Monster Hunter World: How to Get Monster Bone Plus

How to get the elusive Monster Bone Plus body part. in Monster Hunter World. Time to get carving for those crafting parts!

To say there are a lot of materials you need to farm up to progress your armor sets and weapons in Monster Hunter World is a bit of an understatement.

If you're new to the Monster Hunter series, the gear grind and hunt can be overwhelming. You go from armor set to armor set based on what you're going to be focusing on hunting -- and the same goes for weapons. With so many monsters to hunt down and possible monster parts to gather, it can all get confusing pretty fast.

Monster Bone Plus is one such part. Monster Bone Plus is used to craft and upgrade a few different equipment pieces:

  • Ingot armor set (helm, mail, coil, vambraces, and greaves)
  • Mudslide Blade tier 3 (Charge blade)
  • Hard Bone Strongarm tier 2 (Charge blade)
  • Blooming Glaive tier 3 (Insect glaive)
  • Dragonbone Bow tier 2 (Bow)
  • Aqua Slasher tier 2 (Great sword)

That's all nice to keep in mind, but you probably already know what you need it for. So the next question is:

Where to get Monster Bone +

There are two ways to get this in Monster Hunter World: Some quests, and a potential carve drop from certain monsters.

I can't speak for which quests grant Monster Bone Plus, I've not kept track. But there are some monsters with a high chance of granting this part upon carving. These are:

  • Legiana: Found in Coral Highlands and Rotten Vale; weak to thunder and fire
  • Diablos: Found in Wildspire Waste; weak to ice and dragon
  • Odogaron: Found in Coral Highlands and Rotten Vale; weak to ice and thunder
  • Rathalos: Found in Ancient Forest; weak to dragon and thunder

These are notoriously difficult monsters and are not for the novice hunter. And of course, make sure you carve after slaying them. You'll get some Monster Bone + yet!

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Published Jan. 30th 2018

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