evolved is essentially already an MMO, even if it isn't officially labeled that, and has fewer players on a server than in a traditional massively multiplayer entry.

For those who want a true MMO experience where you can freeze or starve to death, there's the long, long, long in development Dark And Light, which curiously also features dinosaurs, extracting ingredients from the landscape, and has a very similar menu screen.

The survival genre is just getting started to be explored in a serious way in the MMO genre, and expect to see more of these types of elements added in the future and to become just as much of a staple as player economies and crafting.

Other Potential MMO Changes

It remains to be seen if the promise of these upcoming MMOs can truly be delivered. Talk is cheap (just ask anyone who bought No Man's Sky), while making good on all those development goals is much harder. With any luck we'll get something akin to what's been advertised, with aging, survival elements, cross-genre mash-ups, and squad-based play changing the face of the MMORPG world for years to come.

While the four major changes outlined above are very likely going to have a big impact on future MMO development, there are plenty of other welcome changes that could be game changers, like mixing offline with online (something Ultima: Shroud of the Avatar is currently working on).

There's of course the long shadow being cast by the sorta kinda MMO Star Citizen, which increasingly feels like it will never be released, so its hard to gauge how well its claims will be implemented and what sort of impact the end product will have on the overall genre.

Another style change that hasn't been implemented to the level it could is the non-combat focused MMO. Sadly, those that have been attempted so far -- like the now-dead Seed -- haven't managed to hit the big leagues yet, so combat remains a major MMO focus over other possibilities.

Which of these impending games has you ready to jump back into the massively multiplayer arena, and what's the biggest change you'd like to see the genre make in the coming years?

Journeying Outside the Lines: When Will MMOs Start Thinking Outside the Box? https://www.gameskinny.com/c3rqm/journeying-outside-the-lines-when-will-mmos-start-thinking-outside-the-box https://www.gameskinny.com/c3rqm/journeying-outside-the-lines-when-will-mmos-start-thinking-outside-the-box Mon, 16 Jan 2017 14:23:06 -0500 Emily Parker

It's a pretty common sentiment that the MMO community is sick of its own games. Questing, tab targeting, objectively boring combat and content drop at end game all take a heavy piece of the responsibility.

Perhaps it's the current state of gaming technology that's holding the genre back,  or maybe it's the complication of vast economies and social networks. Could it be that our World of Warcraft overlords have made innovation difficult to market, or that free to play set ups and cash grabs have ruined the genre altogether?

Whatever the case may be, MMO players are currently suffering a long-coming IP drought and as an adoring and optimistic fan, I want to take a closer look at why. 

While I still manage to stay on the edge of my seat every time a new MMO is announced, the vast majority of my friends have long since given up. Chasing the next big thing can have heartbreaking consequences, especially when an MMO promises to be different, but barely is (which happens far [far] too often). 


For the purposes of this article, we must move past the founding fathers, past WoW and those companies that attempted something innovative within the 10 years after, and on to MMOs that have been developed more recently. We'll be mostly concerned with 2014 to present, as the releases from the last couple years knew they needed to be different, promised something different and then struggled to deliver. I'm talking Wildstar to present day and what it felt like to watch the genre tumble into oblivion.

In the 10 years following World of Warcraft our releases without hot bars or tab targeting is dismal. The combat has gotten slightly more creative, but a true action MMO has yet to gain traction. If you'd like to argue TERA with me, that's fine, but it is pretty heavily handicapped in a western market even with its progressive combat and doesn't showcase any other serious innovations.It's also worth mentioning Planetside 2, and I would love to see more FPS attempts, but it lacks quite a few MMO elements.

So we brush right up to 2014 and both Wildstar and ESO are claiming action combat.

We all remember thinking: "GW2 and SWTOR gave it a shot, but hey, that was several years ago. ESO is going to be exactly like Skyrim and it's going to be like I'm a crew member of the Firefly when I boot up Wildstar."

Wait, no. While both of these games had their merits, and their combat was a nice advance for the genre, neither can compare to action combat experiences in other genres.  


Unfortunately, the answer for why these games still don't feel like action games is a combination of can't and won't. Physical hit detection, or the core mechanic for realistic action in video games would be a huge tax on servers and a commitment from development. On top of that, many MMOers love the complexity a hotbar system allows. There's nothing quite like managing 20 hotkeys and three mob packs as an integral cog in your raid machine. So, to make the leap to a new combat system would require a serious investment for something half of the community may not actually want. 

To pile on top of our stale combat, questing is still an integral part of the MMO experience. There has to be a reason why there isn't a single big MMO since our 2014 benchmark that doesn't blatantly rely on questing and grinding. At least Guild Wars 2 and Rift gave it a shot. This solution to player progression is as old and stale as the Triscuit you found under the old refrigerator when you finally bought a new one last year.  So why does it still exist?


Psychology is the answer, my friends. MMOs must maintain a huge player base, and until the social aspect kicks in, they have to have a way to keep new players logging massive amounts of hours. In addition to the constant stream of rewards, the real power behind the quest log is our drive as humans to finish tasks. This is called the Zeigarnik effect and is a sure fire way to keep your player base engaged. The downside is that when mismanaged, bogged down by boring gameplay or broken mechanics, a full quest log is a popularly cited reason for feeling overwhelmed and ditching the game altogether. 

The more recent end of our time period focus has been represented by two Korean ports, Archeage and Black Desert. While both are incredible games with vast open worlds, the western market just wasn't ready for the RNG. Luck heavily influences the player's end game experience, and when you combine that with economy breaking cash shop monsters, two beautiful games are a misery to play once at level cap. 


So ... money is clearly the driving force behind these two mechanics, and out of my stale list I hope the cash shop is the first to go. If anything, though, games in all genres are seeing steady increases in micro transactions and P2W. We must speak with our money and stomp out this pandemic once and for all, if that means snatching your mom's credit card from your little brother the next time he wants to buy a season pass, so be it. 

So I've hammered in what needs to change or go completely (still looking at you cash shop), but it wouldn't be fair not to include what should be added.

Forced Social Interaction - Make us make friends developers. The trend to cut down on how often an MMO player needs to interact with other players is disheartening.

Up the Difficulty - Sure, PVP will always be a great way to challenge players, but why is grouped content so much easier? Difficulty builds community and creates game attachment. I would never suggest not having lower difficulty options, nobody needs to be excluded, just give us a bit of unique range here. Repackaging old dungeons in harder formats fails to inspire.  

Focus on Expression - Mounts, pets, housing and gear are meant to express the player and show off to other people. Transmog, dies and over stocked cash shops are all cheap ways to mimic this experience. These systems should be challenging and creative, with lore and theme appropriate rewards. Make it easier to share and show off. #socialmedia 

Understand the player-pixel connection - Out of the list, this seems to be the most difficult to achieve. You guys will hate me for it, but convenience is the problem. How will a player learn anything about the village they just stumbled across in the jungle if they skip all of the dialogue? How will they make a connection with the pet they just tamed if it goes straight to some arbitrary storage system? How will they feel like adventurers if their map is already littered with shortcuts? 

Add more hidden areas and secrets in dialogue. Make taming pets and mounts unique and difficult, limit storage. Hide crafting and building ingredients. A player's attachment to an MMO is a plethora of interactions and memories. Stop taking them away for convenience without providing substitute experiences.

Ok, that's enough for the wishlist.

So we've made it to present day and we're looking at the horizon ... 

2017 appears to be a big year for MMOs, but will they break these old tropes? As an optimistic and die hard MMO fan, I'm always going to say yes. As a community, we are aware of the issues, and the developers have taken notice. Well, they took notice previously, but this time they've changed, I'm sure of it.


Some games currently in development that appear to be making an effort to think outside of the box:

  • Camelot Unchained boasts PvP only progression and action combat. This would be quite a break from the high fantasy MMORPG mold. 
  • Star Citizen will have a massive economy and world and FPS style combat. It is set to release sometime in the next 20 years. 
  • Project Gorgon is truly trying to remake the genre and takes the cake for the most original upcoming MMO.
  • Peria Chronicles is meant to take house building to the next level, and with the cancellation of EQ Next, MMO players appreciate something on the building horizon. 
  • Worlds Adrift is a massive promise of a genre change, with a procedurally generated universe to mine and explore by airship.
  • Crowfall is possibly the most anticipated of this list. The player joins long, strategic campaigns on procedurally generated worlds that have life cycles of their own. 
  • Dark and Light may no longer be an MMO and I am salty. 

Our list of upcoming MMOs is so diverse it's borderline freakish. This should give us hope heading into 2017 that developers are interested in clawing their way outside of the pre-determined lines and on to something that will revitalize the genre.

I hope they will keep in mind that driving force that sets an MMO apart from other genres, and that's the ability to meet and interact with new people in every adventure. All of the innovations in the world won't matter if they continue to make grouping too easy, allow guilds to remain vestigial and implement mostly single player tasks. But, that is a conversation for another day.

Do you think our upcoming MMOs will break the mold? Are there any older ones that stand out as going against the grain? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Should MMORPG Players Be Excited For Dark and Light? https://www.gameskinny.com/8sqv0/should-mmorpg-players-be-excited-for-dark-and-light https://www.gameskinny.com/8sqv0/should-mmorpg-players-be-excited-for-dark-and-light Thu, 29 Dec 2016 09:13:49 -0500 Emily Parker

What's an MMO player's favorite past time? If you guessed playing video games, you might be wrong. It could be argued that we enjoy the hype train more than any other type of gamer. Even your most hardened player often spends hours sifting through online forums, watching game play videos and diligently reading every word of pre-alpha newsletters to try and absorb all the little details of their potential next MMO overlord.

The rush is better than Christmas morning when we get our grubby paws on a beta key. We know the next four or five hours will likely be struggling through technical issues and server crashes, but c'mon, we're practically game devs at this point. So charitable, so patient.

But in some games, after we scrape away the issues we can make excuses for, in creeps the crushing realization that this game was not the game it was portrayed to be. Sure, our expectations often outpace reality, and early access should be a launching point, not an endzone. There is, however, a fair share of flat out lying done in game marketing, and sometimes it's enough to tank the fledgling MMO all together. 

My new obsession of choice, Dark and Light, came across my radar as an open world, survival MMORPG. True to a seasoned MMO player's nature, I was hesitant to get involved, and then quickly wound up completely engrossed. Among the promised features was a massive realm, no quests, plenty of tamable pets and mounts, non-instanced housing, purely action combat, interactive biomes and intelligent AI.

Do I think all of these lofty promises will make the cut? No, I know better. Even half of them, combined with the survival aspect they seem to prioritize, will make for an interesting MMO. Unfortunately, the primary concern only a few months before (a delayed) early access, is that this game will not actually be an MMO.

When the Steam page launched, the community (and us spectators) were all pretty excited to pop over and scrutinize it into oblivion. The glaring issue, quickly realized, was that it was now listed as multiplayer co-op. Quickly following, Snail Games published a news story referring to Dark and Light as an online survival RPG and just a few days ago released a Q&A explaining that Dark and Light was not, in fact, an MMO.

Bad News Beaver/Bear

Is this bad news? At first, it really seemed like it. No MMO player wanted another DayZ or Ark. We like permanent, well-established, developer controlled servers, the opportunity to meet a new player around every corner and the dream of standing out among thousands. But, if you dig a little deeper, even though they did falsely label their game as an MMO early on, they still claim they will be running their own servers as such. 

Dark and Light's server player cap is announced as somewhere between 70 and 500. Ok, I'll bite, this could be an incredible experience. But how could it possibly work? Even at 500, what's the guarantee a Snail Games run server won't be a ghost town in a month or so. The amount of server combinations and regulation required when the cap is so small could be astronomical.

The quality of game required to pull off such a feat is a high bar. With only a few game play videos and pretty low community interaction, it's questionable whether the game will warrant the player base to host their own servers and create an MMO like experience.

The good news is that Dark and Light is actually a remake of an MMO Snail Games retained the rights to over a decade ago. This game has been worked on for a very long time. The content we do have available is polished and exciting, and they have clearly stated that the small server sizes will grow as their capabilities do. If they deliver, I actually appreciate the fact that they have kept their progress so under wraps.

Whether you should invest your hopes and dreams really depends on what kind of MMO player you are. This is the type of game that may appeal to those that enjoyed the overwhelming and fluid nature of Archage as opposed to a WoW veteran. Sinking into the world at early access will take some effort and, likely, some friends.

Will you be picking up Dark and Light for early access? Should there be a GameSkinny guild? Do you have any other MMO-ish games that you're excited about in 2017? Let us know in the comments section below

The 11 Most Anticipated MMORPG Releases of 2017 https://www.gameskinny.com/ogdn2/the-11-most-anticipated-mmorpg-releases-of-2017 https://www.gameskinny.com/ogdn2/the-11-most-anticipated-mmorpg-releases-of-2017 Wed, 16 Nov 2016 08:43:09 -0500 Sergey_3847



Developer: Neowiz, Aeria Games
Current Status: In development
Business Model: Free-to-play
Official website

You got it right -- Bless is still not available in the NA/EU regions. Many rumors have been circulating the web in the first quarter of 2016 about the beginning of the closed beta test, but it didn’t happen after all. Finally, last week the developers addressed its fans, and here is what they said about the upcoming release (read the full text here):


“As explained in our status update the US/EU release of BLESS has been pushed due to some rework being done by our friends at Neowiz to enhance player’s experience.”


This means that we need to wait for at least another six months to be able to play one of the most anticipated MMORPGs of the year. If you still aren’t familiar with the game, then take a look at the trailer below.



What other anticipated MMORPG releases would you like to see included in this list? Share them in the comments section.


Tiger Knight

Developer: NetDragon
Current Status: Early access
Business Model: Free-to-play
Official website

Tiger Knight is a historical action MMORPG in the vein of Mount & Blade. The coolest thing about Tiger Knight is that it is not fantasy-based, but accurately depicts the ruling period of the Han dynasty of the Chinese Empire (221–206 BC).


The game utilizes a new and adapted Unreal Engine 3 and looks absolutely fantastic. Each player will be given a squad of soldiers rather than just one playable character to be used in the battles of epic proportions. So, can you imagine a PvP of 200 vs. 200? Well, that’s what you will get in Tiger Knight.




Developer: ArtCraft Entertainment
Current Status: Closed alpha test
Business Model: Buy-to-play
Official website

This mysterious Kickstarter project is still deep in the development and testing stage, but there are rumors that late 2017 is the time when we will see Crowfall in its full glory.


The world of Crowfall is divided into many segments, where each of them has its own separate campaign. Every next campaign becomes progressively harder, and the developers promise that they will take up to several months to finish.


This is a cloud-based MMORPG that hosts different rules for different worlds, where guilds and factions can create their own challenges for others to try out. The Voxel Farm graphics engine will be well utilized for these purposes, as it allows for procedurally-generated areas and structures. The destructibility system is also promised to be spectacular.



Twilight Spirits

Developer: Netease
Current Status: In development
Business Model: Free-to-play
Official website

Here is something different for you – an action MMORPG from the developers of Revelation Online. Twilight Spirits is a hack-and-slash game with tons of character customization, hence the RPG label. The game utilizes a never-before-scene graphics engine called Nirvana that makes everything look and move incredibly smoothly.


The main goal of the game is to kill as many dungeon bosses as possible, so the core component of Twilight Spirits is PvE. However, there is one mode dedicated to PvP, and that is Guild Battles. Currently, this game is considered a title that will change not only how we see action MMORPG games, but hack-and-slash games in general.



Dark and Light

Developer: Snail Games
Current Status: In development
Business Model: Buy-to-play
Official website

Here are a few interesting facts about Dark and Light:

  • It has been in development for the last 12 years.
  • \n
  • It was almost ready, but then the development stopped.
  • \n
  • Later it was completely re-designed by the new developer.
  • \n

As you see, it has quite a history -- but all this will be finally over next year when the game hits the shelves. Dark and Light has a huge world with a total area of 25,000 square miles. No wonder the developers even included the terraforming technology that allows you to change the biomes from cold to hot and vice versa.


Another cool thing about Dark and Light is that the day and night in the game change in real-time, as synchronized with your world clock – hence the title of the game. The characters will starve and get cold, so the survival component is very strong here. Other than that, this is your typical third-person MMORPG in a classical fantasy setting.



Peria Chronicles

Developer: Thingsoft
Current Status: In development
Business Model: Free-to-play
Official website

Peria Chronicles will be really interesting for all manga and anime fans, as it utilizes cel-shading technology, which makes everything look like… well, like manga. To be honest this MMORPG does look very beautiful -- just watch the trailer below.


The game won’t bother you with building tasks, but instead structures will naturally appear in the places where groups of players gather in big numbers. Every character will have a bunch of monster sidekicks, which means that it tries to appeal to Pokemon fans, as well.


There is a voting system in the game that allows for guilds to vote for new players or how to punish the naughty ones. Overall, it’s full of fresh ideas and ought to put a smile on your face.



Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance

Developer: NCSOFT
Current Status: In development
Business Model: Pay-to-play
Official website

Lineage Eternal has been in development hell for a very long time. It was promised to be released this year -- but as we can see even today it still didn’t manage to get to the closed beta stage. The fans are furious!


The developers once again promise to deliver the game next year, but should we trust them on this? Probably yes, since any further delay would simply kill the buzz for one of the most anticipated games ever.


It is interesting to note that Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance almost has nothing to do with the two original games of the cult MMORPG, but takes place 200 years after the event of the first game in a completely different setting.


The game will have an isometric view (just like the original Lineage), and each zone will accommodate up to 1000 players at the same time with the possible PvP battles of 40v40 and 100v100. Lineage Eternal introduces a completely new interactive system called “Drag and Hold” that allows for a very simple yet effective way of controlling your character.


All the dungeons and raids will be procedurally generated, so you will never stumble upon the exact same location twice. We’ll see if the mixture of old and new ideas will bring any benefit to the game, but that’s going to be clear only next year.



Chronicles of Elyria

Developer: Soulbound Studios
Current Status: In development
Business Model: Pay-to-play, Pay-per-life
Official website

Chronicles of Elyria is a truly original project -- it is an MMORPG with sandbox elements and unusual approach to character development system. The heroes not only level-up and learn skills, but also gradually mature by getting gray hair and becoming one step closer to death. Hence, the business model that allows you to pay for the life of a character until it dies.


The world of Chronicles of Elyria is reminiscent of medieval times with all their glorious castles and pristine nature. Now, imagine that there are no classes in the game -- you create a character and develop it in any way you like. You can become a king, a simple farmer or even a witcher -- it’s up to you.


The project has been kicked off with the help of the Kickstarter campaign and is currently awaiting for the closed beta to start. You can register and wait for your invitation right now. It is really an unusual project and that’s what makes it so interesting.



MU Legend

Developer: Webzen
Current Status: In development
Business Model: Free-to-play
Official website

MU Legend is a sequel-prequel to MU Online that takes you a thousand years prior to the events of the first game. It has been in development since 2009 and is currently open for closed beta registrations.


The game combines both the elements of MOBA and MMORPG, which makes it a truly ambitious project. It introduces four new classes: War Mage, Dark Lord, Whisperer, and Blader. All classes have various abilities and skills that allow for some really creative hybrid builds.


MU Legend offers two types of PvP arena battles: 1v1 and 10v10. Also, there is a separate mode for guild battles. This one has launched and can be played for free.



Lost Ark

Developer: Tripod
Current Status: In development
Business Model: Free-to-play
Official website

Although Lost Ark is another clone of Diablo, it is extremely well done. It has been in development for the last two years and is set to be released early-to-mid 2017. The game is now only available in South Korea, and if the closed beta is successful there, it will be opened to the rest of the world.


The most interesting thing about Lost Ark is that all areas within the open world of the game are fully available from the get go. However, some of the areas can be restricted if you take specific quests to accomplish.


Lost Ark has a strong PvP component with several types of arenas for both small and massive battles between the in-game guilds. Another cool thing is the possibility to play card games in the taverns, which is truly a great addition to any modern RPG game.



Revelation Online

Developer: NetEase
Current Status: Closed beta
Business Model: Free-to-play
Official website

Revelation Online has been in development for the seven long years, and finally it will be officially released worldwide sometime in early 2017.


Currently, you can sign up for a closed beta and see what the game offers.
The world of Revelation includes a whole set of quests in the air, on the ground, and under the water -- all of which become progressively more difficult. The story is full of surprises and the characters are some of the most bizarre you have ever seen in any MMORPG title.


It also includes the standard PvP arena, dungeon raids, crafting and trading systems, and other typical MMO game modes. Despite the lack of new ideas, Revelation Online looks very impressive and it will definitely find its audience.



The year of 2016 has seen a huge increase in players coming back to their favorite MMORPG titles. Obviously, the biggest return has been to World of Warcraft with its new amazing expansion -- Legion. We all remember how Blizzard lost half of its subscribers just a year ago, and now they register numbers as high as over 10 million.


The other two games that strongly retain their playerbase are Final Fantasy XIV and Guild Wars 2, both having over 7 million subscribers. And some new titles have also seen some success, such as Black Desert Online and Blade & Soul. However, their numbers are not even close to the tried-and-true giants of the MMORPG scene.


Does this mean that there is no room for new massive multiplayer games anymore? Not at all! There are actually many great projects waiting to be released in 2017. Some of them are still in development, some are in closed alpha or beta stages, but all of them should be ready to see the light of the day next year. And some of them can certainly be played for free.


Here are the 11 most anticipated MMORPGs of 2017 that you should be looking forward to.