Tales of Graces F

Asbel and Hubert Lhant find an amnesiac girl in the fields and take her back to their village, Lhant, to find her family. When the townspeople are unable to identify her, Asbel, Hubert, and their friend, Cheria Barnes, decide to take care of her and name her Sophie. When Richard, the prince of their country, Windor, visits, they befriend him and carve a friendship pact into a tree. When Richard returns to the capital city, Barona, Asbel and his friends follow. Richard proposes for them to sneak into the castle via a secret underground entrance at night.There, the four find Richard unconscious and are fatally wounded by an unknown monster. Sophie manages to defeat the monster by self destructing and Asbel is returned to Lhant. After he regains consciousness, Asbel learns about Sophie's death and Hubert's adoption into the Oswell family. Daunted by the outcome, Asbel leaves for Barona and enrolls in the Knight Academy.

Platforms: PlayStation 3
Developer: Namco Tales Studio
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Genre: RPG
Release date: Unknown
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