Resident Evil 2 (2019) Articles RSS Feed | Resident Evil 2 (2019) RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Three Resident Evil Games Receive New-Gen Updates Tue, 14 Jun 2022 09:40:38 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Capcom announced as part of its recent showcase that Resident Evil 7 and the remakes for Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 would be receiving new-gen updates. Those updates are available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, and they're free for those who already own any of the games. Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 retail for $39.99, while Resident Evil 7 is $19.99.  

All versions now support 4K resolution, increased framerates, and ray tracing. Each game takes advantage of the faster loading times provided by the PS5 and Series X|S, and the PlayStation 5 versions support 3D audio, as well as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers via the DualSense. 

The news comes alongside the announcement of Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and the Winters' Expansion coming in October 2022, adding a new story arc, third-person mode, and new content to Mercenaries. Capcom also showed off new footage for the Resident Evil 4 remake, coming in 2023, and provided an update on RE:Verse


What Resident Evil Does That Zombie Fiction Usually Doesn't Fri, 30 Apr 2021 11:15:15 -0400 Thomas Wilde

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil series, which is easily one of the weirdest success stories in video games. Even long-time, hardcore fans of the franchise will tell you that the plot is not Resident Evil's high point, and I can't realistically argue that they're wrong.


RE started by making it all up as it went along, eventually kitbashed itself into a sort of bizarre military thriller, and then chucked it all to fight mold monsters in backwoods Louisiana. Resident Evil, as fiction, is a case of Capcom succeeding despite itself.


Twenty-five years later, however, the survival-horror franchise has become one of the tentpoles in the increasingly crowded zombie sub-genre. For all the balls-out craziness of Resident Evil's story, it's consistently done one thing that sets itself apart from the pack, which we as fans and critics don't talk about enough. To some extent, I'd argue that it's the secret to RE's lasting appeal.


Simply put: the Resident Evil games aren't cynical, and that's almost entirely unique within the genre.


Editor's note: Spoilers for the Resident Evil series, including Resident Evil 2 Remake, follow. 


Mission Statement


The best and most useful example of this, which has stuck with me since I saw it, is from the 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake, right after the crane fight in Claire's scenario, when you catch up to Sherry Birkin in the drainage room.


Sherry's been infected with the G-Virus offscreen, which, as far as we as players know, is a death sentence. Even Sherry's mother, Annette, writes her off as a lost cause.


Claire, however, does not, which leads to the following exchange:


CLAIRE: Sherry, don't worry. I will get you whatever you need, OK?
SHERRY: Why are you doing this?
CLAIRE: Because I care.


This is the only explanation that you, as the player, ever get for Claire's decision. She doesn't have any convenient narrative justification on deck, like a tragically dead younger sibling, and doesn't have a plan to get something out of the deal. Claire has every right to walk away from this, but chooses to give a damn about this girl she just met.


In a lot of other zombie media, this scenario ends with one or both characters dead, because you can't have nice things during a zombie outbreak. If this were any version of The Walking Dead, Claire would have dropped from a sudden headshot out of nowhere by the time she finished enunciating the word "care."


In Resident Evil, however, Claire isn't punished for a moment of compassion. Instead, if anything, she's rewarded.


Humans as Monsters


The modern zombie genre was effectively codified by George Romero's "Dead Trilogy" of films, particularly 1978's Dawn of the Dead (above). Virtually every zombie film, game, book, show, comic, or what-have-you since Dawn has some of that movie in its DNA, whether it's deliberate inspiration (Dead Rising, Netflix's Daybreak) or just reacting to it (the mall level in Left 4 Dead 2, Joe Russo's Return of the Living Dead).


One of the primary drivers of the action in the "Dead Trilogy" is that the humans are the ones who screw everything up, and that's gone on to be the most influential aspect of the films.


In both the 1968 and 1990 versions of Night of the Living Dead, the survivors take more damage from their own dumb decisions than they do from the zombies. In the original 1978 Dawn of the Dead, the survivors' fortified hideout is only breached when a bunch of idiot bikers decide to break in for fun.



Over the course of the next few decades, this has slowly been codified into the bedrock of the genre, particularly in video games (i.e., Days Gone, above).


Zombies can be dangerous under the right circumstances, but in nine zombie apocalypses out of ten, it's the humans that you really have to watch out for. They'll make mistakes; they'll screw you over; they'll provide the sub-bosses while the zombies fade into background noise.


That, in turn, has given a lot of recent zombie stories an unmistakably cynical edge, if that cynicism isn't the whole point of the story in the first place. The zombies themselves can easily end up as little more than an inciting incident, which lets a writer go on to explore a scenario about desperation, deprivation, and inhumanity.


That isn't a criticism. That kind of story can be and has been done well, first by Romero--I basically just described 1981's Day of the Dead--and then by 40 years of other creators.


The issue at hand is that it's become the standard formula for the genre, which shifts one of the central questions of the narrative. Instead of asking, "Will humanity survive?", the zombie apocalypse is asking, "Is humanity worth saving?"


Resident Evil's answer to the latter question, traditionally and almost uniquely, has been "Yes."


Canceling the Apocalypse


You can make the counterpoint here that what Resident Evil is actually saying is, "Humanity will survive because we, Capcom, want to keep making Resident Evil games." That's entirely valid, particularly as a "Doylist" interpretation of the series.


It's also worth noting that the series's main characters, particularly Chris and Leon, have been put through the wringer. Chris is visibly burned out at the start of Resident Evil 5, then spends most of Resident Evil 6 as a post-traumatic wreck. Leon is an outright drunken mess in 2017's Vendetta.


There's a difference between the characters suffering from bouts of cynicism, however, and the series itself falling into that trap.


In fact, one of the abiding themes of the series, both in gameplay and in the last few mainline games, is persistence: in continuing onward, regardless of the odds, to try and achieve the most positive outcome that can be hoped for under the circumstances.


The world of Resident Evil is one in which atrocities happen regularly, usually for astoundingly dumb reasons. Whether it's Wesker's planetary eugenics plan in RE5, Glenn Arias's revenge scheme in Vendetta, Morgan Lansdale endangering the world to save it in Revelations, Alex Wesker's epistemologically-questionable resurrection scheme in Revelations 2, or the hundred clashing motivations you get from various Umbrella employees throughout the series (money! power! a kingdom in Africa where only pretty people get to live!), the world of Resident Evil is in a constant state of catastrophe.



It's never quite reached that point, however, because the villains tend to lose. They don't turn circumstances around to somehow benefit from them, and they don't slink off with no permanent damage like the Joker to menace the heroes again in the next installment. (Usually. Some of them are still around.) They're confronted, they're fought, and they're taken out, one way or the other.


Granted, those victories don't come cheap. Whether it's a friend, a team, a town, or a city, you don't hit the closing credits in Resident Evil without the protagonists paying dearly for it. This is still a horror franchise, and not everyone gets to make it out unscathed.


Occasionally, you don't get to have any real victory at all. For example, neither version of Resident Evil 3 gives Jill much of a chance to do anything besides survive, and Resident Evil 6 relies heavily on hopelessness as its primary horrific theme, so all you get to do for most of it is helplessly watch people die. (Like a lot of things about RE6, it's not a bad idea, but the execution isn't there.)


It's still a far cry from many of the other games playing in Resident Evil's genre-pool, many of which start at the end of the world. You spend a lot of time in those games fighting other humans over relative scraps, for the slim chance that maybe the next day will be marginally less awful than today.



In Resident Evil, on the other hand, the world is worth fighting for, is being fought for, and those fights are successful a surprising amount of the time. Some humans are bastards, but some are selfless enough to keep showing up to fight them, time and time again, regardless of the personal cost.


For whatever reason, that's become the primary factor that sets Resident Evil apart from everything else. It's the one major franchise in the zombie horror genre where hope actually matters and victory is possible, if costly. It deserves more credit for that than it's ever gotten.


[Image sources: IMDB, Capcom]

Best PS4 Horror Games to Play on PS5 Thu, 31 Dec 2020 10:14:56 -0500 Jason D'Aprile


Horror is a broad genre that doesn’t just mean having to be the hapless victim. Sometimes, you just want to be the monster. Carrion is the amazing game that lets you do it.


Imagine if the creature from the Thing had been captured and trapped in a massive underground lab, where scientists relentlessly experimented on it. Then imagine violently escaping, trying to find a way out, all the while growing stronger, evolving, and taking revenge on all those pesky humans who hurt you.


Carrion is a metroidvania-style game with distinctly 16-bit graphics, but thoroughly addicting in every way. The way the monster moves is a marvel of animation, the puzzles are great, and the violence is almost too satisfying. If you missed Carrion the first time around, don’t make that mistake twice.


That's the end of our horror game list, how do you feel about the lineup? Sound off in the comments below with some of your favorite horror titltes you can play on PS5.

Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle

For something completely different, here’s a gem that merges horrific Japanese folklore monsters, classic grid-based first-person dungeon crawler gameplay, and some intriguingly creative mechanics.


The game allows the four-character party to split up to explore, solve puzzles, and even fight monsters. While it’s not by any stretch the most cutting edge game in our list, Hyakki Castle makes excellent use of its settings, lore, and especially wonderfully macabre collection of monsters and characters. It’s well worth playing for fans of classic RPGs who want something very different.

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

For a flair of Korean horror, White Day checks the boxes for the genre. A remake of a remake, the game has a long history. Originally released in 2001, in an admittedly very different form, the final version on PS4 is a first-person horror adventure that takes players into those most horrifying of all locations: high school.


A love-lorn boy sneaks into school after hours to leave his crush a present but instead finds himself trapped in a supernatural, angry ghost-addled nightmare. It’s cheesy and fun, with plenty of sneaking around, finding items, and solving puzzles.


A labor of love for the small team at the Deep End Games (led by former Irrational Game’s Bill Gardner), Perception is a short, but intriguing twist on the haunted house theme.


While the house itself is pretty garden-variety gothic horror, the protagonist is not. Cassie, our heroine, is blind and the game translates her use of echolocation and psychic visions into a visually fascinating low-fi wave of vibrations reflecting off the objects around her.


It’s a memorable and intense graphic solution for translating Cassie’s world and sense of ever-building dread. The story is well-written, Cassie is appealing, and Perception is a good example of an indie game that deserves a second chance at finding its audience.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 marked such a huge departure from the traditions of the series that it almost seemed like a different game entirely. Switching from third to first-person perspective might appear to be a radical change, but the end result was nothing short of gory, horrific magic.


Bringing the series back to the roots of a mansion of madness actually ended up making it feel more in line with the original and that new perspective amped up the claustrophobia. There’s a lot going on as you work your way through each member of one of the most screwed up families in all of horror gaming, and after that, there’s plenty of additional DLC that branches the story out even further.


Given that the upcoming Resident Evil 8 seems to latch directly onto the end of this one, now is the perfect time to dive back in.

Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia started something in the horror game genre. Instead of standard survival horror games where ammunition and weapons were merely limited, here there’s none at all.


Hiding and evading the dread that walks these halls is the only means of survival, and it created a subgenre where tension and paranoia were essentially gameplay mechanics. The two games have been re-released twice now, but if you’ve never tried these slower-paced nerve-wracking tales of terror they are definitely worth adding to your hard drive. 


One of two retro-inspired 2D metroidvanias on our list, Blasphemous plays with horror on a nearly unique level. Everything in this game’s world is horrible (or wonderful, depending on your point of view) to behold.


The thinly veiled inspiration of Dante’s Inferno concerns the obsession-driven quest of a unknown knight. He’s fighting demonic and godly forces that seem to have flown right up from the lowest circles of Biblical Hell, and the player is fighting a difficulty level to match.


Blasphemous is bizarre and clever in its deliverance of hefty piles of gore, horrific monsters, and absurdly violent means to dispatch them. Just don't expect an easy time here.


Both of developer Playdead’s catalog is expertly disturbing, fascinating, and worth playing, and their second game, Inside, is a gem too.


Limbo, however, is definitely the more horrific of the two. A side-scrolling puzzle platformer, the game hits its horror notes easily thanks to the fact that all the nightmarish situations, monsters, and absolutely brutal death sequences are all perpetrated against a young boy (probably don’t play the game with the kiddies around).


Limbo has been on a lot of platforms since its original release way back in 2010 and it’s nice to know it can continue to disturb more players on the new generation.

Until Dawn

In the relatively brief and recent resurgence of FMV-style games, Until Dawn remains noteworthy for the way it takes the tried and true slasher genre interactive while still managing to stay within the boundaries of its cinemative roots.


There hasn’t been any game since that manages so successfully to create an interactive horror movie experience. Admittedly, the emulation of slasher films works because it lets the cheesy acting and writing of Until Dawn to feel like a perfectly natural and even expected part of the fun.

Resident Evil 3

The remake of the third game in the original Resident Evil series continues the story fluidly forward, making it a natural progression after playing RE2. While it’s not the best of the series, Capcom’s eye for detail and successfully balancing between nostalgia and modern-day design sense makes it an excellent survival horror-meets-action endeavor.


The big hook in Resident Evil 3 is the continuation of the chase elements as characters Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira struggle both independently and together to survive against not just a constant onslaught of the dead, but the relentless pursuit of the mysterious and horrific Nemesis.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Vikings have long been a favored subject in video games, but seldom has a game shown the utterly horrific effects of that much-lauded and glorified violence the people were known for. God of War showed it off, but also dug into it with fervor. Hellblade, however, shows the brutal truth of a lifetime of violence and abuse on an individual.


Senua is a broken warrior, laid low by years of torment from Viking conquerors. Her love was murdered by them, her mind is fractured, and her struggle seems never-ending.


Cyberpunk is never out of style, but one of the least used aspects of this sci-fi subgenre is how well it melds with dismal, oppressive horror.


Made by Blooper Team, who did the also fascinating Layers of FearObserver casts players Daniel Lazarski, a special brand of detective who can hack people’s minds as well as machines. Obsessed with finding his estranged missing son, Daniel finds himself trapped in a grungy run-down apartment complex that devolves into a techno layer of hell. The fact Daniel is modeled after and voice-acted by Rutger Hauer is icing on the cake.


The original PS4 is still an excellent and evocative trip, but for the shiniest (well, high-res grungiest) version, there's also Observer: System Redux specifically released on the PS5.


Frictional Games doesn’t have a huge library of games, but their two key releases are Amnesia: Dark Descent (see below) and the brilliantly moody sci-fi horror, SOMA. Originally released on the PS4 in 2015, it could be argued this is a horror-tinged “walking simulator".


SOMA is wonderfully intelligent and harrowing interactive fiction. The emotional impact of the story hasn’t lessened in the intervening years, its presented conundrums over the nature of existence are hard to forget.

Resident Evil 2

Capcom’s Resident Evil series lands a few spots on this list, but with their complete remake of the second game, the company showed they still have a knack for horror. As with the original PlayStation game, you'll have to complete both Leon and Claire's campaigns to get the whole story.


The mix between survival horror and all-out action is damn near perfect. Capcom’s been good at remaking their old catalogs, but Resident Evil 2 is especially noteworthy. It has plenty to offer nostalgic gamers who loved the original but also makes a great choice even for those who never touched the series before.

Alien: Isolation

It’s hard to believe Alien: Isolation is old enough to have been released right at the transition between the PlayStation 3 and 4 (and released on both). It’s even harder to believe that Sega and developer, Creative Assembly, haven’t returned to the world of this incredible and, even now, distinctively intense survival horror title.


Isolation is a direct sequel to the original movie, where players take the role of Amanda Ripley, daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s famous Ellen Ripley character. 15 years after the events of Alien, Amanda is haunted by more than just the ghosts of her past as she finds herself in an Alien-infused nightmare aboard a space station. The retro-future set designs are stunning, but it’s the cat and mouse gameplay that makes Isolation remain one of the intense examples of its genre.


The PlayStation 5 might not have much of a native horror library just yet, but thanks to the system's backwards compatibility you're able to play any and every fright-filled PlayStation 4 title on Sony's newer system.


Luckily the PS4 library is extensive, and there's plenty for you to choose from between lower, more atmospheric horror games to those of the more blood-pumping variety. Let's get to the list.


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Save Big with the PlayStation Store's End of Year Sale Tue, 01 Dec 2020 15:26:33 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Black Friday sales might be over, but the PlayStation Store is kicking off its year-end sale with even more discounts from now until December 23.

From Resident Evil 2 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey to Sword Art Online, Code Vein, Persona 5 Royal, and more, there's something for almost every taste. PlayStation 5 owners, don't forget almost every PlayStation 4 game runs on PS5 as well, including all the games listed here.

PlayStation Store End of Year Sale

Here's a bigger sampling of what's on offer.

Game Sales Price Original Price
Dead By Daylight $11.99  $29.99
Death Stranding  $19.99  $39.99
Assassin's Creed Odyssey  $14.99  $59.99
Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition
 $19.99  $49.99
Dragonball Xenoverse 2
 $9.59  $59.99
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Deluxe Ed.
 $11.99  $79.99
Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition
 $34.99 $99.99
Monster Hunter: World
 $14.99  $19.99
Monster Hunter: World Iceborne
 $20.09  $29.99
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
 $9.99  19.99
Metro Exodus Gold Edition
 $22.74  $64.99
Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition
 $23.99  $59.99
Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection
 $21.99  $54.99
Persona 5 Royal Deluxe Edition  $34.99  $69.99
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered  $12.49  $49.99
Code Vein
$19.79  $59.99
Ratchet and Clank
 $9.99  $19.99
God of War Digital Deluxe Edition
(only through 12/15)
 $20.99  $29.99
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization
 $14.99  $59.99
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Ultimate Edition
 $35.99  $59.99


The PS Store's end of year sale runs through December 23. Here's a link to the sale's PlayStation Store page for the whole list.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more video game sale news as it develops. What games are you planning to pick up from the sale? Let us know in the comments below! 

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Gets New Screens, is RE Canon Tue, 27 Oct 2020 13:47:09 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness has a story that fits in with the Resident Evil canon, Netflix confirmed. The statement came in a Twitter post showing off new images of Infinite Darkness protagonists Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

"When biohazards run wild, only a pair of veteran zombie slayers can get the job done," the tweet reads.

When and where the story fits in could be anytime from right after Resident Evil 3 up through the events of Resident Evil 7. Using "biohazards" in the tweet brings the Baker plantation and Evelyn to mind, while Leon and Claire seem to be sporting their Resident Evil 6 and Revelations looks, respectively.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is set to air on Netflix in 2021. Meanwhile, Constantin Films is working on a Resident Evil reboot film exploring Raccoon City's last days, and Resident Evil Village releases on next-gen consoles in 2021.

No Tricks, Just Treats with the PlayStation Store's Halloween Sale Mon, 19 Oct 2020 14:45:09 -0400 Josh Broadwell

It wouldn't be Halloween without a PlayStation Store sale, and Sony's got plenty of treats from now until November 3. The Halloween sale runs the gamut from horror games and scary stuff such as Resident Evil and Darkest Dungeon to games anyone can enjoy, including Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Sayonara Wild Hearts.

Sony has over 125 games on sale, and here's a sampling of just a few of the spooktacular deals on offer.

Game Sales Price Normal Price
Death Stranding  $29.99  $39.99
Diablo 3: Eternal Collection  $19.79  $59.99
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Complete Edition
 $14.99  $49.99
Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition
 $4.99 $19.99
Raccoon City Edition (Resident Evil 2 remake + Resident Evil 3 remake)
 $39.99 $79.99
Wasteland 3
 $44.99  $59.99
Divinity: Original Sin 2 — Definitive Edition
$23.99 $59.99
MediEvil  $14.99  $29.99
Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition
$53.99 $89.99
Death end reQuest
 $19.99 $39.99
Blair Witch
 $14.99  $29.99
Darkest Dungeon
 $7.49  $24.99
Dark Cloud
 $5.99  $14.99
Resident Evil Triple Pack  (RE 4, 5, 6)  $23.79  $59.49
Sayonara Wild Hearts
 $7.49 $12.99
Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled + Spyro Reignited Trilogy  $37.49  $74.99
The Mummy Demastered
$9.99  $19.99
Days Gone
 $19.99  $39.99
Mortal Shell
 $25.99  $29.99
Little Nightmares
 $4.99  $19.99


The PS Store Halloween sale runs through November 3 at 11:59 p.m. Meanwhile, PS Plus members can get their hands on two excellent games for absolutely free before the end of October.

Resident Evil Movie Reboot Explores Raccoon City's Dying Days Tue, 06 Oct 2020 19:11:20 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Another Resident Evil movie is in the works, and this time, it's following Capcom's lead going back to the series' roots. Constantin Film and Johannes Roberts are creating a Resident Evil reboot film exploring the Spencer Mansion and the last days of Raccoon City.

Roberts (47 Meters Down; The Other Side of the Door) said his inspiration for the films was the sense of horror the first two games roused in him when he played them.

At the same time, he wants to make it relevant, saying the film is "telling a grounded human story about a small, dying American town that feels both relatable and relevant to today’s audiences."

Apart from knowing it explores the series' origins somehow, so far the only other solid detail is the casting.

  • Claire Redfield — Kaya Scodelario (Maze Runner)
  • Leon Kennedy — Avan Jogia (Now Apocalypse)
  • Jill Valentine — Hannah John-Kamen (Game of Thrones)
  • Chris Redfield — Robbie Amell (Upload)
  • Albert Wesker — Tom Hoppers (Umbrella Academy)
  • William Birkin — Neal McDonough (Minority Report)

Robert Kulzer will reprise his role as producer after leading production for the six previous live-action Resident Evil films.

There's no production timeline for the Resident Evil movie reboot, but it's not the only adaptation on the way. Netflix is producing Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, an anime series following Claire and Leon as they investigate... something. Details are still scant on that one, too.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Resident Evil news as it develops.

[Source: Deadline]

Resident Evil Series Confirmed at Netflix Thu, 27 Aug 2020 10:43:16 -0400 GS_Staff

Netflix has officially announced its long-rumored Resident Evil series. There is no release date for the live-action show carrying the eponymous name, but the streaming giant did provide a few details regarding the plot and its characters.

Resident Evil will follow Jade and Billie Wesker, two new characters in the RE universe. We don't know too much about the sisters at this point, except that series villain Albert Wesker is most likely their good old dad.

Exactly how the show fits into the timeline of the games remains to be seen, but it will explore two time periods in the sisters' lives. One will focus on their lives as teenagers in New Raccoon City, which, unsurprisingly, holds nefarious secrets of its own. The other will focus on Jade's adulthood and a world overrun by zombies.  

Netflix's official synopsis reads:

In the first timeline, fourteen-year-old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker are moved to New Raccoon City. A manufactured, corporate town, forced on them right as adolescence is in full swing. But the more time they spend there, the more they come to realize that the town is more than it seems and their father may be concealing dark secrets. Secrets that could destroy the world. 

Cut to the second timeline, well over a decade into the future: there are less than fifteen million people left on Earth. And more than six billion monsters -- people and animals infected with the T-virus. Jade, now thirty, struggles to survive in this New World, while the secrets from her past - about her sister, her father and herself - continue to haunt her.

The first season of Resident Evil will consist of eight one-hour episodes. Andrew Dabb will act as the series' showrunner, writer, and one of its many executive producers. Dabb is perhaps most known for his work on Supernatural, though he has a number of graphic novels to his name, including Ghostbusters Legion, the Dragonlance Chronicles, and G.I. Joe: SIGMA 6

Dabb said that: 

Resident Evil is my favorite game of all time. I'm incredibly excited to tell a new chapter in this amazing story and bring the first ever Resident Evil series to Netflix members around the world. For every type of Resident Evil fan, including those joining us for the first time, the series will be complete with a lot of old friends, and some things (bloodthirsty, insane things) people have never seen before.

Canadian director Bronwen Hughes will direct and executive produce episodes one and two of the series. Additional directors have not been announced. Hughes is known for her work on The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Better Call Saul.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on the Resident Evil series as we learn it, as well as updates on the upcoming Resident Evil 8

Capcom Plans Several Games This Year, Ongoing Support for Existing Hits Tue, 12 May 2020 11:18:18 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Capcom plans on releasing multiple new titles and push its back catalog in the coming year as part of its continued revival of all things old-school. The news comes from Capcom's 2019 fiscal results summary, where the makers of Resident Evil outline how they plan to achieve these goals.

The big takeaway here is that Capcom hopes for 28 million unit sales (individual purchases, in non-business-speak) by the end of March 2021. Publishing multiple, major new titles is one method the software giant plans on using, but remaining flexible with pricing and "pursuing ongoing sales" from previous titles is another.

Obviously, Capcom didn't say what these new titles are, but it's pretty reasonable to expect Resident Evil 8 among major new announcements. With dinosaurs rampaging back into popularity, we might get lucky and see a Dino Crisis resurgence, too. And as always here lately, all this hinges on what affects the coronavirus and work-from-home statutes have on development.

The report did say Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Resident Evil 2 factor into Capcom's plans for leveraging its back catalog, and that could be interesting in itself.

Further down, Capcom presents a little diagram showing how it views its business structure. 75% of its focus is on new software, while the remaining 25% is about expanding the IP through merchandise and adaptations. That's followed by a little spiral diagram showing how the model plays out with Monster Hunter. Capcom builds on the success of a new game, like World, with mobile spinoffs, events, concerts, expansions, and even movies.

Whether we can expect the same for titles like Resident Evil 2 isn't clear, and some of these — like the concerts and cafe collaborations — are definitely Japan-only. Either way, in between Capcom's major releases, we can expect continued and ongoing support for its already-released hits.

The full report is in a PDF on Capcom's website. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Capcom news as it develops.

Capture Big Discounts With Capcom's Steam Publisher Sale Tue, 11 Feb 2020 15:29:32 -0500 Ashley Shankle

If you've been holding off on some of Capcom's recent games like Devil May Cry 5 or Resident Evil 2, I hope you've got some money to spend. Some of Capcom's biggest games are currently on sale on Steam. 

With the sale lasting until February 17, a whole slew of notable titles both new and old are more than 80% off. Some of the best deals are:

  • Monster Hunter World for $19.79 ($29.99)
  • Devil May Cry 5 for $19.79 ($59.99)
  • Resident Evil 2 for $19.79 ($59.99)
  • Street Fighter 5 for $8.00 ($19.99)
  • Resident Evil 7 for $14.99 ($29.99)
  • Dragon's Dogma for $8.99 ($29.99)
  • Okami for $9.99 ($19.99)
  • Ace Attorney Trilogy for $14.99 ($29.99)
  • The Disney Afternoon Collection for $4.99 ($19.99)

There's a ton more where that came from, though. Check out the sale over on Steam, and do your best not to splurge too much.

Resident Evil Netflix Series Plot Accidentally Leaked by Streaming Giant Mon, 10 Feb 2020 13:13:44 -0500 Ty Arthur

Netflix may not have officially announced the series or confirmed any details, but the streaming giant hasn't exactly been stealthy about keeping the Resident Evil series under wraps.

A synopsis of the live-action show was recently posted online by Netflix but then quickly removed. The internet never forgets, though, and the Wayback Machine still has the goods

According to the blurb, Resident Evil notably won't take place in Raccoon City or the city's name may have been changed for the TV show as now we're headed to Clearfield, Maryland.

Here's the scoop straight from Netflix:

The town of Clearfield, MD has long stood in the shadow of three seemingly unrelated behemoths the Umbrella Corporation, the decommissioned Greenwood Asylum, and Washington, D.C. Today, twenty-six years after the discovery of the T-Virus, secrets held by the three will start to be revealed at the first signs of outbreak.

The last we heard of the series came from a leaked production list indicating the Resident Evil Netflix series should start filming this summer.

What are you hoping to see from the live-action adaptation, and when do you think the official announcement will come online?

While waiting on the Resident Evil TV show, you can still get in some undead shooting action with the co-op Zombie Army 4, or check out the latest news on the Resident Evil 3 remake here

New Monster, Crossover Event Gonna' Give it to Ya in Monster Hunter World Iceborne Wed, 05 Feb 2020 16:27:19 -0500 Ty Arthur

After finally arriving on PC in January, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is set see major new content additions starting February 6. That's when the mighty thunder ape Rajang arrives as a free content update for Iceborne on Steam.

To go after Rajang, aspiring hunters must meet with the Admiral in Seliana after completing the campaign and visiting the Guiding Lands. The teaser trailer above provides a good idea of what to expect from the update.

However, that's not the only new change coming to Iceborne, as a Capcom crossover is due to arrive later this month. In anticipation of the upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake, the long-running zombie series is about to invade Monster Hunter: World, letting players tackle zombies with Mr. X as their handler.

There's no confirmed start date for the Resident Evil/Iceborne crossover event, though we know it will come sometime in February.

Want to know what else is coming to Monster Hunter: World on PC soon? Check out the road map to new content on the path to syncing up with console updates this summer over here.

If you're looking for more on Capcom's best-selling game of all time, be sure to check out our list of Monster Hunter World mods, many of which should cooperate with Iceborne

To see what we thought of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which is currently out on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One (but not the Switch), be sure to check out our review of the massive DLC. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more MH World news as it develops. 

Report: Resident Evil Netflix Series to Begin Filming in 4 Months Tue, 04 Feb 2020 12:02:56 -0500 Ty Arthur

Update 8/27/2020: It appears many of the rumors surrounding the Resident Evil television series at Netflix were true. The streaming company officially announced the series on August 27, confirming that there will be eight one-hour episodes and that the show will follow the daughters of Albert Wesker. 

Though neither a release date nor casting list was shared, we do know that Andrew Dabb (Supernatural) is attached. 

The news was shared alongside a picture of a script, meaning the show may still be in the early stages of development. It is likely it will not wrap filming in October as initially rumored. 

Original story: 

If the latest rumors are to be believed, we can soon stop tossing coins to our Witcher and finally start running from T-Virus-infected undead! While Netflix hasn't officially confirmed anything yet, leaks from a source that has been reliable in the past indicate that the Resident Evil TV series is due to begin filming in June.

According to Redanian Intelligence, the production list below indicates the show will consist of eight episodes running 60-minutes each. Filming is expected to wrap up around October.

We only have rumors and hearsay to go off at this point, and there's no casting news yet, but sites specializing in Netflix leaks have claimed the series will revolve around the daughters of Albert Wesker.

The rousing success of The Witcher Netflix series has already led to the streaming platform tacitly confirming multiple seasons of the show, as well as an animated film following a certain important character. What this means for the longevity of the Resident Evil show remains to be seen, but it's clear Netflix is interested in gobbling up video game franchises for its original series lineup. 

That's further supported by the success of the Castlevania series, which has already seen two seasons come to the streaming service. Another season is currently in the works, with writer Warren Ellis teasing an impending reveal on Twitter after a recent image shed new light on the show's third season

On the gaming front, after Resident Evil 2 saw a modern remake with improved visuals and updated controls, Capcom is currently in the process of giving the remake treatment to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.  

Keep your eyes firmly glued to the GameSkinny home page for more news on the Resident Evil TV show and upcoming remake launch coming soon!

Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo Shambles Onto Consoles Thu, 12 Dec 2019 11:54:42 -0500 Josh Broadwell

[Update: 12/12] As of this afternoon, Capcom made the Resident Evil 2 demo available on the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store. As was first suggested, this is the same demo from earlier in the year, just without the time limit. 

Original story: 

The Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake is set for release on April 3, 2020. Finally revealed during the latest PlayStation State of Play, the remake will come alive on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

However, if you're still on the fence about this year's Resident Evil 2 remake, it looks like Capcom has something that might help consoles players make a more informed decision. A new RE2 remake demo may be headed to consoles in the coming days or weeks. 

The folks at True Achievements seem to have found a new demo for the game on the Xbox Store. Though the demo may be a repackaging of the 1-Shot Demo from earlier this year, it's great news for console fans nonetheless. 

The 1-Shot gives a pretty meaty taste of what to expect in the main game, letting players experience a short segment of the game that takes place in the Racoon City Police Department. 

Good thing is that the time limit found in the PC version of the demo as reportedly been removed, which presumably means fans will be able to come back and play it as many times as they want.

Much as we're all looking forward to the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake, the RE2 remake is still a stellar experience, and a true return to form for the series. Since its January release, the survival horror game has sold more than 5 million units. And it's even up for Game of the Year at the 2019 Game Awards

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on the Resident Evil series as it breaks. 

Resident Evil 2 Remake Infects Millions, Outsells Original Thu, 12 Dec 2019 11:59:08 -0500 GS_Staff

This year's Resident Evil 2 remake has officially outsold the original RE2. According to Capcom, the Resident Evil 2 remake has sold "more than 5 million units" since coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in January.  

The news comes in a recent Capcom release announcing the much anticipated (and leaked) Resident Evil 3 remake.

To put things in perspective, the original Resident Evil 2, which released on the PlayStation in 1998, has sold some 4.96 million units in 21 years. It is unclear if this official figure includes various ports on PC, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, and Gamecube. 

Even so, the pace at which the Resident Evil 2 remake has achieved similar sales numbers is unsurprising even if it is staggering. Despite polarizing the fanbase, both Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 have sold incredibly well for Capcom, pushing 7.5 million and 7.4 million units, respectively. 

That is not to mention the success of Resident Evil 7, a game many called a return to form for the franchise. To date, RE7 has sold some 6.8 million units across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 

While the RE2 remake received near-universal praise from critics and fans alike, our review of the game was a tad harsher on the remake, though we did enjoy outsmarting zombies in Raccoon City in the new RE Engine.

The above sales numbers, and the fact that 2 million fans played the RE2 remake demo ahead of the game's release, cement the idea that the franchise still has a lot of life in it. And millions of those fans don't care what our review has to say. 

Reportedly, that same demo is headed to consoles sometime soon — and the time limit found in the PC version has seemingly been removed. It's all good news for the millions of fans who might not have yet experienced the survival-horror gem. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on the Resident Evil series as it shambles from the shadows. 

The Outer Worlds, CoD Modern Warfare Included in Amazon's B2G1 Sale Mon, 28 Oct 2019 16:29:56 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Amazon is holding one of its Buy 2, Get 1 Free sales this week. Quite a few big titles are included in the sale this time around — and new ones at that.

Chief among the offerings in this week's sale are The Outer Worlds and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (the uh, modern one), both of which released just last week. There are plenty of other gems from this year, too, as well as old favorites.

To make things easy, we've collected a short list of some of the most notable games available during the sale. We don't currently know how long the sale will last, though it's a safe bet it'll last until the end of the week. 

Note that the Amazon page says "Buy 3 Items, Get 1 Item(s) Free," though it's a trifle misleading. The third item is the free one; you don't need to buy four items total.

Here's a brief overview of what's included in the sale:

Game Platform
The Outer Worlds PS4
CoD: Modern Warfare PS4
Crash Team Racing PS4
Resident Evil 2  PS4/XB1
Code Vein PS4
Borderlands 3  PS4/XB1
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch PS4
Resident Evil: Origins Collection Switch
No Man's Sky XB1
Devil May Cry 5 PS4
Killer Queen Black Switch
Trine 4 PS4
Madden 20 PS4
Ace Combat 7 PS4
Mortal Kombat 11 XB1


The full list, which includes over 60 games, can be found over on Amazon. Meanwhile, PS4 owners should check out Sony's Halloween Sale for more spooky savings before they disappear like phantasms in the first light of dawn.

Best Buy's Scary Games Sale Has Frights, Dark (Empty) Knights, and a Scared Green Plumber Thu, 24 Oct 2019 11:34:49 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Best Buy is running a limited-time Halloween sale as part of its weekly bundle of deals. There's a fair bit on offer here, from this year's frightening favorites to the tried-and-true horror staples of days gone by.

Here's a bit of what you can expect from the Scary Games sale, including Resident Evil 2, Hollow Knight, Bloodborne, Luigi's Mansion, Dead by Daylight, and dozens more. 

Here are some of the highlights.

Best Buy Halloween Sale Highlights

Game Sales Price
Resident Evil 2 — Standard Edition (PS4 and XB1) $24.99
Undertale (Switch)  $24.99
Resident Evil Origins Collection (Switch) $29.99
Devil May Cry 5 Standard Edition (PS4 and XB1)  $24.99
Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek (PS4 and XB1) $4.99
Hollow Knight (Switch)  $29.99
Luigi's Mansion (3DS) $29.99
Bloodborne (PS4) $16.99
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (PS4 and XB1)  $29.99
The Sinking City (PS4)  $49.99
A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS4 and XB1) $42.99
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Dead by Daylight: Definitive Edition (Switch) $29.99
Call of Cthulu (PS4)  $24.99
We Happy Few (PS4 and XB1) $14.99


That's but a sampling of the close to 50 games included in the sale. You can check out the full list here, and if that's not enough Halloween for your video game, be sure to take a gander at our games with Halloween events list as well. 

If you're a PlayStation player, be sure to check out PlayStation's Halloween sale, which is full of devilishly good deals. 

PlayStation Store's Halloween Sale is Devilishly Divine Tue, 15 Oct 2019 17:45:15 -0400 Josh Broadwell

It wouldn't be Halloween without a few frighteningly good sales, and the PlayStation Store has PS4 players covered with its special Halloween Sale from now until 11 a.m. on November 1

There are more than 200 titles on offer, from the genuinely scary Resident Evil 2 to the psychologically horrifying The Sinking City. Luckily, for those out there easily spooked, there are some atmospheric but not scary options like Divinity — Original Sin 2.

Here's a sampling of the treats you'll find:

  • Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition — $34.99
  • Resident Evil Triple Pack — $23.79
  • Divinity — Original Sin II: Definitive Edition — $35.99
  • Fallout 4: GOTY Edition — $23.99
  • Devil May Cry 5: Deluxe Edition — $34.99
  • Metro Exodus — $29.99
  • We Happy Few$29.99
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus — $19.79
  • A Plague Tale: Innocence — $29.99
  • Dark Souls Remastered $19.99
  • Nights of Azure — $23.99
  • Zanki Zero: Last Beginning — $29.99
  • The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series — $34.99
  • Little Nightmares: Complete Edition — $7.49
  • Killing Floor 2 — $14.99
  • The Evil Within: Digital Bundle — $14.99
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition — $5.99
  • Destroy All Humans! — $2.99
  • Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer — $7.49
  • Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition — $8.99

That's just a sampling of everything on sale, and the full list can be found here.

If you're in the mood for more Halloween, be sure to check out our games with Halloween events list, too.

Green Man Gaming Friday the 13th Sale Slashes Prices on PC Games Fri, 13 Sep 2019 14:38:55 -0400 GS_Staff

From big-budget horror titles to terrifying indie gems, Green Man Gaming is slashing prices on dozens of titles and DLC packs just in time for Friday the 13th. Some are even cut down by as much as 75%.  

Since all good things come in threes, those interested in taking advantage of the sale have three days to do so. Green Man's Friday the 13th horror deals end on September 16. 

While we'll go over the most notable games and DLC packs on sale in the table, alongside their sales prices, notable franchises include Dead Rising, Doom, Layers of Fear, OutlastResident Evil, and The Evil Within.   

Game/DLC Sales Price Original Price
Dead Rising  $5.40 $19.99
Dead Rising 2 $5.40 $19.99
Dead Rising 3 $8.10 $29.99
Dead Rising 4 $13.50 $29.99
Doom (2016) $13.49 $19.99
Doom (1993) $6.75 $14.99
Doom II $2.25 $4.99
Final Doom $2.25 $4.99
Doom 3 $9.00 $19.99
Doom VFR $20.24 $29.99
Dying Light $12.24 $39.99
Dying Light
The Borzak Horde
$6.02 $9.99
Dying Light
Season Pass
$9.18 $29.99
Dead by Daylight $9.00 $19.99
Dying Light
Shattered Bloodline
$3.77 $6.99
Dead by Daylight
Ash vs Evil Dead
$2.69 $4.99
Dead by Daylight
$3.77 $6.99
Dead by Daylight
$3.77 $6.99
Dead by Daylight
A Nightmare on Elm Street
$3.77 $6.99
Dead by Daylight
Darkness Among Us
$3.77 $6.99
Dead by Daylight
$2.69 $4.99
Layers of Fear $3.60 $19.99
Little Nightmares
Complete Edition
$8.10 $29.99
Outlast $2.70 $19.99
Outlast 2 $6.75 $29.99
$1.21 $8.99
Resident Evil 2 (2019) $31.31 $59.99
Resident Evil 2 (2019)
Deluxe Edition
$43.46 $69.99
Resident Evil 7 $13.50 $29.99
Resident Evil 7
Gold Edition
$18.90 $49.99
Resident Evil 6 $6.75 $29.99
Resident Evil 5 $4.50 $19.99
Resident Evil 5
Gold Edition
$6.75 $29.99
Resident Evil Revelations $6.21 $29.99
Resident Evil Revelations 2
Deluxe Edition
$13.50 $29.99
Resident Evil 4 $4.50 $19.99
Resident Evil 0 $7.20 $19.99
Resident Evil HD Remaster $7.20 $19.99
System Shock Enhanced $1.35 $9.99
System Shock 2 $2.25 $9.99
The Evil Within $9.00 $19.99
The Evil Within 2 $27.00 $59.99
The Evil Within
Season Pass
$42.20 $69.98


Those interested in grabbing these sales before they disappear like a promiscuous teenager in a slasher flick can find the full catalog of games over on the Green Man Gaming page here.  

As we get closer to the holiday season, as well as Halloween (which IS a holiday), there are sure to be more and more sales to be had, so be sure to check back at GameSkinny! 

Save Big on Resident Evil 2, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Yakuza Kiwami 2, More Fri, 10 May 2019 13:06:55 -0400 GS_Staff

This page may contain a few affiliate links. While we love Ramen noodles and other cheap gas station food, we also enjoy the occasional ribeye or plate of delicious Pad Thai. So, if you happen to purchase anything through this page, we may receive an infinitesimal commission. Our reviews and opinions are not influenced by these partnerships. For more, read our Terms of Service.

For a limited time, Fanatical has deeply discounted a wide swath of PC games on its storefront. From Resident Evil 2 to Assassin's Creed to the recently-released Yakuza Kiwami 2, some of the sale's steeper discounts effectively cut prices in half. 

The sale doesn't just include newer games, though. Games like Sim City 4, Borderlands 2, and Bioshock Infinite are deeply discounted, too.

Additionally, the Fanatical store is also providing savings on a plethora of Ubisoft games — including Far Cry New Dawn, Far Cry 5, Rocksmith, Rayman, Prince of Persia, Ghost Recon, and more — until May 10. 

Here's a list of some of the best deals, with links directly to the store page for each: 

In addition to all of these deals,Fanatical also has several bundle deals available right now. The Aspyr Pick & Mix Build Your Own Bundle deals include 3 games for $12.99, 5 games for $17.99, and 7 games for $22.99. 

Twenty-three games are available, including: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Civilization V, Mafia III, Borderlands 2, and Bioshock Infinite

It's important to note that most of these deals are only available for various times. For example, some Ubisoft games are available until May 14, while other Ubisoft games are available until May 13. Additionally, other game deals, such as Bioshock Infinite, are available until May 17. 

So, be sure to jump on these deals while you can! See the full sale here