Dragon Quest XII in Development, But Still a Ways Off

Dragon Quest Walk looks great, but Dragon Quest XII being confirmed is pretty exciting.

It looks like Dragon Quest XII is in development.

During today's Dragon Quest Walk announcement, Executive Producer Yuu Miyake mentioned the next mainline game in the series is being prepared by creator Yuji Horii.

It's been two years since Dragon Quest XI was released in Japan, meaning it is about time Square Enix came clean on the next true iteration to the series. During the announcement, Miyake stated:

"As for Dragon Quest XII, it is currently in preparation for development with [Yuji] Horii. It's still a ways off, but I wanted to announce something about it."

It's good to hear hat the next mainline entry is on the way, but chances are we won't see it in the West for another few years. Even Dragon Quest XI, which was released in North America just last year, was released a year prior in Japan. It's going to be a long road to XII, and further to XII in English.

The real meaty announcement today is Dragon Quest Walk, a series AR title with an incredible trailer. Based on the text at the end, "The whole of Japan will be turned into DraQue," there very well may be no plans to bring it West. Nonetheless, that trailer is really something else!

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Published Jun. 3rd 2019

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