Dying Light Lets Us Play World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. in First-Person View

Dying Light features a hidden gem that lets gamers play World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. in a first-person view.

There's been a handful of video recreations of World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros. seen from a first-person perspective. Now, we can actually play one of them thanks to Dying Light.

Among many other Easter eggs included in the game, one of them actually gives players a chance to play the classic SMB level. There's a special green pipe inside a chimney on top of a building in the second zone. In the video above, you can find out exactly where it's located to play it yourself.

The pipe sends you to a narrow pathway that resembles World 1-1, but is designed toward Dying Light's survival horror theme. On the left, you'll see a wall that's painted the same as the background in World 1-1. There's rusted and weathered pipes to climb over compared to the walls Mario had to jump over. Instead of goombas, there are zombies to get rid of along the way.

It all looks incredibly similar to RocketJump's video recreation of the level that was released back in 2011. While it holds more faithful to the original game, there's still a Call of Duty inspired theme to it.

Once the adventure is over, players go through the final pipe after reaching the flag and return to Dying Light's open world. It's not a complete waste of time as it gives players experience for finishing it, but the bigger value is seeing developer Techland pay homage to a classic in a survival horror setting.

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Published Feb. 6th 2015

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