Oxygen Not Included: Farming Tips and Strategies

Everything you need to get started farming in Oxygen Not Included.

One of the keys to survival in Oxygen Not Included (ONI) is to make sure that you have an adequate supply of food coming in for your duplicants. One of the best ways to do this is through farming, and players have a lot of options to go about doing so.

To begin, you must research Farming, which unlocks the Compost, Planter Box, and Algae Terrarium. Later on, this will unlock the Fine Dining Research, which will also become essential for proper farming, which we'll talk about a little later in this ONI guide. 

The plants that can be grown from farming include Mealwood, Bristle Blossom, Sleet Wheat, Pincha Pepper, and Thimble Reed. Each of these plants has its own distinct temperature ranges and means of being planted. Meeting the individual conditions of each plant will increase its Harvest Rating, thus granting a better harvest. 

Farming During ONI's Early Game

After first researching Farming, the pot you will be using the most to take care of your plants will be the Planter Box. The Planter Box can grow Mealwood, Sleet Wheat, and Bristle Blossom. This style of farming cannot be irrigated and does not allow for fertilization. Using a Planter Box is best for Sleet Wheat because of this, given that they are relatively low maintenance plants. 

As the game goes on, it is worth considering researching other methods of farming. The Fine Dining research unlocks the Aquatic Farm Tile, Farm Tile, Cooking Station, Fertilizer Maker, Hydroponic Farm, and Refrigerator. You will likely be using the Farm Tile and Hydroponic Farm the most to maintain your plants

Farm Tiles vs. Hydroponic Farms: When to Use One or the Other

Farm Tiles and Hydroponic Farms both cultivate the same crops (Mealwood, Bristle Blossom, Sleat Wheet, and Pincha Pepper) but have slightly different advantages and disadvantages for each of them. Farm Tiles can't be irrigated but they can be manually fertilized. On the other hand, Hydroponic Farms contain a Liquid Pipe that lets you irrigate the plants with whatever type of water is being filtered into it. For both types of farming, keeping an eye on the surrounding temperature is essential to ensure that the plants aren't being stifled. 

Reminder: Most plants need clean water in order to be properly taken care of. Mealwood and Pincha Pepper are the exception to this and require polluted water for irrigation. 

But What About Thimble Reeds?

Thimble Reeds necessitate a unique method of farming compared to all the plants previously listed. Thimble Reed must be completely submerged in water in order to be harvested, which means you can't use a Farm Tile or Hydroponic Farm for it. Instead, use the Aquatic Farm Tile unlocked with Fine Dining Research to grow and harvest Thimble Reeds. 


With all this in mind, you should be well on your way to start farming in Oxygen Not Included. Just be sure to always keep in mind the temperature of the surrounding area for your plants, and you should be well on your way toward agricultural goodness in no time. 

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Published Jul. 12th 2017

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