Outriders Worldslayer: Trial of Tarya Gratar Explained

The new endgame content in Outriders Worldslayer is a combat gauntlet of epic proportions!

You will be dumped into a new endgame hub area once you finish the main story of Outriders Worldslayer. From here you will be able to access your storage, missions, a crafting bench, and all vendors. Everything you would have in one of the game's larger hubs, only condensed. It is also from here that you are now allowed to begin the Trial of Tarya Gratar, the post-game trial added with Worldslayer. 

What is the Trial of Tarya Gratar?

The new post-game content for Outriders is a hybrid dungeon and boss rush where you (solo or with a team) will take on the toughest enemies in Worldslayer. Each new run of Tarya Gratar randomizes the foes you will be fighting, so no two runs are identical. 

Each run begins in a hub area where you can choose the path you want to take. You can check the Quest Map option in your character menu to see the choices that lie ahead of you. Some encounters are optional, while others are the only way forward. Each of the encounters falls into one of these four categories: 

  • Skirmish — Regular encounter.
  • Trove — Challenging encounter with increased rewards.
  • Trial — Boss encounter 
  • Final Trial — Final boss arena; always the last encounter.

In an attempt of Tarya Gratar, you are allowed three deaths. You must complete the whole thing without dying more than three times in order to successfully finish the trial. There is no shame in falling to one of the tougher bosses, though. Failing will still give you a shot at Legendary loot and raise your Ascension and Apocalypse ranks. 

Trial of Tarya Gratar Rewards

Doing runs through the Trial of Tarya Gratar on higher and higher Apocalypse Tiers is the most engaging and consistent method of obtaining better and rarer gear in the post-game. This is where a majority of the Legendary items and Apocalypse variants are going to drop. If you want the best stuff Worldslayer has to offer, you'll have to commit yourself to running the dungeon. 

If you want to get the most out of Tarya Gratar runs you'll have to hit all the Trove encounters on the map. These are tougher than regular skirmishes, but they reward you with greater loot and a much higher Apocalypse item drop rate.

Each Trove only offers one type of gear per encounter (i.e. helmets, boots etc.) You can check your Quest Map to see which type of gear you will get from the Troves ahead of you. We strongly recommend paying attention to the information the map gives you while attempting the trial. 

For more tips, tricks, and impressions on Outriders Worldslayer, you can visit our dedicated game page for continuous updates. 


Published Jul. 11th 2022

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