Monster Hunter World: How to Get Majestic Horn

Facing off against Diablos is no laughing matter, but by following our guide, you'll know how to farm Majestic Horn to craft and upgrade weapons, armor, and more.

Fans of the Monster Hunter franchise have recently seen the release of Monster Hunter: World, an entry into the lineup of AAA titles that brings much more to the table than sword-swinging action and massive environments. Its scale is only buttressed by the beautifully accurate animations that show the physicality of both the player and the monsters you hunt. MHW can be overwhelming to newbies, but for those who’ve dug their boots into the ground and are braced to face-off against walking skyscrapers and beasts with knives for teeth, it’s no surprise that it takes hunting, farming, and crafting to move forward in this game and eventually take down bigger, badder beasts.

What Is the Majestic Horn?

The Majestic Horn is one of many rewards players can receive after defeating (or capturing) certain monsters, only after completing certain requirements during battle. It can be used to craft more powerful weapons, and it is necessary for certain items to be upgraded.

How to Farm Majestic Horn

The Majestic Horn can only be rewarded after fighting either a high-ranking Diablos (found in the NE of the Wildspire Waste) or Black Diablos. During the battle, which has taken players between 15 and 18 minutes to complete solo, you’ll need to break both horns in order to potentially receive the Majestic Horn. To defeat the Diablos relatively quickly, remember a few key points about how this monster moves:

  • It does not swing its tail extensively to attack, so getting behind it can be advantageous as long as you stay close to its body.
  • Ice and Paralysis are highly effective against Diablos.
  • Diablos will try to burrow underground at times but will not stay under for long, so roll away from the cracks in the ground to avoid being hit by a double-horned semi-truck with wings.
  • During its burrowing, Diablos will not be able to attack, so using long-range weapons during the transition can help get a few extra hits in to speed up the confrontation. This is also a good time to use items.
  • Diablos will try to ram with its horns (whether they’re still attached or not), so staying on either side and dealing damage to its legs will keep you a little safer than the head-on attacks needed to break the horns.

Takin on a Diablos to get a Majestic Horn Monster Hunter World styleBefore your fight, you might want to buff up your armor, even if you already have. You might also stock up on potions, and right before entering battle, stop at the Canteen for a top-off of your health and stamina. You’ll need it, especially if you plan on repeating this fight until you receive this rare item.

Diablos’ attacks can take a seemingly one-sided fight in your favor and turn it around in an instant if you aren’t careful about dodging its quick charges, so be sure to look for its attack broadcast. It has a pattern that is pretty easy to memorize and recognize mid-fight. Diablos will swing its horns left and right two to four times before stopping for a split-second. That pause is it preparing to charge; Diablos will let out a healthy scream in case you miss the pause. Once it lunges forward, it will likely try to burrow, and you can lay on the damage as it does. If you can stay under it or on its sides, you may avoid the horn attack altogether.

What Can You Do with the Majestic Horn?

 The Majestic Horn has a drop rate of about 8%, whereas its alternative reward, the Twisted Horn, sits at 92%. Not great odds, I know. But with the Majestic Horn, you can not only upgrade several weapons such as the Diablos Horn Bow but also use it to craft certain weapons and armor that require it. With two Majestic Horns, you can craft armor like the Diablo Mail to help bolster your defenses if you decide to fight this beast once again to farm for more Majestic Horns.

Wyverns are not easy foes, but if you are a veteran player of Monster Hunter, you already know the kind of determination it takes to buckle down in a battle like this. For those new to this massive, complex, intimidating world, stick with it and you'll soon see your character grow strong enough to take down any monster in the game. Diablos is not going to go easy on you, but by the time you make it to the point where it is your next target, you won't be pulling any punches either.


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Published Feb. 2nd 2018

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