Ubisoft Reactivating Questionable Far Cry 4 Keys To Uplay Accounts

Ubisoft reactivates Far Cry 4 on Uplay accounts that had originally had the game removed.

Last week a good amount of drama happened out of nowhere when it came to Ubisoft, Uplay, and Far Cry 4. This was the sudden removal of Far Cry 4 from many Uplay accounts. (You can read more about it here.)

Many people were upset as it was revealed that a few third-party resellers of Far Cry 4 sold games illegally obtained keys, which in turn flagged user accounts. This led Ubisoft to remove the game from many user's accounts, even if they had purchased the game in a legal fashion. Today over at Game Informer a Ubisoft spokesperson came out to issue a statement on its new stance on the issue.

"After further investigation into the matter of keys that were fraudulently purchased on EA's Origin store, we are reinstating keys for consumers who already had successfully activated and started playing the games,"

This is great news for people who had unknowingly purchased bad copies of Far Cry 4, but the Ubisoft spokesman continued by mentioning that they will continue to not honor illegally obtained keys.

This goes to show you that a great deal on a PC game can still be a sketchy deal. If a deal seems too good to be true, there just might be some illegal activity going on.

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Published Feb. 3rd 2015

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