GW2 Fashion Contest - Vote Roundup!

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These outfits made us do a double take - meet the finalists for Most Unexpected in the Guild Wars 2 Fashion Contest!

From cosplay to carrion, eccentric to exposed, these players have made some real characters.


5 votes - Rehka-blabla (look guys, it's late...)
4 votes - Weird Cheering Dude
2 votes - Naked Norn (really late...)
2 votes - Red Riding Hood
1 vote - Assasin's Creed-dude
1 vote - Darth Vader
1 vote - Naked Male Elementalist
no votes - Link (deserves all the honorable mentions)
no votes - Beartato
no votes - Gangstah Charr (still better than tophat Asura)

Published Aug. 27th 2013

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