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The decade is coming to a close, and while there was controversy — and a few franchises flopped  the last 10 years provided some of the best moments in the history of gaming.

If you lived through the 2010s, you witnessed new, powerful console launches, new developers knocking it out of the park, and new, exciting tech releases from the ill-fated Kinect to the still burgeoning VR field.

All of that and more led to an unforgettable 10 years in gaming that rivaled much of what came before. Don't believe me? Let's take a look back at the industry's defining achievements over the past 10 years.  

The Early 2010s

Certain moments will live forever. Lady Gaga's meat outfit. Rebecca Black's Friday. Kony 2012. The color of that stupid dress. Marriage equality. "But her emails." Leo finally getting that damn Oscar. 

For me, the decade began in earnest when I put GLaDOS into a potato in Portal 2. The combination of humor and disturbing horror sold it as much as the game's top-notch voice acting and rock solid gameplay. That overall package had me sitting in awe, thinking: "Did modern video games just become amazing right this second?" 

Aside from the hilarious legacy of Portal's sequel (which itself will never be a follow-up since Valve sadly can't count to three), the 2010s kicked off in earnest with notable returns from major series featuring big changes. Mass Effect 2 ditched the extraneous RPG elements and somehow came out better for it; Dead Space 2 ramped up the horror and gore of the first game; and, of course, Starcraft 2: Wings Of Liberty arrived with a makeover and revamped multiplayer.

The early 2010s proudly brought the gaming universe a re-tooled horde mode in Gears of War 3, and it's one that stood the test of time. Aside from still holding the title of "one of the least toxic cooperative multiplayer modes" ever made, horde in Gears of War 3 remains the gold standard of multiplayer. Horde is one of the primary reasons why fans return to the Gears series even after the IP switched developers.

While those big-name AAA franchises made their marks, Minecraft became a phenomenon. Mojang's smash hit created an enduring legacy that can't be denied, even if the survival/open-world LEGO mashup has been endlessly emulated. Somehow the pop phenomenon still has hundreds of millions of active players, showing Mojang's vision wasn't just a fluke. 

Between an insane number of skins, seeds, maps, and mods, Minecraft has to be one of the most expansive gaming experiences of all time, and it will probably still be up and running long after we are all dead and gone. As we move into the next decade, we're preparing for Minecraft Dungeons, which could possibly be a game we'll still be talking about in 10 years. Who knows?

      OK, maybe it wouldn't have been the worst
thing if we didn't know about this guy...

Another low-key title that had a bigger impact than many realize — though not Minecraft big — came in the horror genre. 

Amnesia: The Dark Descent kicked off the "defenseless" horror subgenre that has seen the likes of Outlast, Layers of Fear, and Alien: Isolation follow in its footsteps. Although the Amnesia series is now quaint when compared to what came after it, it brought the horror genre to the masses. Why? Because big-name streamers loved it.

Reaction videos to Amnesia's scarier scenes caught on like wildfire, and it's partly to thank for the sudden spike in video game streaming personalities in the early part of the decade. Without Amnesia, it's possible that the likes of PewDiePie and Markiplier might remain relatively unknown.

       It is an absolute tragedy that this didn't catch on.

Despite all of the unexpected successes, there were some "sure things" that ended up nosediving in the early part of the decade. Nintendo — normally a pillar of stability — saw the Wii U ultimately flop, even though the hardware itself had some fantastic applications.

If you haven't experienced Rayman Legends local multiplayer using both the Wii U pad and your television screen, then you missed out on a critical piece of amazing gaming history.

While the Wii U has been consigned to the dust bin, other parts of the early 2010 gaming landscape caught on like wildfire and still haven't gone out.

Though I point blank hated Skyrim, credit must be given where it's due. Bethesda captured the imagination of a generation with that particular Elder Scrolls entry, and Skyrim managed to remain popular enough to see re-release some dozen or so times across multiple consoles throughout the decade.

Without question, Skyrim played a large role in the success of the 2010 console cycle, but it had an even bigger impact on the PC landscape. Simply put, Skyrim is the king of mods, and has born an entire generation of modders that have created some truly fantastic experiences. 

To date, Skyrim has more than 56,000 downloads available on Nexus Mods. Yeah, a lot of them are nude mods, but between the total conversion mods and extremely clever gameplay tweaks, Skyrim can be an amazing game with the right modding.

The mod effect went well past Bethesda's fantasy baby this decade. Other open world games like Red Dead Redemption 2 are getting a slew of mods, but everything from XCOM to the Resident Evil 2 remake are finding extra play time through some pretty genius mods.

While story took a back seat to open-world exploration in Skyrim, storytelling as a whole wasn't left in the dust in this early period of the decade. Plenty of games weren't afraid to go with more mature or unexpected themes, from the devastating opening of The Last Of Us to the mind-bending twist in Bioshock Infinite

Story rich or story lacking, open world or linear, the early part of the 10s was drowning in genre-defining games... but things would take a turn just a few years later. 

The Mid 2010s

         Telltale looking at Telltale and getting ready to pull the trigger       

Has a developer ever risen so quickly and then fallen so far as Telltale? The Wolf Among Us and the first season of The Walking Dead are still hallmarks of interactive storytelling, but sadly, the development team, under immense pressure, faced insurmountable hurdles.

A badly aging engine, lack of new ideas, and overspending on major franchises weighed the dev down by the time Game Of Thrones Season 1 ended. Sadly, things did not improve, and the company shuttered later in the decade. We never got to see the heights this style could have reached if material like Stranger Things, Hellraiser, or True Detective had been made available.

While the Telltale name is currently clawing back from the dead, it appears this new version of the company won't feature the same people (which may be a good thing) and will work on a much smaller scale. Will we ever get anything as compelling as Bigby's murder mystery or Clementine's journey to adulthood? Probably not, but at least we've still got our memories. 

       Goodbye old friend. You will be missed.

Another amazingly bittersweet moment arrived in April 2016 as the beloved Xbox 360 finally met its end. While Games With Gold is still offering up free titles each month and a handful of games are still hitting the platform, production on this console legend officially stopped. If you've still got a 360, be sure to keep hold of it -- because no more are being made! Microsoft managed to bring out the longest-running console cycle in gaming history, lasting more than 10 solid years. 

The next-gen got off to a rocky start not long before the 360 ceased production (remember the horror that was Assassin's Creed Unity?) but the decade's trend of disappointing trilogy conclusions with Dead Space 3 and Mass Effect 3 would come to a shattering and conclusive close with The Witcher 3.

Without question, The Witcher 3 put CD Projekt Red on the map and showed that an open-world RPG could be story-rich and offer more than just endless fetch quests and following map markers. Even more impressively, The Witcher 3 remains one of the very few titles to feature DLC that is easily as strong as the base game.

Considering the many amazing ladies of the series (oh, and Geralt too, I guess) just made the leap to a Netflix Original Series, it seems The Witcher franchise is going to live on for quite some time.

The same time period didn't just see the arrival of some truly great games it also saw a change in how games are developed and the ways in which developers interact with players.

Although the method had been around for some time, it was around the mid-2010s that Early Access started to become a vehicle for on-going development. 

Though Early Access has seen its fair share of hate and has been legitimately abused, it gave us titles as diverse and satisfying as Darkest Dungeon, Slime Rancher, and later, Subnautica. Early Access has shown that supporting developers along the way and allowing tweaks to be made from fan feedback can result in better-finished products.

      Should have called it Baldur's Wind Dale: Temple Of Elemental Torment.

Rising alongside Early Access, the crowd-funding revolution also emerged in the 2010s, giving us an amazing crop of old-school RPGs like Pillars of Eternity and Wasteland 2

Fans wanted classic isometric games utilizing tactical real-time-with-pause or turn-based combat, but publishers just weren't willing to take the risk. They couldn't see that nostalgia equals money. Kickstarter and Indiegogo stepped in.

While Obsidian and InXile got snapped up by Microsoft in 2018 and it would seem are now cranking out some very off-brand console titles we still had a good number of years where fans had the final say on what would get released in those instances.

Kickstarter would later grow to feature revitalized classics such as Shenmue 3 and the Castlevania-adjacent Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Whether you asked for a refund and still think its a scam or are eagerly playing along, Star Citizen showed just how massive a crowd funding campaign can become. Somehow its still earning crowd funding revenue, having raked in more than $250 million from fans who know what they want and are willing to pay to get it.

Outside the realm of the typical gaming sphere, a surprising new genre would emerge and make a bigger impact than anyone suspected: absurdist games meant entirely for Let's Plays, reaction vids, and water-cooler talk.

"Classics" like Goat Simulator and Octodad: Dadliest Catch saw gamers re-thinking what truly makes a game great, while also laying the foundation for newer entries like Untitled Goose Game.

The Late 2010s

      Welcome back, Nintendo!

Breath Of The Wild was exactly what Nintendo needed to retake its position near the head of the pack. A major shift in gameplay towards an open-world style gave the Zelda franchise and the Switch a serious shot in the arm.

A brand new design for Nintendo's latest console didn't hurt either, as the combination of permanent home base console and mobile device re-captured the imaginations of gamers. While the controller and movement-based games like 1-2 Switch don't seem to have caught on, Nintendo is still very clearly back into position as console innovator. 

Another open-world game that defined this same period, but on the PlayStation 4, was Horizon Zero Dawn. The combination of old and new styles with a gripping mystery of humanity's past pushed forward by a fiery main character gave many players a reason to stick with the PS4. 

Considering the lauded Red Dead Redemption came out in 2010 and Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of the most highly anticipated titles of 2018, it's clear that the open-world trend has reigned supreme this decade.

One game refutes that claim, though, is Fortnite.

You might love to hate it, but you have to ask yourself: has any other title done more to bring gaming into the public consciousness? When Star Wars and Avengers hold in-game events in Fortnite, I think it's clear we've surpassed fandom boundaries and hit the big time.

The concept of Battle Royale has been around for quite awhile, and one could argue it hit its stride with PUBG not long after getting popular through the DayZ mod to Arma 2. That being said, it wasn't until Fortnite that the term became a household name and a genre giant in its own right. 

The resurgence of Battle Royale aside, Fortnite still plays a major role in live streaming, catapulting it to a previously unknown level of popularity with celebrity appearances and major eSports events. Fortnite managed to hit just about every platform imaginable, including mobile phones, and that's another area of gaming worth looking at that made a huge splash in the '10s.

      Not only is this peak 2010s, I'd argue it was also the
reason the internet was invented

Forget Angry Birds and Candy Crush, because there was an absolute explosion of mobile gaming covering every conceivable genre this decade. Aside from the clear cultural significance, Pokemon Go's launch started the AR craze meant to get gamers off the couch and out into the world of sunlight and exercise.

Even if you didn't care for the change in mechanics from the other monster-collecting titles, Pokemon Go was the gift that just kept on giving, from Pokemoan dildos (yep, they exist) to a Chuck Tingle erotica book, to a news cycle that kept bringing up new insanity every, single day.

While some games got smaller and more mobile, others got larger and more tethered VR broke into the mainstream. The PSVR brought true virtual reality to console gamers for a (sort of) affordable price for the first time.

Meanwhile, a number of dueling PC VR platforms are now pushing the boundaries and getting the tech where it needs to go. Vive and Oculus are currently duking it out, with the Oculus Quest now ditching wires and even the PC entirely for a more liberated experience. We haven't seen the best VR has to offer yet  that's for sure  but what's available today is already impressive.

If virtual worlds are less important to you than the interactions that occur within them, the late 2010s were a time when communities really started coming together through platforms like Twitch and Discord.

While the former popped up in 2011 and the latter in 2015, it hasn't been until recent years that they've really come into their own. Whether a mobile gacha title or a graphics-intensive PC shooter, pretty much every game worth playing has its own Discord community where players help each other out and forge new relationships.

New consoles, new tech, new ways of communicating, and new and returning franchises made this is a decade to remember in gaming history.

Looking Forward to 2020 and Beyond

That all about brings us to the present: 2019 was filled to the brim with major gaming news. Bungie parted with Activision but kept the Destiny series; Blizzard stepped in it with their poor handling of eSports players discussing Chinese democracy protests; and Xbox Game Studios snapped up Double Fine back in August.

On the release front, the tail end of the decade hasn't slouched with top-notch new games in a number of surprising genres. Disco Elysium came out of nowhere, and yeah, it deserves the hype. If you miss Planescape: Torment style text-heavy experiences, you want to play this one. The movie snippet experimentation with Telling Lies is also well worth experiencing and shows gaming can be just as interesting and story-rich as cinema. That's not to mention Netflix's Bandersnatch.

As the year ends, we're seeing more changes to the gaming landscape with monthly game services like Game Pass, PS Now, EA Access, and more coming into prominence. Even the mobile gaming crowd is getting in on the monthly subscription action with Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass. If you want to try out a bunch of games for a low monthly price, there's never been a better time to explore what's available on console, PC, or mobile devices.

Of course, the obvious next step of this digital revolution was the advent of the all-streaming Stadia and XCloud. The effect of those changes is still anyone's guess, but it sure looks like we're barreling towards a digital future with a Netflix style library of games.

As Google and all-streaming services come into the spotlight, the console wars still raged between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. The PS4 managed to become the fourth best selling console of all time this gen, and some killer exclusives likely played a big role there. How the PS5 and Xbox Series X stack up against each other still remains to be seen.

Far more happened in this decade than we ever could have covered in one article, and I'm sure you'll be happy to tell me which games and events I missed that made this the best 10 years in gaming history.

For now, it's time to look toward the future, as next-gen consoles are well into development and are expected to arrive next holiday season. Major titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Baldur's Gate 3, and The Last Of Us 2 are mere months away, and we can't wait to see what the next 10 years have in store! 

What were your favorite video game moments from 2010-2019, and do you agree that it was the best decade in gaming history? Sound off in the comments below!

The Best Darkest Dungeon Nude Mods -- Yes, They Exist https://www.gameskinny.com/fq6yk/the-best-darkest-dungeon-nude-mods-yes-they-exist https://www.gameskinny.com/fq6yk/the-best-darkest-dungeon-nude-mods-yes-they-exist Thu, 28 Jun 2018 14:21:46 -0400 Ty Arthur


What did you think of our picks for the best Darkest Dungeon nude mods, and will you be installing any of these? Let us know if we missed any must-have mods in the comments section below!


Still looking for more gameplay focused mods to tweak the experience that don't bring on the bewbies? Check out our roundup of the best current Darkest Dungeon mods over here instead. 


But if you are searching for more nude mods in general, here are some articles to get you started: 


Bonus: Shindol Skins


So, there's not actually any breasts or exposed genitals in this one, but if you know who hentai artist Shindol is, you'll want to grab these anyway.


You get three re-skins (two for the Crusader and one for the Hellion) that are adorable in a very waifu sort of way, and it really makes it all the more horrible when bad things happen to them in the dungeon!


Darkest Desires


Originally released on Nexus Mods, this nude mod ended up going directly to Lovers Lab as time went on due to its overtly sexual nature. This one goes in some pretty dark and fetishistic directions, so be prepared. From foot worship to forced sex with the abomination, they don't pull any punches here.


Darkest Desires changes up the game's existing camping skills and adds in new ones for a very different take on "stress relief." You'll never look at the image of three swords pointing toward the vestal in the same way again!


Be sure to grab this one quick, as it hasn't been updated in awhile, and all the patches for the Color Of Madness DLC will probably break it before too long.


Sexy Town Skins


There have been plenty of hero and enemy reskins, but don't think we're going to leave out the NPCs in the hamlet!


This nifty little mod replaces the skins for characters in the abbey, blacksmith, and camping trainer section to be a bit more alluring and revealing. If you've got a thing for nuns -- or just a thing for nude townsfolk in a dark, medieval setting, this is most likely the mod for you.


Topless Cultists


It's not just the poor, doomed heroes who get in on the nude mod action. You can also remove the clothing of the evil cultists trying to sacrifice your crew to ancient, dead gods!


I suppose, in a way, it makes sense -- I doubt cultists who slaughter innocents and gibber insane secrets to themselves care much about modesty, so why shouldn't they be topless while fighting?


Russian Nude Vestal


It should go without saying that the Vestal gets her own nude mod as well! While this one has some killer anime-style artwork, my only reservation is that it really doesn't match the rest of the Darkest Dungeon assets.


While the other mods here all stick to the base game style, this one clashes pretty hard with the dark colors. But if that sort of things doesn't bother you in the slightest, this is a nude mod you'll most likely want to add to your collection. 


The Hood


A brothel worker seems to have come off the wagon along with all those crusaders and highwaymen, and she apparently wants to go dungeon delving as well!


This is a reworking for the Antiquarian class, with quite a bit of exposed behind added in for good measure. A gory, prostitute version of Little Red Riding Hood is a pretty specific fetish, but I'm sure it ticks all the right boxes for somebody out there.


The Offering 2.0


OK, this one's sort of nude-ish in comparison to some of the previous mods we've listed, but the outfit on this new class is definitely skimpy, and there is some light nipple appearance in her various combat poses.


The Offering was supposed to be sacrificed to some evil entity, who chose instead, as a cruel joke, to steal her heart and give her another's. She's a tank hybrid meant to be played on the frontline, and she's not exactly hard on the eyes while she's up there either...


LW -- Hollow Sexy Skin


The Hollow is a back row healer class with a ghostly twist, and she also happens to not be wearing much while she delves into those diabolical dungeons! This re-skin of the class offers up a very distinctive hentai style if you don't dig the base imagery.


Note that to use this reskin, you first need to have the Hollow custom class mod installed. There's also an alternate re-colored version of the Hollow with different options available over here.


Urian Hellion African Princess Topless Reskin


More than just removing the top portion of the outfit to expose the breasts, this reskin completely changes the Hellion's appearance while retaining her more wild aspects.


There are a couple of animations that aren't quite perfect, but overall, the changes to the jewelry, tattoos, and ax blade make for a satisfying addition to the female lineup if you want a different appearance for the Hellion.


Naked Female Leper Skin


I think we all suspected that the religious ladies in Darkest Dungeon have got it going on underneath those habits and robes, but now you can know for sure with the naked female leper!


All of her various animations are changed to nude, from the alluring camping pose to the shocked animation when gaining an affliction.


It's sort of odd that a leper would have such welcoming, smooth skin... but hey, this is "porn", not reality. And for those who want a more "realistic" experience, there is a properly messed up version of the naked leper class you can find by searching around on Lovers Lab.


For a game like Darkest Dungeon, one that's all about going mad and dying while battling eldritch monstrosities from beyond, you wouldn't think there'd be much demand for nude mods. However, you'd also be dead wrong.


Recent titles like Agony and Lust For Darkness have shown that there's a market for sexed-up horror games, and the modding community hasn't let down the pervs who want a little nudie action while getting butchered by fish people.


Weirdly, not many of the current mods focus on tentacles, which seems like the obvious way to go for a game with such clear Lovecraftian tones as this one. That oversight aside, there's plenty of nude DD mods to try out!


Note: The various bouncy bits have been mildly edited out in the slides to come, but obviously, they are on full display in the mods themselves. Keep in mind to view some of these mods you must also be logged into Nexus Mods and have the adult content option turned on.

Darkest Dungeon: Color Of Madness DLC Refracted Affliction Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/yin6w/darkest-dungeon-color-of-madness-dlc-refracted-affliction-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/yin6w/darkest-dungeon-color-of-madness-dlc-refracted-affliction-guide Thu, 21 Jun 2018 16:07:53 -0400 Ty Arthur

Surviving the perils of Darkest Dungeon requires making the best of a very bad situation, which means dealing with afflicted heroes who have gone mad or suffered debilitating physical maladies.

With the Lovecraftian "Color Of Madness" DLC, your soon-to-be-dead adventurers will get lost in time and space, gaining terrible new afflictions like the insidious Refracted effect!

This affliction isn't explained very well with in-game text, however, so we've got a full breakdown of how you get it, how it works, and how it can be removed.

Looking for info on how to take out the trio of deadly bosses brought down from the stars instead? Check out the full breakdown on how to beat all three new Color Of Madness bosses here.

What is Refracted Affliction?

Refracted is a new affliction in Darkest Dungeon that can land randomly when a hero hits 100 or 200 stress. It can affect any character who has traveled to the Farmstead or played in the Endless mode. It will also sometimes land when dying in Endless mode, leaving the character Refracted rather than actually dead.

This new affliction seems to occur more often when fighting the extra "Color Of Madness" bosses like the Miller, Thing From The Stars, or the Sleeper. You will unlock The Blinders Are Lifted achievement for gaining the Refracted affliction the first time, so it's not all bad!

Refracted has an effect on the hero both in the current dungeon and when you return to the Hamlet. During the current quest, a Refracted character is phased out of space, so they can attack enemies in stealth, although it won't actually break the stealth buff. 

This effect can be modified with some of the DLC's new trinkets by spending shards instead of money. At first, this makes it seem like Refracted is more of a positive quirk than a negative affliction since it can actually be helpful in some situations.

As with any other malady, a Refracted character will randomly say insane things during battle, potentially leading to larger stress gains for the rest of the heroes, so be ready with stress healing skills and camping abilities.

When you leave your current area, any affected character will remain in your hero roster but be unavailable to perform any actions in the Hamlet or go on any quests for a for a week. Don't forget that the Endless mode twists time, so the calendar doesn't progress!

If you finish your current quest or retreat to a safe room (not during battle) with a Refracted character, you get the option to return all their trinkets to your inventory so they will be available for other characters while the affected character is out. Otherwise, their trinkets go with them and will be locked out for the duration of the character's missing time.


Now that you're done being refracted through the angles of time, are you still looking for more help with this devilishly difficulty dungeon crawler? Check out our other Darkest Dungeon guides here:

Darkest Dungeon: Color Of Madness DLC Boss Fight Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/zjbzw/darkest-dungeon-color-of-madness-dlc-boss-fight-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/zjbzw/darkest-dungeon-color-of-madness-dlc-boss-fight-guide Tue, 19 Jun 2018 16:22:40 -0400 Ty Arthur

Move over mosquito vampires -- its time for abominations from beyond the stars to invade Darkest Dungeon with The Color Of Madness DLC! Taking heavy cues from the Lovecraft classic The Colour Out Of Space, a new area near the Hamlet has been overrun by evil shards of cosmic evil flung down from the heavens.

Of course new DLC means new bosses, and as with any of the big bads in Darkest Dungeon, you need a strategy ahead of time if you want any chance of coming out alive.

When building your boss-killing party, keep in mind that several major gameplay tweaks have arrived along with the DLC. Notably, stuns have been nerfed so they can't be abused as heavily. The enemy recovery buff is now much more effective, so you can't stun an enemy repeatedly. Abominations can also now join a group with religious characters, so there's no more need for mods to do this for you and your party lineup options have expanded.

With those major changes in mind, lets jump into how to defeat the new Color Of Madness bosses!

The Color Of Madness Boss: The Miller

Your party automatically camps at the curio in the room before the fight with the Miller, so make sure to check what camping skills you have assigned before taking this quest! The Millers' stats are as follows:

  • HP: 143
  • Stun Resist: 95%
  • Blight Resist: 60%
  • Bleed Resist: 220%
  • Debuff Resist: 60%
  • Move Resist: 70%

The Miller gets two actions per turn, so your typical debuffs won't be as helpful since they will tick down faster. Bleed would be a great way to go, but at 220% resist you aren't likely to ever get a bleed effect to take hold. Unless you've got a really high chance to hit with a blight effect, straight damage is probably the best way to go.

His primary attack is The Reaping, which hits the whole party, so a group heal effect is useful in your lineup. The Harvest does a small amount of damage to a single character, but heals the Miller, so be on the lookout for a sudden health surge.

He summons 17 HP Farmhands who go in the front positions, along with 8 HP Sleeper's Heralds, moving the Miller to the back, so make sure you can hit the back positions.

While they have less health, the Sleeper's Heralds have higher protection and much higher resistances to all effects. Their Reality Bend skill can increase your stress and cause debuffs very quickly.

If you kill the Farmhands, the boss will use The Master Beckons to turn their corpses into undead Scarecrows (if you don't destroy the corpse in the same turn). Scarecrows that are destroyed can likewise be turned into new Sleeper's Heralds, so if you are taking out the underlings first, make sure to destroy the corpses.

You might be thinking that just leaving the Farmhands alive is the best course of action... except that he will use Winter's Breath to turn them into 25 HP Frozen Farmhands with better stats.

To beat this boss fight, you have to juggle destroying the minions against getting in enough attacks on The Miller that he doesn't heal himself back up to full with The Harvest.

If you don't have a ton of healing abilities, focusing on the Miller over his minions is the way to go. When he goes down, so do his minions, so you don't need to worry about dying after taking out the boss. Having a character to focus solely on the Miller who is crit-heavy with critical chance attacks and crit-boosting trinkets can make this an easier battle.

 Fighting The Miller (thanks to BaerTaffy for the screenshot)

The Color Of Madness Boss: The Thing From The Stars

This boss wanders the Farmlands and can be encountered randomly. The Thing From The Stars' stats are as follows:

  • HP: 128
  • Stun Resist: 85%
  • Blight Resist: 40%
  • Bleed Resist: 33%
  • Debuff Resist: 40%
  • Move Resist: 25%

During the battle the Thing will summon 6 HP Crystalline Aberrations, which have huge resistance against stun, bleed, and debuff and will move the boss back a position. You want to take these out quickly. Their suicidal Unstable Resonance attack destroys themselves, but deal high damage and stress.

The Thing can also cause blight, so have some antivenom on hand. His Paralyzing Shard attack does a small amount of damage, but increases stress and can stun, so be prepared to have one character unable to act frequently throughout the fight.

There's less strategy to this fight than in many other bosses, and nearly any party combo can work out here. With two actions per turn and low resistances, Bleed and Blight can be your best friends in this battle. A debuff like Weakening Curse from the Occultist or Bellow from the Man-At-Arms can also make this battle more manageable.

A combination of all three abilities consistently being used take this from an incredibly difficult battle to something akin to the Darkest Dungeon version of a cakewalk - still difficult, but at least possible.

 Fighting The Thing From The Stars (thanks to Game-Wisdom for the screenshot)

The Color Of Madness Boss: The Fracture / The Sleeper

This is a very strange fight, as the boss doesn't deal direct damage to you, but instead spawns other creatures that grow over time and then eventually damage you in a suicide move. The Fracture's stats are as follows:

  • HP: 115
  • Stun Resist: 140%
  • Blight Resist: 120%
  • Bleed Resist: 240%
  • Debuff Resist: 90%
  • Move Resist: 140%

First up, the Fracture will drop Seeds Of Fury to create three Focus Points of 25 HP each in front, shifting him to the far back position.

The boss will then use Befouling Tint to upgrade them to red or green versions with even more health. They can be upgraded multiple times, and each upgrade heals them completely. Oddly, the third form has less health than the second, so if you like risk/reward, you can take them out a bit easier at the third upgrade with a lucky crit.

When they hit the third upgrade, their next action will be to break and deal damage to the whole party in addition to a stun or blight effect, so taking out the Focus Points before they become overwhelming is critical. Balance fighting the shards with dealing damage to the Fracture when possible to eventually finish the battle.

When the Fracture goes down, it morphs into the Sleeper (the comet that landed), which has 225 HP. It only gets one action per turn, but the attack deals large amounts of damage to whole the party. The best way to take this out is to go for multiple crits in a row. Small amounts of damage over time will just lead to disaster, as the Sleeper needs to go down in a handful of turns or you are guaranteed to die.

 Fighting The Fracture

Do you have any other boss fight strategies for The Color Of Madness? Let us know your best Darkest Dungeon boss tactics in the comments below! And check out our other Darkest Dungeon guides here on GameSkinny.

5 Extremely Difficult Modern Games for Masochists https://www.gameskinny.com/psa6x/5-extremely-difficult-modern-games-for-masochists https://www.gameskinny.com/psa6x/5-extremely-difficult-modern-games-for-masochists Fri, 25 May 2018 12:16:53 -0400 Edgar Wulf


That's all, you can take a respite now. Have you played any of the games mentioned, or even managed to beat them? Perhaps you know of an immensely difficult game that deserves a place on this list? Let us know in the comments below.


And if you enjoyed this list, check out other great compilations on GameSkinny:




Cuphead is a brutally tough 2D run-and-gun game with beautiful hand-drawn animation in the vein of old-school Disney cartoons. You play as Cuphead, who is indebted to the devil himself and must battle through a series of challenging bosses to repay his debt. The game follows segments of straightforward run-and-gun, as well as bullet hell-style stages where the screen is populated with a large amount of various projectiles that you have to dodge. All of it leads to the game's main attraction -- boss battles -- which are highly diverse, each requiring a different approach and strategy. Unlike the other games on this list, Cuphead allows for couch co-op, so give your best buddy a controller, let them take charge of Cuphead's brother Mugman, and as a duo, indulge in the pleasantly painful world of this charming title.


Hotline Miami


Hotline Miami is a top-down twin-stick shooter heavily inspired by 80's culture. You play as a nameless protagonist who is known among the community simply as Jacket, because he's wearing one. Jacket receives calls from an unknown source urging him to commit murderous raids on mobster hideouts around the city. His goal is to kill every single one on any given level with numerous weapons at his disposal, ranging from axes and swords to assault rifles and shotguns; most enemies die from a single attack, but so does Jacket. Hotline Miami is about dying, a lot, learning enemy layout, and attempting a level again -- and again, and again. Thankfully, the gameplay is kept engaging by fast-paced action, an amazing synthwave soundtrack, and a variety of animal masks that grant beneficial properties at the start of a level.


Demon's Souls


When presented with the question of the most difficult modern game, most would probably answer Dark Souls; however, it all began with Demon's Souls, which is, arguably, still the most difficult entry in the Souls franchise. Much like later titles, it revolves around creating a hero based on one of the available classes and traveling through the crumbling lands of Boletaria, populated by threatening foes, including a diverse range of bosses, most of which can kill you in a few hits. Only a small number of games can provide a feeling as rewarding as defeating a boss the size of a building after countless unsuccessful attempts, as well as seeing the infamous "You Defeated" appear on screen. For that reason, Demon's Souls still stands as a prime modern example of a brutally difficult yet immensely satisfying game.


Darkest Dungeon


Darkest Dungeon provides a different kind of difficulty; it doesn't test your reflexes or ability to nimbly traverse fast-paced levels. It's a dungeon crawler that presents you with the arduous task of managing a diverse group of heroes and guiding them through many dreary dungeons. There, heroes can die not only in battle against terrifying beasts, but also from starvation, deadly traps, or a heart attack due to accumulated stress. Despite the combat being turn-based, any one mistake can mean the difference between success and failure. It is therefore up to the player to micro-manage the roster available to them, making sure they are fed, well-rested, equipped accordingly, and mentally prepared. Alas, some deaths can't be avoided, and each hero should be treated as expendable, promptly replaced by new ones recruited in town.


Super Meat Boy


You're Meat Boy -- literally, a piece of meat -- and your goal is to rescue Bandage Girl from the evil Dr. Fetus. Super Meat Boy, made by the awesome Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, is a punishingly difficult 2D platformer in which you must guide Meat Boy through increasingly elaborate levels littered with rotating sawblades, spikes, and other deadly hazards. Clearing all worlds, seven in total, is a serious feat in and of itself, and at the end of each, you are challenged by a powerful boss. Should you feel like testing the limits of your sanity, you can attempt an even more difficult Dark World, which is unlocked after completing a world's regular version. Super Meat Boy's demanding difficulty is easily justified by colorful visuals and impeccable controls, so you can always be certain that, if you died 200 times on one level, each misstep was your own fault.


Most games nowadays make you feel comfortable; they tend to overwhelm you with tutorials and hold your hand throughout the first few hours. Without a doubt, more complex video games can definitely benefit from an in-depth explanation, but is it really necessary to teach a player how to move, look up, or open a door? Some games, like Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, even make fun of such basic tutorials.


Then there are games on the opposite end of the spectrum, games that challenge your skills, smarts, and reflexes, forcing you to earn the satisfying sensation of success by learning everything from first-hand experience. They're not always fair -- in fact, in most instances, they're the opposite -- but that's the whole appeal.


It is thanks to these games that the term "Nintendo Hard" exists, but it is often used to describe the difficulty of older titles, like Battletoads or Contra. Modern games, for better or for worse, are rarely so challenging. There is, however, a less notorious term for defining the difficulty of more recent games, and that is "Masocore," a portmonteau of "masochist" and "hardcore," both of which perfectly characterize the games on this list. These games are either extremely challenging by default or don't have an adjustable difficulty setting at all.


If you are tired of simple, straightforward games and crave a true challenge, then click over to the next page to view the first out of 5 extremely difficult modern games, in no particular order.

PlayStation, Steam, and More: The Hottest Game Winter Sales of 2017 https://www.gameskinny.com/d9xx9/playstation-steam-and-more-the-hottest-game-winter-sales-of-2017 https://www.gameskinny.com/d9xx9/playstation-steam-and-more-the-hottest-game-winter-sales-of-2017 Wed, 20 Dec 2017 12:28:32 -0500 Littoface

The holidays are here, and now that you've probably gathered everyone else's gifts, it's time to take care of yours truly. So open your wallet yet again, and embrace the true meaning of the holidays: every winter game sale happening at the same time. Now is the time to snag the hottest games for cheap, try your luck at a game roulette, or even grab some games for free. And as soon as that's over, you can lock away your cash and make a New Year's resolution to never buy that many games at once again ... at least until the Steam Summer Sale begins.

GOG Winter Sale 2017

As we write this, the GOG winter sale is in day eight of its run, scheduled to run all the way through to December 26. Right now you can get all the best new games and indie favorites like Cuphead and Darkest Dungeon for a discount (15% and 60%, respectively), but of course, lots of love goes to the older games as well, with classics like the original Fallout and King's Quest games getting a steep price drop.

Notable info and freebies:
  • As is their custom, GOG is selling "Mystery Games" for $3 a pop, which draw from a pool of over 200 games worth over $3, with a guarantee of no doubles. (Want to get a sense of what's up for grabs? Head over to this forum thread, where users are pooling their info to create a pretty comprehensive list of possibilities.)
  • Spending over $15 during the sale gives you access to tactical Western Hard West, while reaching $40 unlocks the space strategy game Master of Orion.
  • Throughout the sale, GOG is holding game giveaways, which you can grab just by visiting the site and adding the game to your library. Thus far the site has given away Grim Fandango: Remastered and is currently giving away Oxenfree. Keep an eye out on new freebies as the sale continues.

PlayStation Store Winter Sale 2017

This week kicked off the PS Store Holiday Sale, which promises five weeks of savings. Every week will put a different selection of games on sale, from AAA giants to indie darlings. The list for just the first week of sales is massive and includes games for PS4, PS3, and even Vita (sometimes Sony throws Vita a bone). Week one's highlights are Overwatch: GOTY Edition down to $35.99 ($29.99 for PS+ members), TellTale's The Wolf Among Us for $8.74 ($6.24 for PS+), and a handful of anime-inspired games like One Piece: Burning Blood and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, down from $59.99 to $14.99.

Notable info and freebies:
  • The sale boasts up to 50% off -- or up to 60% for PS+ members -- but a few prices have dropped even lower for both. So if you're not a Plus member, now might be a good time to give that free trial a spin.
  • Don't wait to buy a good deal: some offers will only be available for a week. Check the individual title you're interested in to find out when the sale on it is ending.

Steam Winter Sale 2017 

The Steam winter sale is here and as usual the PC gaming giant's put nearly its entire catalog on sale. The steam winter sale of 2017 ends January 4 at 10 AM PST, but the deals will not rotate -- that means you can safely wait until after you get your Christmas money to buy those 50 games off your wishlist at a discount. With games up to 90% off (seriously, you can get games like Portal 2 for $1.99 right now!), you can get both indies and huge games for a pretty steep drop.

Notable info and freebies:

  • As always, Steam is having it's end of the year awards. Come back every day to vote for the best game in categories like "Choices Matter" and "Mom's Spaghetti."
  • The Steam awards provides a few ways to earn event trading cards, which you can sell on the market, turn into gems, or compile into a special 2017 Steam Awards avatar. Ways to earn event trading cards are: voting in the daily award vote, for ever $10 you spend in the store, and for browsing your queue (up to 3 times a day). These cards expire, so make sure you use them before February 4.

Green Man Gaming Christmas Giveaway 2017

While there is no official winter sale up yet at UK-based Green Man Gaming, the site is holding a massive giveaway for Christmas. Purchasing anything for over $2 from their large catalog of PC games automatically enters you to win the 17 best games of the year, as well as an Intel Core i7 Processor. The games include Nier: Automata, Cuphead, XCOM 2, and other heavy hitters, and the entire winning package is worth over $1,000. Three winners will be chosen at random and announced on January 8.

Xbox Winter Sale 2017

There's no word yet on what Microsoft has lined up for their gaming consoles this winter, but we'll include it here as soon as we know.


Stay tuned to GameSkinny for all the latest news on this season's holiday sales, and let us know in the comments section which sales or games have you most excited.


10 Video Games That Are True Works of Art https://www.gameskinny.com/jq2ey/10-video-games-that-are-true-works-of-art https://www.gameskinny.com/jq2ey/10-video-games-that-are-true-works-of-art Thu, 09 Nov 2017 17:19:35 -0500 spacechaser

Are video games art? This much-debated topic has plagued gaming journalism and the gaming community for years now. To answer that question, one must first answer another: what is art?

"the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power." - Google Dictionary

By that definition, video games should be considered art. Here's another excellent GameSkinny article on the subject, if you still need convincing. And on that note, here are 10 games that are, undoubtedly, works of art.

1. Journey

One of the most visually stunning games in existence, some people have even equated playing Journey to having a spiritual experience. Like some of the other titles in this article, Journey is a completely wordless game. The only way to communicate with any partners you're paired up with during your play through is with pinging noises and jumping, but somehow just having someone with you to experience the beautiful and nerve-wracking adventure is reassuring and comforting.

2. Darkest Dungeon

Perhaps a surprise entry on this list, Darkest Dungeon is a specific brand of beautiful. Suffice to say, this game wouldn't be as effective as it is without its disturbing monsters and moody lighting. Together with its punishing gameplay, Darkest Dungeon's ominous narrator and characters work to make a game that's both frustrating and impossible to put down.

3. Hyper Light Drifter

A dark and atmospheric post-apocalyptic adventure, Hyper Light Drifter merges beautiful visuals and somber electronic music to create a frightening world. This game is equal parts stunning and horrific, and is living proof that the two aren't mutually exclusive.

4. Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo's newest Super Mario title is probably the most joyful game of the year. Each Kingdom is lovingly sculpted down to the smallest detail and is full of secrets and funny characters. The scenery is bright and colorful to reflect its lightheartedness, with plenty of difficult puzzles and platforming to keep you on your toes.

5. The Witness

This confounding and beautiful game has no story, no purpose, and no people. The Witness is a first person puzzle game with surprises around every corner, quite literally. It's a good thing the environment in this game is gorgeous, because you'll spend hours staring at it in wonder only to discover its hidden meaning in an epiphany that hits your brain not unlike an electric shock.

6. Bioshock

In a terrifying undersea city full of bloodthirsty drug addicts, Bioshock makes it very clear that you can't trust anyone unless they're a hacked robot. There's a kind of wonder and disappointment that comes while exploring Rapture that makes you wish you'd seen it in its prime. The dilapidated city is simultaneously beautiful, sad, and scary. 

7. Gone Home

Starting out, Gone Home seems like a typical scary game, with something terrifying ready to jump out a you from every shadow. As you go on however, this game reveals itself to be so much more. With beautiful writing and highly detailed environments, Gone Home is a sad and emotional story, told through its setting more than through its narration.

8. Okami

Based on traditional Japanese calligraphy, Okami's visual style is unique in the gaming world. The earthy, natural colors of the human world help the brighter, magical elements pop. Though other games have used a similar cell-shading technique, Okami captures the feeling of being in a storybook, recounting the tale of the Shinto goddess who saved the world from darkness. 

9. Katamari Damacy

Another bizarre series of games, Katamari Damacy combines a hilarious concept with a cartoony style to bring its world to life. This game is chock full of silly objects and colorful characters. Katamari is just fun to look at, and is a joyful experience that'll make you want to come back and play again after you're done.


This list would be incomplete without including at least one VR game, so here it is. SUPERHOT is a challenging, visually captivating fps that uses color to differentiate between important elements. Through various fourth-wall breaks and, of course, the use of VR, SUPERHOT makes the player feel like they're actually in the game. 

So... are video games art? 

Even with simple games, or joke games, art had to be created for it to exist. Textures, sprites, character models, and even coding are forms of art in themselves. It seems unlikely that when artists join forces to create something, the result of the project isn't art. 

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

10 Treats You Don't Want to Miss From GOG's Halloween Sale https://www.gameskinny.com/mki7u/10-treats-you-dont-want-to-miss-from-gogs-halloween-sale https://www.gameskinny.com/mki7u/10-treats-you-dont-want-to-miss-from-gogs-halloween-sale Tue, 31 Oct 2017 10:17:18 -0400 Allison M Reilly

Let's face it: the weather is getting colder. As much fun as it is to go trick-or-treating, it's also fun to stay in and be warm, too. Fortunately, GOG.com is running a Halloween sale until 6 p.m. ET,  November 2nd, so staying in can be even more fun with one (or more) of these 10 great deals.

During the sale, those who spend at least $15 will receive a free copy of Tales From the Borderlands, if you needed yet another excuse to spend money and get just one more game for your buck.

Darkest Dungeon

It can be hard enough to manage mental health issues in real life, but Darkest Dungeon presents the challenge of managing mental health issues in game. Part of the adventuring in this gothic, rogue-like RPG is managing the stress and sanity of your team. Also part of the game is Murphy's Law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Darkest Dungeon is a game of chaos, but intellectually stimulating chaos that doesn't completely feel like the game just wants to screw you over.

Darkest Dungeon - sale price $9.99 - normally $24.99


SOMA is an interesting entry in the genre of horror games. It's not really one about jump scares or surviving a ton of enemies. The underwater, sci-fi elements play into very specific phobias and create an uneasy, uncertain environment. On top of all that, SOMA has a compelling story, further driving both the game and the player toward continuing and finishing the game. A refreshing title when it comes to horror games, and one worth purchasing.

SOMA - sale price $7.49 - normally $29.99

Hollow Knight

The popular Metroidvania is perfect to purchase now if you haven't already, as the free expansion "The Grimm Troupe" just came out on Oct. 26. "The Grimm Troupe" is a new questline with new bosses, enemies and items, and players can access it at any time. Even without the free DLC, Hollow Knight is considered one of the best games of the year, if not the best. It's beautiful, challenging, engaging, and worth every penny.

Hollow Knight - sale price $9.89 - normally $14.99

Crypt of the Necrodancer

Crypt of the Necrodancer is a rhythm game even rhythm game haters would enjoy. The soundtrack is phenomenal, or players can add and play their own music if they disagree. The game also has tons of replay-ability, not just with the ability to add your own music, but with the different characters that require different playing styles. The game is a few years old, but manages to never get old. If you haven't picked up Crypt of the Necrodancer yet and given it a try, then every time is a good time to do so, but especially now during the GOG.com sale.

Crypt of the Necrodancer - sale price $4.49 - normally $14.99

Grim Fandango Remastered

Halloween isn't the only holiday happening this time of year. Those who love and celebrate the Day of the Dead will also love Grim Fandango Remastered. Everybody's a skeleton, you're in the Land of the Dead, and the dialogue is top notch. This horror isn't in the jump scares or enemies, but the level of corruption Manny Calavera has been dealing with in the Department of Death! Grim Fandango Remastered is an excellent game to pick up if you rather laugh out loud than scream this Day of the Dead.

Grim Fandango Remastered - sale price $3.79 - normally $14.99

Hand of Fate

Hand of Fate does a great job of combining many gaming elements together. It's part card game, part board game, part RPG. The player is in control during combat but still subject to the RNG of the cards. Overall, the game has a fantastic concept and is a grind, albeit a rewarding one, for achievement hunters. If you haven't yet tried Hand of Fate, then now is a great time to do it. The sequel, Hand of Fate 2, is coming out Nov. 7.

Hand of Fate - sale price $6.29 - normally $24.99

Don't Starve

Don't Starve isn't an easy game, and with each DLC release, it doesn't get any easier. The base game alone presents a ton of challenge, and most players will spend hours in trial and error figuring out how to not only survive, but thrive in a world where nearly everything is designed to kill you. The horror in Don't Starve isn't the creepy wilderness or the arrival of Deerclops, but the oversight of forgetting your thermal stone during your winter venture.

Don't Starve - sale price $3.79 - normally $14.99


Sure, Outlast II came out earlier this year and it may be tempting to play the newest game. But, don't skip over the original Outlast, where the object of the game is in the title. There's no fighting; just a lot of running and hiding while trying to record as much as possible. Not everyone is an enemy either, so there's the suspense and tension in who to watch out for and where you need to go. Outlast is a must-play title for any fan of the horror genre.

Outlast - sale price $2.99 - normally $19.99

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is fast-paced and action packed. If you want your heart to race because all you're doing is moving, reacting and paying attention to every detail, then Hotline Miami is the game for you. The main character goes on murderous rampages and all the enemies can kill you in one hit. You can sneak by, but that's not going to work every time. The scare here is the blurred lines in who's controlling the main character's actions. Are you really in control, or are you just doing what the answering machine tells you to do?

Hotline Miami - sale price $1.99 - normally $9.99

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear isn't about action. It's not about resolving one scary scenario only to move on to the next scary scenario. It's drawn out. It's meant to feel like you can settle while, in reality, there's no room to get comfortable. Layers of Fear is meant to be about endurance. It's an excellently detailed game, designed to force the player to explore the complexities of fear much in the same way the paintings in the game can be much more than they appear.

Layers of Fear - sale price $4.99 - normally $19.99


Are you planning on taking advantage of the Halloween sale? What games did you buy, or are you wanting to buy? Let us know in the comments!

GOG Halloween Sale Contains More Than 200 Deals https://www.gameskinny.com/9wb0f/gog-halloween-sale-contains-more-than-200-deals https://www.gameskinny.com/9wb0f/gog-halloween-sale-contains-more-than-200-deals Thu, 26 Oct 2017 09:54:04 -0400 spacechaser

Halloween is almost here, and to celebrate this spooky season, Good Old Games is putting on a monster mash of a party. Starting today, you can find more than 200 games on sale -- some up to 90% off -- in GOG's marketplace. On offer are plenty of bundles and stand-alone games, and many are more recent titles as GOG continues to diversify its historically old-school games library. 

A few of the games currently on sale include:

  • Hotline Miami (-80%) 
  • Darkest Dungeon (-60%)
  • Quake and DOOM bundle (-66%) 
  • Call of Cthulhu: Prisoner of Ice & Shadow of the Comet (-75%)
  • Outlast 2 (-40%)
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent (-75%)
  • Sunless Sea (-67%)
  • Oxenfree (-75%)
  • Layers of Fear (-60%)
  • SOMA (-75%)

In a press release about the Halloween Sale, GOG also revealed various Halloween-themed bundles, which give you "better discounts when you grab all the games in a bundle" without having you re-buy any you may already own. On top of all of that, spending $15 or more will get you a free copy of Tales from the Borderlands, straight to your email. 

If you're a GOG Connect user, you can also connect your Steam library with GOG.com. And during this sale, GOG Connect users can add nearly 30 games to their account, including Amnesia, Layers of Fear, and Sunless Sea.

The sale ends November 2 at 6 p.m. EST, so don't waste time. Pop on over and pick up some spooky games to enjoy over the upcoming Halloween weekend!

Red Hook Teases Darkest Dungeon on the Switch https://www.gameskinny.com/3a25z/red-hook-teases-darkest-dungeon-on-the-switch https://www.gameskinny.com/3a25z/red-hook-teases-darkest-dungeon-on-the-switch Fri, 29 Sep 2017 15:28:36 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

The Nintendo Switch lineup has been receiving several boosts here lately, some of which are raising more eyebrows than others. That trend continues with the latest announcement -- one that will surely be pleasing to fans of dungeon crawlers who felt let down by Has-Been Heroes

In a surprise tweet, developer Red Hook Studios teased that its sleeper hit, Darkest Dungeon, will soon be running on the Nintendo Switch. The tweet shows a battle scene playing out, before slowly zooming out to reveal the console itself. 

Darkest Dungeon is an innovative twist on the rouge-like dungeon crawler genre. It combines turn-based battles and exploration with an emphasis on the "psychological stresses of adventuring." Alongside battling "diabolical" monsters, players must fight paranoia and fear (among several other psychological maladies) as they descend further into the dungeon and attempt to stop the flood of darkness from creeping ever further over their family's lands.

The game includes 16 character classes, such as Plague Doctor and Leper, with additional ones planned for later updates. Resting at taverns or inns can reduce the shock felt by your party members, and camping helps heal physical wounds. The game also boasts hand-drawn graphics, a difficult mechanic—including permadeath—and procedurally generated dungeons.

Red Hook has nothing to say at this time regarding a Switch release date.

Let us know in the comments if you're excited to see this game coming to the Switch!

Shieldbreaker: New Darkest Dungeon Class Announced https://www.gameskinny.com/rjhig/shieldbreaker-new-darkest-dungeon-class-announced https://www.gameskinny.com/rjhig/shieldbreaker-new-darkest-dungeon-class-announced Thu, 07 Sep 2017 22:51:46 -0400 Skrain

After a short hiatus regarding new content since the release of The Crimson Court DLC for Darkest Dungeonnews has finally broken on what looks to be the next content update -- and it includes the addition of a new class called the Shieldbreaker.

Due to a lack of details at the time of writing, fans are left mostly with speculation about what role this new character is going to play in party composition. Based on her appearance, she looks as if she'll rely more on dodging attacks than tanking them. Given that she wields a spear, it's possible that we'll be getting a back line fighter, which could certainly add some variety lineup of warriors. Perhaps she can pierce enemies or break the their PROT stats -- and with a name like Shield Breaker, that's not too far-fetched of an idea.

As you can see in the image above, this character is missing her right hand. You can clearly see a bloodied bandage and an absent limb where her appendage should be.

It's hard to say what this indicates about her character, but perhaps it has something to do with her backstory. Maybe she had to remove it in order to prevent death by poisoning from a fatal snake bite? Maybe she was a member of some secret order? Or perhaps her story ties in with the Occultist's...

Hopefully we'll be getting more details soon to clarify what this character is bringing to the table and why she's missing her hand. As soon as Red Hook reveals more more information over the next few days, we'll be bringing the updates to you. So stay tuned!

The Best 8 Quirks for a Maddening Run of Darkest Dungeon https://www.gameskinny.com/jvr8y/the-best-8-quirks-for-a-maddening-run-of-darkest-dungeon https://www.gameskinny.com/jvr8y/the-best-8-quirks-for-a-maddening-run-of-darkest-dungeon Sun, 27 Aug 2017 12:01:51 -0400 Skrain

Having just launched on iOS, Darkest Dungeon is still going strong. It seems as if the call to madness and redemption is answered by sinners and saints alike, all with their unique quirks.

So let us steel ourselves, for We are the Flame, and Darkness fears us. The caretaker has complied a list of the eight most useful quirks found in our Heroes (subject to professional psychiatrist's prognosis). 

What is a Quirk?

Quirks in Darkest Dungeon are traits that Heroes possess and obtain -- either from the beginning of their adventure at the stage coach, or through effects and changes that take place during their expeditions. These traits can be positive or negative, and they can directly alter the stats of your Heroes -- or even force them to take certain actions. (Someone who is Compulsive, for example, may interact with items you really don't want them to touch.)

These Quirks can be acquired from stress relief activities in the Hamlet, or most commonly during (and in the aftermath of) an expedition. Fulfilling the quest objective and having a low stress level decreases the chance of taking on a negative quirk. But failing the objective and having high stress drastically increases the chances for bad quirks.

What Are the Best Quirks in Darkest Dungeon?

Obviously, you want to try your best to collect positive quirks that will enhance your character and their abilities. But not all positive quirks are created equal. Here are the absolute best quirks that will help you survive even the darkest of dungeons. 


A 10% chance to turn any MISSED attack into a HIT.

Though an extremely useful skill for any dungeon-delving Hero, this quirk is particularly useful on Lepers -- as their default accuracy is somewhat low. But it's not just a crutch to help Lepers. This Quirk is useful on the vast majority of Heroes. (Just think of how many lives could have been saved if just one missed strike landed.)

Hard Skinned

+10% PROT 

10% damage reduction without the need for in combat skill use? The advantages of this quirk speak for themselves. A Man at Arms, Leper, or a Crusader will get the most out of this quirk with their naturally high health pool. 


+10% Max Health

Topped off with Hard Skinned, having a Hero who's Tough will seriously bolster their ability to take damage and survive even the most grueling of fights. This quirk is ultimately useful on any Hero, but one could argue that it benefits tanks more than other classes.

On Guard

+4 Speed, +5 Dodge, during the first round of combat.

This is an excellent trait for any Hero, but it's a true boon for Highwaymen, Grave Robbers, and Hellions. The bonus speed on your first round of combat helps to quickly kill your foes, and the dodge helps you stay out of harm's way when the enemy comes out swinging. 

Quick Draw

+4 Speed during the first round of combat.

Almost exactly the same as On Guard, but without the dodge bonus. It might seem like an inferior quirk, but that extra speed can be the deciding factor in whether that all-important critical hit lands on the boss you're facing.


+10% damage with ranged attacks

Having a steady damage output, the Graverobber and Highwayman both benefit greatly from the Unerring Quirk. With this buff making them even deadlier, they'll be able to quickly dispatch most foes that you face in your quests.

Eagle Eye or Precise Striker

Eagle Eye: +3% Ranged Crit chance
Precise Striker: +3% Melee Crit chance

Although two seperate Quirks, Eagle Eye and Precise striker fulfill virtually the same role in terms of damage-dealing, increasing your chance to crit with ranged or melee strikes. This is a great quirk for any primary damage dealing heroes.


+5% Virtue Chance

Possibly one of the best Quirks to get on any Hero, the Irrepressible Quirk grants an increased chance for a hero to become Virtuous -- which is the opposite of Afflicted. Many battles have seen the tides turn thanks to a Hero being able to withstand the horrors of the world around them, so this quirk can be invaluable in dire situations that would break lesser minds/spirits.

All the positive quirks in Darkest Dungeon are useful, but these eight in particular will serve your frontline fighters well -- helping them to withstand, sustain, and dish out even more damage. But keep in mind that the Caretaker is an odd man. And despite his list being useful, there are plenty of other quirks and combinations that will help you make it through the Darkest Dungeon.

Need more help surviving each punishing dungeon delve? Check out the rest of our Darkest Dungeon guides for more tips that will help your party stay alive (and sane) until the job is done:

Top 11 New Darkest Dungeon Mods You Need To Download https://www.gameskinny.com/v8xe0/top-11-new-darkest-dungeon-mods-you-need-to-download https://www.gameskinny.com/v8xe0/top-11-new-darkest-dungeon-mods-you-need-to-download Tue, 15 Aug 2017 12:30:00 -0400 Ty Arthur


What did you think of our mod picks here, and what new Darkest Dungeon mods would you recommend we try out? Let us know with a comment below!


If you want even more ways to tweak the Darkest Dungeon experience, be sure to also check out:


Sunlight Warrior Man At Arms Skin


Get It Here


The game already takes its difficulty from Dark Souls, so why not pull some of the art as well? Praise the sun with this new set of skins for the Man-At-Arms class in all its various animations! Despite bringing in a little brightness, this mod actually makes the game a bit darker (or I guess more soulsier?).


Epic Loading Screens


Get It Here


I honestly don't know how it took so long for a mod like this to show up. While Darkest Dungeon just oozes a particularly dark and gritty style, the loading screens are a little lackluster.


No more though! This mod adds in epic combat scenes featuring the most common enemies from whatever area you are exploring, offering a little excitement while you wait for the Ancestor to stop yapping away.


Faster Walking


Get It Here


When you've seen the exact same Warren, Cove, Ruins, and Weald backgrounds a couple of thousand times, the monotony can really start to set in and weaken the game experience.


If you want to get to the next room more quickly to complete any given quest, this mod boosts the walking speed so the hallways will fly by. Just don't forget to keep an eye out for those traps!


Dungeon Background Variations


Get It Here


I'm consistently impressed with how the modding community always steps in to resolve core issues with any given computer game. Darkest Dungeon's aesthetics are absolutely a huge draw... but the unending grind required to reach the end of the game means you will see the same hallway panels over and over and over and over.


For a varied experience that's more pleasing to the eye, this mod changes up some of the backgrounds with different colors and curio placements, adding them in randomly with the normal backgrounds.


Marco's Inventory Balance Mod


Get It Here


There are a bunch of inventory stacking and tweaking mods out there to ease up on the relentlessly difficult back and forth of being prepared or being out of money. This particular entry is a new Steam Worskhop version of one of the best mods from the game's earlier editions.


Where this one really shines is that it doesn't totally go off the rails, giving you limitless stacks of torches to carry or a free bag of holding that lets you return from a mission with all the gold you can imagine.


Instead, it scales the stack limits better so you can carry enough valuable objects back from a mission to actually be worthwhile at higher levels. It makes the grind a little less relentless, and helps you actually build up enough of a war chest to upgrade your facilities.


Super Heroes


Get It Here


While the recently released Radiant Mode was a welcome addition to Darkest Dungeon by cutting down the dozens of hours of grind after you inevitably (and repeatedly) lose a high level group to a total party wipe, it didn't really offer an "easy" mode.


The whole point of this game is the difficulty and setbacks, of that there's no doubt, but there does reach a point somewhere around 30-40 hours in where you've had enough of relentless failure and just want to see the next boss or finally storm that final dungeon.


That's where the Super Heroes mod comes in. See those killer pixelated shade they're wearing? That's because the future is so incredibly bright after modding your heroes to be relentless powerhouses who deal obscene damage. Health loss will no longer be a concern here (although sanity can still cause you to lose all four super powered versions of your heroes, so stay vigilant).


No Invitations Required


Get It Here


Oh my sweet tentacled god, this is mod so, so badly needed. Are you tired of grinding away against anything that vaguely looks like a mosquito (while your whole roster of heroes contracts the Curse and dies of blood craving) and somehow still not getting the invitation you need?


To move onto the later quests of the Crimson Court DLC without the obnoxious invitation, just download this nifty little mod that cuts out the middle man (middle mosquito?). 


For those who are opposed to the spirit of this particular mod and want to keep the difficulty and grinding cranked up to maximum levels, check out our full guide to finding the Crimson Court invitation.


Lone Crusade


Get It Here


Most Darkest Dungeon mods make the game easier... but not this one! Forget delving into the abyss with a group of four heroes to assist one another. That's all but a distant memory with the Lone Crusade mod, which has you play through the entire game with no one but the Crusader Reynauld.


Obviously tweaks are made to the enemies and bosses, since there are places where one character can't possibly win normally. But don't think this mod is doing you any favors. The difficulty is ramped up even further than normal -- and if Reynauld dies, you get to start over from the beginning.


More District Buildings


Get It Here


The District Buildings were an excellent addition to the game's base Hamlet, but sadly they are a little underutilized -- especially since you'll be building them so few and far apart due to the high costs and low number of available blueprints.


This mod adds in a whole mess of new buildings revolving around every single class, so you'll have far more constructions projects to try out in between dungeon delves.


House Full Of Piggies


Get It Here


The Warrens version of the previously mentioned Kraken mod, this one gives you several new swine opponents to battle, and they absolutely will test your skills.


Your standard battle tactics will likely result in a hasty retreat, as the pig folk punish you for not thinking strategically and learning from your mistakes. I don't know what the human equivalent of bacon is, but the swine are sure about to find out.


Unleashing Of The Kraken


Get It Here


There have been plenty of mods over the last two years or so that add in new classes, but less prevalent have been whole new monsters and bosses. A series of mods from ActionJack aim to rectify that problem, taking up the noble goal of providing new creatures to messily devour your heroes (or drive them mad, of course).


The Kraken mod adds five new common aquatic-themed enemies to the Cove area, along with a brand new tentacled boss. As with most DD bosses, this one will take some strategy and forethought to avoid a total party wipe. Get ready to meet a Captain Jack Sparrow style end!


The brutally hard and extremely grim phenomenon that is Darkest Dungeon may have finally received its Crimson Court DLC to add another layer of dungeon delving fun, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.


There are dozens, or maybe even hundreds, more hours to be had in this game through the absurd number of mods available. Due to the game's gestation in Early Access, sadly many of those mods are drastically out of date and no longer function due to a variety of updates and patches over time.


The once-necessary Curio Hints mod for instance isn't working properly anymore (that's alright though, just use our Darkest Dungeon curio guide instead). Losing the sexy time camping skills from the Darkest Desires mod, on the other hand, was a blow we simply may never recover from.


Luckily, new mods have arrived to fill that void -- and here we're rounding up the 11 best mods available at the moment that you need to be trying out for vanilla Darkest Dungeon, Radiant Mode, or the Crimson Court DLC.

How to Complete the Wolves at the Door Quest in Darkest Dungeon https://www.gameskinny.com/qb9m5/how-to-complete-the-wolves-at-the-door-quest-in-darkest-dungeon https://www.gameskinny.com/qb9m5/how-to-complete-the-wolves-at-the-door-quest-in-darkest-dungeon Wed, 05 Jul 2017 13:11:33 -0400 LuckyJorael

With tough bosses, sometimes even tougher minibosses, permadeath, and just about a million different ways to get your heroes killed, Darkest Dungeon is enjoyable because it’s a difficult game.

That being said, sometimes even the best of us get stumped, and it’s not enjoyable to smack your head against the wall when it comes to tough opponents. Such is the case with Vvulf, the leader of a group of bandits in Darkest Dungeon -- and the boss at the end of one of its more frustratingly hard quests, "Wolves at the Door".

If you’re stuck on this particular section of the game, don’t worry! We’re here to help you beat the Wolves at the Door quest in Darkest Dungeon.

Preparing for the Wolves at the Door Quest in Darkest Dungeon

If you’re worried Vvulf is like Crocodilian, in that he shows up early to kick your heroes into an early grave, keep calm. The Wolves at the Door quest won’t start until you’ve spent at least 35 weeks in the game, and you have at least 4 level 5 heroes. Even then, the quest only has a random chance of starting, so don’t sweat too much.

However, you should be prepared for this quest. First, make sure you have four shovels on hand, as you’ll want to have them after you beat Vvulf to secure some treasure. Second, try to have four level 1 heroes you don’t care about – ones straight off the stagecoach. This isn’t so much for preparing to take on the quest as it is insurance if the quest pops up and you aren’t ready.

Sending four level 1 heroes to their deaths is preferable to starting this quest unprepared, or starting and abandoning the quest. If you abandon it, the game chooses one of your heroes at random and kills them. Not good if it kills one of your better heroes!

To prep your heroes for the quest, try to level a Man at Arms, a Vestal, a Houndmaster, and a Jester to 5+. These four heroes are one of the better bets for a team to take on Vvulf and his cronies. You’ll also want to stockpile bandages and medicinal herbs in addition to the four shovels you’ll need, as well as trinkets to increase your heroes’ survivability during the fight (more on that below).

Once the quest starts and you’re ready, take your four heroes to the starting area. Wolves at the Door is like the Darkest Dungeon quests -- so there's no scouting, but the map is static. If you want to beeline for Vvulf, head upward. But before you rush headlong into battle, bear in mind that the rooms to the left and right contain treasure with a high chance of getting Ancestral Trinkets (the treasure room in the center of the dungeon can also contain an Ancestral Trinket). These items alone make the quest well worth its difficulty.

How to Beat Vvulf in Darkest Dungeon

Vvulf has a suite of nasty abilities that make him a tough fight. He takes two actions during a round, which he will most often use to summon a Brigand Cutthroat via the Get Them! ability. He'll also cause stress by using Warcry.

The real danger with Vvulf is his Barrel O’ Bombs, a static enemy that he uses to throw a bomb at a random hero using Bombs Away. Vvulf does this at the start of every round for free (as in, he doesn’t use an action to throw the bomb), and detonates the bomb with Time’s Up! at the end of the round (again, for free). The bombs deal 23-45 damage, meaning they’re extremely deadly.

The safest tactic is to have Man at Arms use Defender when Vvulf places a bomb at the feet of one of your characters. If Vvulf manages to put the bomb at your Man at Arm’s feet, use Retribution instead because the Riposte will target Vvulf. Use Jester and Houndmaster to lay down bleeds on Vvulf, as well as de-stress your heroes (if they need it). As Vvulf takes two actions, bleeds will be doubly effective. Vestal is here to heal, of course.

Avoid hitting the Barrel O’ Bombs for two reasons: one, it has Riposte and can crit; and two, even if you manage to destroy it, Vvulf will summon another Barrel with Get Them! anyway. And be careful with Jester’s Harvest ability at the start of the fight; you don’t want to hit the Barrel.

Your entire task for this fight should be to focus on Vvulf. If you try to focus on the Brigand Cutthroats, Vvulf will simply summon more – he’s got a 100% chance to summon one, and a 33% chance to summon another, So even if you kill two, there’s a decent chance he’ll get them both back. Just put all the bleeds you can on Vvulf, and watch his 200 HP drop quickly.

Which Trinkets to Use

Trinkets can save your bacon in this fight, so here’s some quick recommendations. Put +protection and +healing on Man at Arms, as he’s your meat shield. Put +accuracy and +bleed damage (or just +damage) on Houndmaster, and +accuracy and +bleed chance on Jester. Any healing trinkets will do for Vestal, because, you know… healing.

After you beat Vvulf, head straight down for the treasure room, and collect your well-deserved rewards.

Got other tactics to beat Vvulf in the Wolves at the Door quest? Let us know your favorite party and tactics in the comments. And be sure to check out the rest of our Darkest Dungeon guides for more help with this punishing game.

Darkest Dungeon Provisioning Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/qpnhg/darkest-dungeon-provisioning-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/qpnhg/darkest-dungeon-provisioning-guide Wed, 05 Jul 2017 10:15:21 -0400 Ty Arthur

Every aspect of Darkest Dungeon is meant to push you to the absolute brink of your limits. You will have your health, your sanity, and yes, even your pocket book thoroughly tested.

Proper provisioning before a quest can be the difference between survival and disaster, but each area calls for different supplies to be purchased ahead of time. Below we explain how to properly provision for every area and how those provisioning strategies can change whether you are more focused on survival or on hauling more loot home.

Note that the provisions listed under each individual area are focused on that area's specific creatures and curios, but there are minor exceptions. For instance, bandages aren't as useful in the Ruins (for the most part) as the skeleton and necromancer enemies exclusive to the Ruins don't usually cause bleed damage, but you can still run into generic enemies like brigands or the Fanatic who do have bleed effects.

There's also one special provision added in the "Crimson Court" DLC to be considered: Blood can be found only by fighting enemies in areas where there's currently an Infestation level, meaning you'll have to hang out there for awhile to keep your roster alive. This also means more heroes are going to get cursed with vampirism, resulting in a spiraling cycle of needing ever more blood.

Survival in Darkest Dungeon

These are the basic provision needs for nearly any expedition whether short, medium, or long (for specifics on what you want for each distinct area of the game, see those sections below).

If you are low on funds and need to prioritize for survival, skip the provisions that help you with curios -- since you can simply not interact with those curios -- but in general, don't skip bringing at least one shovel, since its not worth the potential damage and stress.

  • Torch x 5 -- If you prefer always having an advantage in combat and have gold to spare, extra torches never hurt, so buy a few more
  • Food x 8 -- This is the minimum amount of food to provision, where you won't ever take hunger damage and may still have one or two food to spare for minor healing between combat
  • Curio provisions / shovel x 2 - 3 (see each specific section for what items are useful in that dungeon)
  • Torch x 10
  • Food x 16 -- Don't forget you can get excellent health and stress reduction if you use a full eight food while camping
  • Curio provisions / shovel x 4 - 5
  • Torch x 14
  • Food x 24
  • Curio provisions / shovel x 8 - 10

 Such A Simple Thing -- To Die For Want Of A Piece Of Bread


For a high loot, high danger run, you want as much room in your inventory as possible for bringing all that loot back. First and foremost, ditch the torches entirely when provisioning, as you want to be in the dark as much as possible to increase the chance of finding treasure.

If you're feeling particularly greedy, lower the amount of food from the quest guidelines below, but make sure you don't skimp on the curio provisions, since curios tend to give better loot when you use their associated items.

 You Want Room For Shinies Like This!


Extremely Necessary Provisions:
  • Blood -- Bring as much as possible without letting your cursed heroes at home waste away. All the Courtyard expeditions after the first main quest feature absolutely huge labyrinths of rooms filled with enemies who will infect your heroes with curse

  • Bandages -- Many mosquito / vampire enemies cause bleed, and they can be used on the Pile of Bones curio. If you are using a Flagellant-based party though, these aren't as necessary.

  • Shovel -- There are bone piles similar to the Rubble in the ruins, as well as several curios that offer better results when using the shovel
Somewhat Helpful Provisions:
  • Torches -- The Courtyard doesn't use the same torch light mechanic as the other areas of the game, so these aren't required. However, they do offer a bonus to accuracy, and can be used on Cocoons and Thronging Hives for stress reduction and finding treasure

  • Medicinal Herbs -- Using these on the food trays offer up large amounts of food if you are running low

  • Antivenom - A handful of enemies and curios can cause blight

 The Blood - I Must Have It!


Extremely Necessary Provisions:
  • Medicinal Herbs -- Many creatures, traps, and curios here cause diseases and debuffs, provision these to be safe
  • Bandages -- Several fish enemies cause bleed damage
Somewhat Helpful Provisions:
  • Holy Water -- If you come across the Fish Idol curio, this cleanses it for a damage buff
Not Very Helpful Provisions:
  • Skeleton Key -- You will only rarely come across locked chests here

 Do You Really Want To Bleed To Death From A Fish Hook?


Extremely Necessary Provisions:
  • Keys -- There are frequently locked chests in enemy rooms
  • Holy Water -- Several different curios in the Ruins offer better or exclusively positive results when using this provision
  • Shovels -- Rubble is found often in the Ruins, and your party will both lose health and gain stress if you have to break through bare handed
Somewhat Helpful Provisions:
  • Medicinal Herb -- Useful for the Iron Maiden curio, but otherwise not as helpful in the Ruins
  • Extra food -- Useful on medium and long quests, as unlike the Warrens or Weald, very few of the curios here provide food as a reward
Not Very Helpful Provisions:
  • Antivenom -- Unlike the Cove, most of the enemies here don't deal blight damage and few of the curios require using this provision
  • Bandages -- The curios here don't deal bleed damage, and there are fewer overall damage-over-time effects in the Ruins

 A Ruins Explorer's Best Friend


Extremely Necessary Provisions:
  • Medicinal Herbs -- A ton of curios here give better results if cleansed with herbs first, and several even offer up food so you can skimp on that provision
  • Bandages -- Many enemies cause bleed effects in the Warrens
Somewhat Helpful Provisions:
  • Holy Water -- A handful of lesser-found curios like the Eldritch Altar require Holy Water
Not Very Helpful Provisions:
  • Torch -- Although you should obviously bring some torches along, the hallways are actually shorter here so you can provision fewer torches

 Always Cleanse Demonic Pig Food Before Eating!


Extremely Necessary Provisions:
  • Antivenom -- Many enemies, traps, and curios cause Blight while traveling the Weald
Somewhat Helpful Provisions:
  • Medicinal Herbs -- Using this on the Beast Carcass provides lots of food, and at the higher level boss battles here, you will need to counter the Witch's debuffs
  • Bandages -- A handful of enemies cause bleed here and curios like the Eerie Spiderweb give better results with using Bandages
  • Holy Water -- If you come across a Troubling Effigy, using Holy Water removes a random negative quirk
Not Very Helpful Provisions:
  • Skeleton Key -- Chests are rare here. Save your money and pick up the more important Antivenom instead

 Everything In The Forest Wants To Poison You!

Darkest Dungeon

Extremely Necessary Provisions:
  • Antivenom -- Many enemies in this final area of the game cause blight
  • Bandages -- Many enemies in this final area of the game cause bleed
Somewhat Helpful Provisions:
  • Holy Water -- Although there aren't any curios that require it, the buffs provided by Holy Water (assuming you aren't cursed with vampirism) can be helpful against many of the enemies here
Not Very Helpful Provisions:
  • Shovel -- You won't come across any rubble blocking your passage, so provisioning these are pretty useless here
  • Skeleton Key -- There aren't any curios here that require a key, so don't waste your funds!

 Get Ready To Bleed When You See What's Under The Robe!

That's all you need to know to provision your team of cannon fodder before being horribly killed by monsters!

Have any other provisioning tips and tricks to offer? Let us know what we missed in the comments!

And be sure to check out our other Darkest Dungeon guides. Here are some to get you started: 

10 Darkest Dungeon Mods That Will Keep You Alive Longer (2017) https://www.gameskinny.com/sy7g9/10-darkest-dungeon-mods-that-will-keep-you-alive-longer-2017 https://www.gameskinny.com/sy7g9/10-darkest-dungeon-mods-that-will-keep-you-alive-longer-2017 Mon, 03 Jul 2017 10:40:01 -0400 ActionJ4ck


Difficulty is often what makes victory worth attaining, but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with trying to tone it down a bit for fun. If you feel like you could use a little boost in Darkest Dungeon, give any or all of these mods a try. Or if you need a little extra help without modding, check out any of our other Darkest Dungeon guides here on GameSkinny for tips on how to survive these punishing dungeons. 


So now that you can swing the odds in your favor with mods, are you feeling a bit more courageous? What other kinds of mods would you like to see made for Darkest Dungeon? Or do you prefer keep the difficulty of the original game intact? Let us know down below.


Crimson Curse Buff


As anyone who's played Darkest Dungeon's The Crimson Court DLC will tell you, acquiring the Crimson Curse status effect is just painful. Moon slime's Crimson Curse Buff mod seeks to alleviate that a bit by removing effects like the max HP penalty and Blight weakness from some of the stages of the curse.


What's nice about this mod is that, unlike many others, it doesn't remove the Crimson Curse from the game entirely -- so you still get to enjoy some of the added challenge of The Crimson Court without being broken by it.


Get Crimson Curse Buff via the Steam Community


Stacking Inventory


Another mod by Maester Silvio, the relatively simple Stacking Inventory mod makes firewood, dog treats, quest items, and a few other items stackable in your inventory. This clears up clutter and makes item management generally more convenient, so it's definitely recommended. It also doesn't affect the game's overall difficulty a tremendous amount, so it's still a good mod even if you're concerned about spoiling the challenge of the game.


Get Stacking Inventory via the Steam Community


Anti-Grind & Larger Roster


This mod is actually a combination of two mods by Spyboy, both intended to ease the pain of losing a powerful hero. Anti-grind Stage Coach accomplishes this by raising the likelihood of finding higher level heroes later in the game, thereby reducing the amount of time spent grinding new recruits after one of your better heroes inevitably dies. Larger Roster, meanwhile, simply lets you hold on to more heroes at one time. Combined, these two mods can make the game much more user-friendly, particularly in the later game when losing a powerful hero can really screw you over.


Get Anti-grind & Larger Roster via the Steam Community


[Image courtesy of the Steam Community]


Commissar - Class Mod


Another great class mod is the Commissar - Class Mod by ActionJack (no relation to the author of this article, I swear). Though not as obviously overpowered as the Vampiress, the Commissar is still a great addition any team thanks to its highly supportive skill set. The Commissar is capable of buffing allies and shifting their positions, putting you in a prime position to wreak havoc on foes. It's both a fun and awesome class.


Get Commissar - Class Mod via the Steam Community


[Image courtesy of the Steam Community]




Steam user scorpiovaeden created this mod to make the deadly Vampiress an available class in Darkest Dungeon. In addition to looking just plain awesome, the Vampiress is a genuine wrecking ball (barring any updates to the mod). With solid HP, great speed, massive AoE potential, and self-healing, the Vampiress easily out-performs most of the base game's classes, so having one on your side can be a real boost to your chances of victory. 


Get Vampiress_Spine_Mod via the Steam Community


[Image courtesy of the Steam Community]


No Monster Crits


I understand that critical hits are just a part of video games and are important for adding a level of unpredictability to a game -- but that doesn't mean I won't hurl obscenities at my monitor whenever they happen. No Monster Crits by CrazyMLC saves us all an eventual headache by stripping monsters of their ability to land critical hits. Some might even argue that this makes the game better by keeping success tied to player skill rather than RNG.


Get No Monster Crits via the Steam Community


No Random Diseases


Don't you just hate spontaneously obtaining syphilis? Well sometimes that just randomly happens when you finish a level in Darkest Dungeon. ColourlessAmiba's No Random Diseases mod squashes this little lottery of misery by removing any chance of heroes randomly obtaining diseases upon returning to the hamlet.


Now if only they could make this mod for college IRL...


Get No Random Diseases via the Nexus Mods community


No Random Negative Quirks


Challenging games should also be rewarding -- so it definitely feels like a kick to the shin whenever you make a flawless run through a dungeon only for one of your heroes to be randomly granted Satanaphobia at the end of the level. But the No Random Negative Quirks mod by Bad Maw prevents heroes from randomly acquiring negative quirks upon returning to the hamlet. 


Get No Random Negative Quirks via the Nexus Mods community


Level Restrictions Removal


Dungeons in Darkest Dungeon are restricted by character level in order to prevent higher-level heroes from running through the same low-level dungeons over and over again. The purpose of this is obviously to make grinding for XP and items a lot more difficult -- but perhaps too difficult. Level Restrictions Removal by Maester Silvio seeks to rectify this by removing the level restrictions from dungeons, enabling you to grind to your heart's content. 


Get Level Restrictions Removal via the Steam Community


[Image courtesy of Steam Community]


Strong Start


It makes sense to start with the Strong Start mod by Steam user Seraph. Intended for use with a new save game, this mod lets your two starting heroes begin the game with no negative quirks, three positive quirks, and a skeleton key. Your hamlet will also have a few more resources from the beginning, giving you a nice leg up on the difficulty curve.


Get Strong Start via the Steam Community


[Image courtesy of Steam Community]


Darkest Dungeon is hard, and that's a good thing! Really. Challenging games are always the most rewarding, and Darkest Dungeon is certainly both. But let's be real here; sometimes I just want to come home, sit in front of the computer, and casually run through a dungeon without having to worry about my heroes randomly contracting syphilis. 


Luckily for us, that's what mods are for. Here's a list of the 10 best mods to help you make Darkest Dungeon a bit more like a casual dungeon crawler and less like a steady stream of demoralizing beat-downs.



How to Beat the Crocodilian in Darkest Dungeon https://www.gameskinny.com/sinjf/how-to-beat-the-crocodilian-in-darkest-dungeon https://www.gameskinny.com/sinjf/how-to-beat-the-crocodilian-in-darkest-dungeon Tue, 27 Jun 2017 16:38:26 -0400 LuckyJorael

With the release of Darkest Dungeon’s DLC Crimson Court, many players were caught off-guard by the ferocity of the Crocodilian -- a mini-boss you can encounter during what seems like a routine quest. The Crocodilian is one of those mini-bosses that are harder than final bosses, especially because you encounter Crocodilian during the first quest in Crimson Court. Like many of the bosses in Darkest Dungeon, there’s a good way to deal with Crocodilian that might not be the way you usually deal with enemies, but makes the fight against him much easier.

Bear in mind: Red Hook Studios released an update on June 21 that reduced Crocodilian’s max HP and prevented it from healing while submerged on Apprentice and Veteran levels. Resolve 0 or 1 heroes participate in the Apprentice and Veteran level difficulties, and may or may not have a better time fighting Crocodilian because he can’t self-heal -- but either way the mutated croc still deals hefty damage. I’m tackling this fight from the perspective of Resolve 2 and above heroes, so Crocodilian can Submerge and self-heal during the fight.

The Crocodilian starts the fight at rank 4, and only has two abilities that move it forward: Lurking Fear, a buff that nets it +20% damage and +10% protection, and Apex Predator, an attack that targets two heroes for large amounts of damage and moves Crocodilian forward 4. Note that Crocodilian can only use Apex Predator after it uses Submerge. The attack Crocodilian seems to use the most – as long as it’s not in the front rank – is Swarming Corruption, which hits all four heroes, causes stress, and debuffs accuracy by 10. Submerge, however, is the ability that makes Crocodilian so hard to deal with. He gains +35 dodge when he’s Submerged, and automatically heals. The mutated croc can use Submerge at any rank, and the ability sets him up for Apex Predator.

Strategy for Defeating the Croc in Darkest Dungeon

Crocodilian only has 50% stun and bleed resistances, and takes two actions every round -- so a stun that gets through severely limits the amount of damage he can put out (or heal), and a bleed is twice as effective. In addition, the croc only has a 35% move resist, so keeping him in the back rank to stop him from using Teeth Rake – a medium-damage ability that bleeds, stresses, and pulls a hero 2 ranks forward – might be advisable, as well.

Crocodilian has 109 health, which seems like a lot until you start stacking bleeds on him. Those two actions per round mean heroes like the Houndmaster, Jester, and Highwayman can keep applying bleeds until Crocodilian kills himself.

Hero choice can be extremely important in the Crocodilian fight. Vestal is a great choice because of Dazzling Light – which she can use from the back ranks to stun – and Divine Comfort, which can help mitigate the damage from Swarming Corruption. Highwayman and Jester both have decent bleed attacks, in the form of Open Vein for Highwayman and Harvest or Slice Off for Jester. Hellion is also a good choice, for her Barbaric YAWP! and If It Bleeds abilities, though be warned that Barbaric YAWP! gives Hellion a damage and dodge debuff.

Houndmaster has a good selection of bleeds, along with Blackjack -- which has a stun with a high base percentage. The Flagellant gets a nod for this fight, mostly because of the decent bleed attacks he has and the insane Redeem ability, which he can only use if he has less than 50% max HP, but heals for 33% of a hero’s max HP. Additionally, if the Flagellant is killed, he will heal the rest of the party and stun all enemies – which isn’t exactly something you want to happen, but it’s nice to know he’ll go out with a bang.

Like most of the rest of the game, Crocodilian is an enemy you have to outsmart and endure. Darkest Dungeon won’t do you any favors if you come to the fight unprepared, and attempting to simply run roughshod over him with sheer damage will most likely get your heroes killed. If, however, you plan your attack accordingly, and bring heroes that will counter the Crocodilian’s strengths and target his weaknesses, the fight should go well. And you can continue through the Crimson Court without too much trouble.

Got any strategies for beating Crocodilian we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to check out the rest of our Darkest Dungeon guides to ensure that you stay alive and keep your mind intact in this punishing game.

[images courtesy of Red Hook Studios Inc.]

Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court Boss Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/655hw/darkest-dungeon-crimson-court-boss-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/655hw/darkest-dungeon-crimson-court-boss-guide Mon, 26 Jun 2017 18:28:42 -0400 Ty Arthur

As if Darkest Dungeon wasn't hard enough already, the Crimson Court DLC brings in five ultra deadly new bosses focused around vampires (and those who hunt them), with a crazy mutant crocodile thrown in for good measure.

Some are found at the end of long quests (and we mean loooooooooong -- these are much bigger than the standard dungeons by a factor of five or six times) while others are found randomly under certain circumstances.

As with the base game, boss fights aren't just harder versions of normal hallway battles. They have very specific tactics and combat flow you need to follow, as having a full team of high health damage dealers won't help you win if you don't have the right heroes who are able to hit the correct positions. Below we explain how to best defeat all the Crimson Court DLC bosses.

How to Beat the Crocodilian in Darkest Dungeon

The Crocodilian's stats are as follows:

  • HP: 108
  • Stun Resist: 50%
  • Blight Resist: 80%
  • Bleed Resist: 50%
  • Debuff Resist: 75%
  • Move Resist: 35%

Defeating the mutant Croc and ending this quest starts the infestation level, which leads to the rest of the Crimson Court quests. He's tough to beat though, with high health after a medium dungeon (even though it's listed as "short"), where you will likely have rank 0 or 1 heroes.

The Crocodilian begins in the 4th position, with vegetation featuring huge HP totals in the first three spots. Unlike the pews in the Ruins Necromancer bosses, there's no point in trying to attack or move the vegetation. Those three slots are just there to take up space so the boss can screw with your tactics.

To win this battle, you need to bring a group of heroes who can all attack all four slots, as the Crocodilian moves between front and back row (and can move your party members). It's a good bet you'll have numerous heroes at death's door throughout the battle -- so if you a bring a healer, equip a skill that heals everyone a small amount rather than one person a large amount. It's better to keep getting out of the death's door condition than to try and keep your tank at full health.

Trinkets and abilities that buff your Dodge stat are incredibly useful here, as the Croc's attacks can be devastating. Your goal is to evade attacks while dealing as much damage as possible before he submerges to heal.

Marking skills that increase damage and the bloodlust buff (attained by giving blood to a cursed hero who is in the craving state) will get you enough damage to win.

Don't discount damage-over-time effects though. With his relatively low bleed and stun resist, you can keep knocking the Croc off his turn schedule and still deal damage each round to prevent submerging and healing.

For added fun, upgraded versions of the Crocodilian will appear randomly in the Courtyard when you move into the next phase of the Crimson Court quest.

 Fighting The Crocodilian

How to Beat the Fanatic in Darkest Dungeon

The Fanatic's stats are as follows:

  • HP: 119
  • Stun Resist: 45%
  • Blight Resist: 80%
  • Bleed Resist: 45%
  • Debuff Resist: 35%
  • Move Resist: 55%

Like most bosses, there are three upgrading versions of the Fanatic. The stats above are for his first encounter.

This wandering boss has a small percentage chance of appearing anytime you enter a dungeon with cursed heroes. The more cursed heroes in your lineup, the more likely he will appear (you'll know he's coming because the intro screen for the area will change to show the Fanatic). He shows up in a random room of the dungeon, so it's actually still possible to miss him even if he spawns.

Very similar to the Hag boss from the Weald, the Fanatic will take one of your heroes and put him in the pyre, where that character takes damage each round. In other words, you'll actually be fighting with three heroes instead of four.

If you hit the pyre and free your companion, the Fanatic will just grab another hero in the next round or two anyway, so don't bother -- just hit the boss instead. High health isn't a boon here, because the pyre deals a percentage of health each turn, rather a specific number of damage points.

With three moves per round, there's not a lot of point to stun or marking tactics here. Bleeding, however, is incredibly effective as it will hit him constantly -- so bring along characters who can cause bleed.

In particular, a lineup of Hellion, Flagellant, Hound Master, and Jester is useful since they all can cause bleed and attack different positions. The Fanatic starts in the back row but can move during the battle, so avoid heroes who are best at only attacking the first two slots, like the Crusader or Leper.

Fighting the Fanatic

How to Beat the Baron in Darkest Dungeon

The Baron's stats are as follows:

  • HP: 233
  • Stun Resist: 87%
  • Blight Resist: 85%
  • Bleed Resist: 55%
  • Debuff Resist: 60%
  • Move Resist: 85%

After an absurdly, punishingly long map, you finally get to fight the Baron. He hides inside a random pulsating egg and makes you search for him by hitting each position.

You want some serious buffs for this fight, so having blood on hand for your cursed heroes is a must. The Houndmaster's Guard Dog ability is useful, as is the Bolster skill from the Man-At-Arms class, both of which will make you less likely to get hit.

Having an Occultist in the back row can be helpful, since Vulnerability Hex hits any position and will knock the Baron out of his egg (and can then be used to mark the boss and lower his defense), while Wyrd Reconstruction is of course always useful for healing. 

Bleeding skills, in addition to getting your cursed characters into bloodlust mode, is a good way to whittle down the Baron's huge health pool.

   Fighting the Baron

How to Beat the Viscount in Darkest Dungeon

The Viscount's stats are as follows:

  • HP: 127
  • Stun Resist: 55%
  • Blight Resist: 95%
  • Bleed Resist: 70%
  • Debuff Resist: 70%
  • Move Resist: 95%

If you've found the Mercurial Salve trinket (increases damage substantially against bloodsuckers), this battle can be over quickly because of the Viscount's lower health for a big boss. Any trinket or ability that ups your damage potential should be equipped here, and of course don't forget about bloodlust.

The Viscount moves between positions, so again your typical damage dealers like the Crusader and Leper aren't as useful -- you want something that can attack multiple slots and do mid-to-high damage.

A hyper-focused party of two transformed Abominations and two Houndmasters using dog treats for bonus damage can make quick work of this boss. Otherwise, focusing on Bleed, Stun, and Riposte makes for a longer but more manageable battle.

 Fighting the Viscount

How to Beat the Countess in Darkest Dungeon

The Countess' stats are as follows:

  • HP: 400
  • Stun Resist: 140%
  • Blight Resist: 119%
  • Bleed Resist: 90%
  • Debuff Resist: 120%
  • Move Resist: 220%

With tons of health and high resistances, The Countess is tough. Continuously hitting yourself with the Bolster skill can be incredibly helpful, though, as you won't get hit by her devastating group attacks nearly as often.

Although it's sort of cheap, a team of three Man-At-Arms heroes and one Graverobber in the third position (to hit with ranged attacks) will take a long time to win -- but you'll almost never get hit, since you can keep Bolstering every time it runs off. Don't forget to feed blood to your cursed characters for the speed and damage boost!

Once again with this boss Bleed resist is lowest, so using those skills can be devastating since she moves three times every single round. Just make sure to keep applying Bleed as it wears off. A Flagellant kept at death's door will do some devastating damage as well, if you're equipping trinkets that increase damage when at low health.

 Fighting the Countess

Now you have all the knowledge you need to make your way through all of the Crimson Court's big, bad, and bloodthirsty bosses! Do you have any other strategies we didn't list here that work well? Let us know in the comments!

If you're having trouble with any other part of the Crimson Court DLC, be sure to check out our other Darkest Dungeon guides:

How to Get the Invitation in Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Court https://www.gameskinny.com/rvq4v/how-to-get-the-invitation-in-darkest-dungeon-crimson-court https://www.gameskinny.com/rvq4v/how-to-get-the-invitation-in-darkest-dungeon-crimson-court Mon, 26 Jun 2017 15:26:26 -0400 Ty Arthur

With the "Crimson Court" DLC to Darkest Dungeon, you get a whole new area to explore filled to the brim with blood sucking fiends! From killing giant mosquitos to contracting vampirism on your own, there's plenty to see in this new area near the Hamlet.

Getting into the first section of the Courtyard is easy, but after completing that initial quest, you'll notice something strange -- you are barred from returning unless you have an invitation.

Turns out those vampires are serious about their entry rules. No invitation, no returning for more bloody mosquito mayhem. They also clearly aren't going to just hand one out to your crusading group of heroes, either.

While new enemies will appear in other areas like the Ruins or Cove, you can't actually continue the Crimson Court quest line and take on the Baron until finding that pesky little piece of paper granting you entrance to the Courtyard.

Finding The Crimson Court Invitation

Before invitations will drop from certain vampiric enemies in the "Crimson Court" DLC, first you have to get the bloody bug infestation level to reach high, which means completing the first Courtyard quest where you have to burn the Thronging Hives with special torches and then kill the Crocodilian.

After that quest is finished, the infestation level will increase slowly as you complete quests in other areas of Darkest Dungeon. Try to complete as many as possible as quickly as possible, as blood drops are rarer outside the Courtyard and you will likely have several cursed heroes on their way to wasting away without a steady blood supply.

Failing or abandoning quests doesn't seem to raise the infestation level at all, so prepare with the ideal party lineup for each area (Crusaders for the Ruins, characters who can heal blight in the Cove, and so on) and make sure to bring enough provisions.

You can check the current infestation level by heading to the Embark screen and checking the red banner icon on the left side of the screen.

 Checking the infestation level

When the infestation level is finally at high, a special new enemy carrying an invitation will randomly appear in any of the game's areas. There's no one sure fire place to go to find him, so just head into any quest and hope for an appearance.

This new monster looks just like the Manservant enemy from the Courtyard, but is instead titled a Gatekeeper and is very obviously carrying a large, bloody piece of paper -- that's the invitation you want to get your hands on!

 Yup, that's the Gatekeeper

Killing the Gatekeeper in the "Crimson Court" DLC

You don't have to kill the Gatekeeper in any special way. Just take out the group of monsters and the invitation will be found in the loot.

Keep in mind the invitation follows all the same rules for other loot, meaning you need to have an open slot in your very limited inventory. It's better to drop something, even a pricey gem, and keep the invitation than hope you find a Gatekeeper again later.

As with any other treasure, your current group of heroes has to survive the dungeon to bring it back, so if you are low on health or high on stress, its better to abandon the current quest and keep the invitation than lose it to those all-too-frequent total party wipes Darkest Dungeon is so fond of dishing out.

   Huzzah, the invitation is ours!

Now that you've got that elusive invitation in your possession, just head over to the Embark screen again and select the Courtyard to move onto the next quest about killing the Baron.

Good luck, and hope the Fanatic doesn't chase you down and kill your cursed heroes!

More Bloody Darkest Dungeon Adventures

Getting the invitation is just one small aspect of the "Crimson Court" DLC that adds in plenty of new enemies, bosses, and even a whole new character class. Need more help? Check out our other Darkest Dungeon "Crimson Court" guides here:


Darkest Dungeon: What Are Laudanum and The Blood For? https://www.gameskinny.com/2bqd0/darkest-dungeon-what-are-laudanum-and-the-blood-for https://www.gameskinny.com/2bqd0/darkest-dungeon-what-are-laudanum-and-the-blood-for Thu, 29 Jun 2017 11:18:18 -0400 eleccross

Darkest Dungeon, the stress-inducing and hopelessly difficult dungeon crawler, recently got a new expansion called The Crimson Court, which adds much more to the game -- including a new campaign in a new area that takes place parallel to the main game. The DLC also adds more enemies, a new class, a new boss, a new disease, and new items.

But some of those new items are giving players trouble, as their uses aren't entirely clear. This is especially true for Laudanum and The Blood. So in this short guide, we're going to go over both those items and what you need to be doing with them. 

What Laudanum Does in Darkest Dungeon

Laudanum is probably the simplest of the new items. Its only purpose is to cure horror.

Horror is a status ailment that's been in the game since before the expansion. It acts a lot like bleeding, but with added stress. Stress will steadily increase every turn if horror is not treated with something like Laudanum.

Where to Find Laudanum

Laudanum is a supply, so it can be bought from the supply trader in addition to the random drops of it you'll get from dungeons.

What The Blood Does in Darkest Dungeon

The Blood is a lot more complicated than Laudanum, because it's tied to the new disease called the Crimson Curse. The Crimson Curse essentially turns the infected party member into a vampire, which comes with downsides and upsides (but of course, in typical Darkest Dungeon fashion it's mostly downsides). The disease has four stages, and giving blood to the infected party member has different effects at different stages.

First is the passive stage. All this stage entails is a few debuffs and a +1 speed buff. Giving the infected party member The Blood in this stage will increase their dodge by 7 and increase their speed by 3 for three rounds.

During passive phase a prompt will sometimes come up, similar to the hunger prompt, that asks you to feed your party member The Blood. If you don't feed them The Blood, you'll move into the second stage of craving.

During the craving phase, the effects of the debuffs/buffs are doubled. They will also do random actions similar those of stress afflictions -- like hurting allies, passing turns, causing stress to increase, etc. If the infected party member is given The Blood during this phase, they will go to the Bloodlust phase.

During the Bloodlust phase, the party member only gets buffs -- specifically +25% damage, +4 speed, and +15% resistance to bleed, blight, and stun. However, the party member will also do random actions that harm the party. If The Blood is given to them in this stage, they will take massive stress damage (35-40) but gain +50% damage and +4 speed for 3 rounds. After long enough, the Bloodlust will pass and the party member will become passive again.

If the party member is not given The Blood for long enough during the craving phase, they will go into the wasting stage. Everything in this stage is the same as craving, but the party member also gets +10% deathblow resistance. If given The Blood in the wasting stage they will become passive. If they don't get The Blood by the next check, they will die.

Where to Find The Blood

Blood can be found anywhere in the expansion areas and anywhere with infection. Unlike other supplies, if you have leftover blood at the end of a dungeon, it will all go to your storage for use the next time you go into a dungeon.

While Laudanum doesn't add a lot to the game, The Crimson Curse and The Blood are new mechanics that'll certainly mix up your playthrough -- whether it's for better or for worse.

That wraps up this item guide! For more help with this punishing dungeon crawler, check out the rest of our Darkest Dungeon guides to make sure your whole party makes it out alive.