Here are five main reasons why Java edition of Minecraft is superior than Bedrock edition.

5 Reasons to Play Minecraft Java Over Bedrock

Here are five main reasons why Java edition of Minecraft is superior than Bedrock edition.
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Mojang offers Minecraft on various platforms through a number of editions. The two main ones are Java and Bedrock. Although Bedrock edition of Minecraft covers many platforms, including mobile devices and consoles, and has crossplay, the Java edition of the game is superior in many ways.

If you've been wondering which version to purchase (especially with PS4 getting Bedrock), then here you will find five main reasons how Java edition wins against Bedrock. Of course, at the end of the day it all comes down to each player's personal preferences, but there are things that many players agree upon universally.

So jump right into the article and make up your own mind, whether Java is a better version for you.

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Java Includes Bedrock

One of the top reasons why Java edition is better than Bedrock is the simple fact that when you buy Java version, you automatically receive tons of exclusive Bedrock edition features in the latest release of Java 1.15. So why buy Bedrock separately, when you can have them together for one price?

Here are some of the features that were exclusive to Bedrock, but not anymore and now available in Java, too:

  • Setting respawn points at any time
  • Redstone can now power bells
  • Turning off phantoms
  • Cancelling fall and fire damage
  • ... And many others

All this means that two versions are now closer than ever before, and they are no longer that much different anymore. So get yourself the latest Java edition of Minecraft and enjoy all these and many other features of the Bedrock edition.

Redstone Power

Redstone dust is some of the most useful material in all of Minecraft. However, Mojang has intentionally made this resource work differently in Java and Bedrock editions.

The Redstone works in Java in a much simpler way, and at times it even defies logic - that's how simple it is. But players who've been using Redstone in Bedrock version need to put way more effort into the design of connections between blocks infused with Redstone power.

This means that Redstone connectivity is far easier and more flexible in Java than in Bedrock edition. Many Java players will dislike the Bedrock Redstone simply because it requires more effort, which isn't always a good thing when you need to quickly come up with a simple trigger mechanic.

Farms and Spawners

If you like farming for items, blocks, mobs or even spawners, then you should always choose Java edition for this purpose. Why? The answer is simple: everything grows faster in Java edition.

Actually, farming in Bedrock is a bit buggy and will never compare in terms of productivity with the Java farms. You can go really far and spawn an incredible amount of items on your Java farm, if you do everything right; but in Bedrock you will most likely end up short even after longer periods of time.

Mob farming is especially complicated in Bedrock and often doesn't go as planned. So in this regard Java edition is definitely beyond competition.

Creative Mode

Survival mode in both versions is quite challenging and requires a lot of knowledge and time for some really cool things to happen. But there is no denying that Java edition is exceptional when it comes to Creative mode.

The winning factor is the inventory in Java edition, which is far superior to that of the Bedrock version. Besides a much more elaborate categorization of items the inventory in Java has Search Items window, which is indispensable when you need to find one specific item by name.

This one addition will save you so much time when creating new worlds in Minecraft.

Crawling and Swimming

Believe it or not, but even such a simple move as crawling can require a lot of set-up in Bedrock edition. In Java all you have to do is simply put a trapdoor at the entrance into the area that is one block wide, and your character will start crawling without getting suffocated.

In Bedrock edition even while swimming one can get easily suffocated, if you don't trick the game by going through a one-block gap and make the game think that you're still swimming while on ground.

So why complicate your life, when you can just use the best and the simplest tools available in Java edition.


These were five reasons to play Java over Bedrock, and for more Minecraft guides, check out the list below:

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