Poetry Corner (NES Games) with Lumpz the Clown

Love NES games? What about poetry ABOUT NES games? Hilarity, shock and enlightenment are a given after peeping out this amazing community-submitted content!

Prepare to get fancy with some NES poetry!

In a recent contest, I asked the retrogaming community to submit their best NES game-themed haikus and poetry! The turnout was absolutely amazing, and to show them my appreciation, I recite all of their submissions here. Works feature games like Amagon, The Adventures of Bayou Billy, Mega Man 2 and many others, reviled and beloved.

Crack open your finest wine and dig out the glassware, because this homely clown is about to get fancy with some of the best that the retrogaming community has to offer!

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I'm Lumpz the Clown, CEO of Lumpz Media, established circa 2013. Aside from being an admin for my own site, I also contribute articles for Gaming Rebellion, Skirmish Frogs, and GameSkinny. I am a former Community Manager and have worked with notable developers such as Locomalito, 2Awesome Studio, and EyeMobi.

Published May. 20th 2015
  • GameSkinny Staff
    I'd love to see a beat poetry styled sequel to this some time, complete with background bongos :P
  • LumpztheClown
    Featured Contributor
    Haha! That's a great idea! I plan on doing more of these in the future, and a "beatnik" motif would be awesome! The possibilities are literally limitless, and it's a great opportunity to mix it up! Thanks for watching! :-)

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