How to Get the Golden Fish in Fortnite Chapter 2

Can't find the most elusive item in Fortnite? Here are three possible ways to catch the mythic golden fish in Fortnite.

Have you heard the story of the mythic goldfish in Fortnite Chapter 2? Well, it looks like some patient players have been able to get this unusual creature-trophy-weapon by simply fishing for it.

This is the only fish in Fortnite that deals damage, since all other types of fish are basically just healing items.

What is Fortnite's Mythic Goldfish?

The mythic goldfish is currently the rarest item in Fortnite, and, like other fish, you can catch it by simply fishing. However, it takes a long time to catch since it's so rare.

But this is not the only way to nab the elusive creature: some players report that you can simply find it randomly on the ground.

There is no mathematical way to predict your chances of catching the goldfish, but you can be sure that it's gated by hefty RNG. Many players have reported that they tried to catch the slippery fish for hours without a single bite. 

According to early leaks, this throwable mythic goldfish was initially meant to deal 90 points of damage, but in practice, it does 200 points of damage. That means the fish can insta-kill any player — even with full armor and health.

Best Way to Get the Mythic Goldfish

It is possible that Epic Games doesn't want too many players catching the golden fish. So most likely, you will only waste time by fishing for it.

However, there is one bypass you can use to get the fish. You need to find a player that owns one and make them throw the fish at you. If you somehow survive the hit or manage to dodge it, then you can immediately pick up the fish from the ground — and it's all yours.

That's really the only way of getting it for sure, well, outside of hours of fishing. 

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Published Oct. 24th 2019

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