Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a Timed PS4 Exclusive

Final Fantasy 7 Remake gets off the PS4 train and will mosey onto other platforms after a timed exclusivity period.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's box art reveals that the anticipated JRPG is a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive and will be coming to other platforms in 2021.

Since its reveal, Final Fantasy 7 Remake seemed as if it would be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. After all, Square Enix suggested nothing to the contrary, and the original FF7 was a PSX exclusive. However, Twitter user Wario64 uploaded an image of the game's North American box art that confirms FF7 Remake is a timed exclusive.

The box features the iconic scene of Cloud Strife standing in front of ShinRa Corporation we've seen before, but in the bottom right corner is a little box with text saying, "Play First on PS4: Timed Exclusive until 3/3/2021."  

What other platforms FFV7 R will be on is still a mystery. However, with almost every Final Fantasy game coming to Xbox One and even the promise of Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox at some point, it's probably a safe bet we'll see Final Fantasy 7 Remake on Xbox. There's no reason to suggest the already-in-development FF7 R chapter 2 won't follow a similar pattern.

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Published Dec. 10th 2019

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