Final Fantasy VII Remake on Xbox One? It's more likely than you think

PlayStation's prodigal son may only be a timed exclusive, leaving Square-Enix free to publish for other platforms.

Well, boys and girls, hell has finally frozen over. The Last Guardian is still alive, Shenmue 3 is getting Kickstarted, the Final Fantasy VII remake is actually happening. And by the looks of things, FFVII may not be exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

Fans have been clamoring for an HD remake of the classic PlayStation 1 RPG for over a decade, and when Sony showed this PlayStation 3 tech demo in 2005, it only added fuel to the fire. Last night's E3 announcement rekindled that fire for fans all over the world, and while this is excellent news for PlayStation fans, there's something else to this reveal that we might have missed--something that means good news for Xbox One and PC fans alike.

"Play it first on PlayStation 4"

Console giants Microsoft and Sony use very specific language when marketing titles like these, for very important reasons. Many of last night's announcements were accompanied by the words "Only on PlayStation," indicating their exclusivity to the brand. 

Not Final Fantasy VII.

This game's reveal ended on the phrase "Play it first on PlayStation 4." This is the phrase Sony uses to indicate that they've only secured timed exclusivity, and that the game will likely be released on other platforms down the road. 

This seems shocking at first, considering that Final Fantasy VII is a world-renowned hallmark of the PlayStation brand, but shouldn't come as much of a surprise when you think about it. From Final Fantasy XII forward, installments in the franchise have generally launched on Xbox and PlayStation simultaneously. Even the hotly anticipated Final Fantasy XV is coming to Xbox One.

It might be blasphemous to imagine, but I'd say that Final Fantasy VII on Xbox One isn't just a possibility, it's an eventuality.

If the thought of this is unsettling to you, just consider these words from the teaser: "The reunion at hand may bring joy. It may bring fear. But let us embrace whatever it brings, for they are coming back. At last, the promise has been made."

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Published Jun. 16th 2015
  • Salty Splatoon
    The butt hurt in these comments are so very strong.
  • Ff7luver
    My dear friends, in SE presentation they said pc and ps4. No hints for X1 yet. Is so unprofessional for the writer to said that is an eventuality with out saying imo. The director said that the quote is about what people can expect from the battle systems or new ideas. Now i think that "maybe" theres a chance for Xbox but for now we can only EXPECT not SAID.
  • Matroska
    Square are definitely leaving it open, but given how badly JRPGs sell on the Xbox compared to Playstation, how no one in Japan has an Xbox, and how everywhere apart from America the Xbox is very sidelined (e.g. in Spain the Vita is outselling the Xbox One by 8:1), it's not really worth the effort and cost. I think they're going to see how it goes, if the Xbox One can recover from only having half the install base of the PS4 and selling badly in every country but one.
  • CallSignDriver
    Featured Correspondent
    This is a very valid point.
  • El Mejor
    This article contains nothing. It says it's more likely than you think but does nothing to explain that position and even goes so far as to suggest that SE subliminally planted the idea that it is coming to the Xbox One via the quote provided...

    "The reunion at hand may bring joy. It may bring fear. But let us embrace whatever it brings, for they are coming back. At last, the promise has been made."

    reunion (riːˈjuːnjən)
    1. the act or process of coming together again
    2. the state or condition of having been brought together again
    3. a gathering of relatives, friends, or former associates

    Well since neither FFVII, nor any of its properties, has been on the Xbox platform, there would be no "reunion" on the Xbox. But what the provided quote is actually referencing is both in-game lore and the fact that we have been asking for an FFVII remake since the PS3 tech demo. It has literally nothing to do with Xbox at all.
  • Alva_6900
    If it was timed, the why did they not uge Console exclusive debut as other times
  • twinspectre_1459
    X---B---OX ? what is a XBox ? is this a console ? because lately it seems Microsoft is focusing more on PC gaming , so Xbox will Die ASAP , even Phil Spencer don't believe on Xbox
  • TheBlaksamuraiX
    AAAH nice touch with the quote at the end there lol

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