Rare Discusses Sword Combat in Sea of Thieves

Due to the feedback of fans, Rare has released a behind the scenes video to discuss how sword combat works in Sea of Thieves.

Rare's upcoming title, Sea of Thieveshas received regular updates for those awaiting the game's release sometime later this year. The most recent of these updates is a new behind the scenes series that looks at different aspects of the game. The first of these videos covers sword combat, something for which the community has been pressing Rare for some time.

Design Director Gregg Mayles explains why swords are so integral to the pirate theme of the adventure:

"When you think about a pirate, the first thing that springs to mind as well as a ship and treasure and gold is a sword. So a pirate fighting another pirate with a sword has always been an important part of the vision, and a key player expectation as well.

On top of that, Senior Engineer John Watkins gives us a more in-depth look at the weapons in action and how swords act in-game.

The developers have also invited anyone who wishes to support the game -- and even play early -- to join the Insider Program. This gives players the chance to check out more of the game's development, give personal feedback to help with Rare's vision of the game and, if you're lucky, get access to early versions of the game. Joining the program does require you to be 18 years or older, as well as having an Xbox Live Account.

Will Sea of Thieves be an exclusive worth waiting for? Sound off in the comments below. 


Published Mar. 30th 2017

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