Fallout 4's official trailer now online, announcement to follow at E3

The game everyone knew existed officially exists.

Welp. The worst kept secret on the gaming calendar for 2015 is finally out. In case Bethesda's impromptu announcement of a press conference at E3 wasn't hint enough (and it should have been since they don't have any significant annual 1st party releases like EA and Ubisoft do), the company finally stopped the shenanigans, and showed the gaming world what we basically already knew, and have suspected for some time. Fallout 4 is a thing.

It's a shame that in this day and age of leaked information on the internet that this announcement couldn't have been enhanced by the element of surprise, but regardless it's nice to finally cut the crap, and add a new game to ol' radar.

The radio broadcast that plays during the trailer seems to indicate a look into the event in the Fallout timeline known as The Great War.

I like the contrast between the pre and post apocalypse and it makes me wonder if going back and forth will be prominent in the game. The radio broadcast that plays during the trailer seems to indicate a look into the event in the Fallout timeline known as The Great War.

But The Great War isn't just any event, it was a day-long set of nuclear strikes from every nation in the world capable enough to launch them and the inciting incident that catapulted the world into the wasteland that the game is known for. 

Post-apocalypse with color

The series' environment design seems to have undergone a bit of a facelift as well. The post-apocalyptic environments in Fallout games are known for their dreariness with a lot of brown and grey tones, evoking a lifeless and diseased aura on the world. However, Fallout 4 looks like it will be going in a slightly different direction as the trailer shows off bright blue skies, flaming red tarps, airships, and a pirate ship run aground and looks to be a potential dungeon (with hopefully some sweet pirate gear/weapons to loot).

It's a sure bet that Fallout 4 will be a big part of the chatter up to and during E3 as more details about the gameplay enhancements and narrative come to the forefront. And with the expo less than two weeks away, the hype train for this game is sure to speed up very quickly. Count your bottle caps and drink up some Nuka Cola, the return to the wasteland is just around the corner.

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Published Jun. 3rd 2015

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