Take Them to the Tree of Woe -- Conan Exiles Goes Early Access

Survive, build and watch it all burn in Conan Exiles' Early Access this September.

Funcom announced this week that their latest creation -- Conan Exiles will be making its way to Early Access on September 13th. The Early Access page appeared on Steam on June 9th, and includes the first pre-alpha gameplay footage. No details have emerged regarding the length of the Early Access program, but a full release has been promised on PC and consoles at some point in the future.

The game is taking the Conan franchise in a new direction. Rather than a story driven MMO or linear adventure game, Funcom has opted to give us an open world, sandbox version of Hyboria to play in. The latest gameplay video shows destructible environments, mining, building, and survival elements that look similar to other games in the genre such as Ark: Survival Evolved. Check out this excellent article by Taranis8 for more juicy game details.

Only one thing remains to be seen. Will we get the Tree of Woe, and can other players be taken to said tree? Only time will tell. Keep an eye on the official website and prepare to survive in the brutal world of Conan Exiles soon.  

Published Jun. 9th 2016

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