Face Dinosaurs and Pirates on Treasure Cruise's Next Island

Explore and battle your way through an island of prehistoric creatures, giants, and a criminal organization!

Whiskey Peak was only released a few weeks ago, and there's already a new island coming to Treasure Cruise.

The game's official English page announced that it would be rolling out the next island for players, Little Garden, by mid-May. Whiskey Peak, the first island the Straw Hat pirates visit on the Grand Line, was just released on April 22, but it seems like Bandai Namco knows how much fans want to keep playing and keep going through the story. 

The Straw Hats barely manage to escape Whiskey Peak with their lives. After the brave sacrifice of Igaram (formerly known as Mr. 8). The crew also pick up a new member: the former Baroque Works agent, Miss Wednesday, who turns out to be the crown princess of the Alabasta kingdom, Nefetari Vivi! With the criminal organization hot on their heels, the Straw Hats arrive on Little Garden, the very next island on the Grand Line.

It's there that players will have to fight their way through 15 levels of dinosaurs, giants, and Baroque Works agents. Though it seems daunting - and tiring - to take on 15 levels, there's also the chance that these (really good) characters will be recruited for the players' own pirate crews. It wouldn't hurt to round out the team with some pretty strong and helpful pirates. It wouldn't hurt to round it out with anything really, as long as it's helpful in some way.

"Mid-May" is in a week, so it seems like Little Garden will be released very soon.

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Published May. 8th 2015

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