Grandia HD Collection and Remaster Finally Coming Soon to Switch and PC

The Grandia and Grandia II remakes are getting a release date in the near future, giving a new generation the chance to play these cult classic RPGs.

GungHo Online Entertainment America broke its almost year-long silence on the Grandia and Grandia II remakes to announce it will be announcing more at E3 — including a release date.

For now, GHOE said the games will be "coming soon" to Nintendo Switch and PC.

The Switch is getting the Grandia HD Collection, which includes Grandia and Grandia II, while the PC will get each game separately.

The Grandia HD Remaster will be released on PC the same day as the Switch collection. Grandia II Anniversary Edition will be renamed Grandia II HD Remaster and will be sold separately from Grandia.

Much more information, including demonstrations and presumably the release date, will be provided during E3.

The Grandia Collection on the Switch will include handheld support and, of course, improved visuals compared to the originals.The PC versions are receiving keyboard and gamepad support on top of the improved visuals, and those improvements extend to the original cinematic videos as well.

Both will have dual audio with Japanese and English options available, and there will be new French and German translation as well, making the games more accessible to an even wider audience.

Grandia and its sequel were two sleeper hits from the late '90s that developed a loyal following. The first originally debuted on the Sega Saturn before making its way to PlayStation, while the second was a Dreamcast game later ported to the PS2.

Developed by the legendary Game Arts (the makers of the Lunar games), they featured the studio's signature characteristics, including a deep plot, memorable characters, and a beloved soundtrack composed by Noriyuki Iwadare.

One of the key components of these games was their battle systems, though, which were ground-breaking at the time in how they handled experience and skill growth.

Final Fantasy VII remake might be ditching its original turn-based style, but with the Grandia remakes, Persona 5's upcoming expansionFire Emblem: Three Houses plus Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield on the way, it seems the turn-based RPG still has a lot of life left in it yet.


Josh Broadwell's gaming career began early--1993, to be exact--when he was introduced to the Super Nintendo and Super Mario World. Despite all the magnificent games the SNES and, later, the original PlayStation had to offer, it wasn't until the GameBoy Advance era that he finally discovered RPGs, which quickly became a favorite genre. He holds a BA in history, an MA in history, and is currently pursuing an MA in strategic communication.

Published Jun. 5th 2019

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