How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft 1.14.4

If you want to know how to breed villagers in Minecraft, then you need look no further than this breeding guide.

Writing a guide on how to breed villagers in Minecraft might be one of the strangest things I've had to do. But since villagers are necessary for lots of automated tasks, such as farming, fletching, smithing, and leatherworking, it's time you know the ins and outs of the horrifying process.

This breeding guide will tell you:

  • How to get your villagers, uh, busy
  • The best way to create multiple villagers fast
  • What blocks you'll need to assign them to specific jobs 

Villager Breeding in Minecraft

A red Minecraft bed.

To breed, you first need to find a village that has villagers in it.

Then make sure there are doors on the buildings you want to use as breeding hubs. If not, villagers can't get the privacy they need for their business time.

You then need to make sure:

  • The buildings have three beds
    • One for each of the two villagers, and one for the incoming baby. 
  • That you give two villagers some food
    • Ideally three bread. However, 12 carrots, 12 beetroots, or 12 potatoes will also work.

Next, lure the two villagers into a building that has three beds, close the door as you leave, and go kill 20 minutes.

When you return, there should be a little baby villager; wait another 20 minutes and that baby will be fully grown.


A farmer villager in Minecraft.

Build a Bigger Breeding Room

To grow even more villagers faster, there is another method. 

You need to:

  • Build a 12x12 block area surrounded by walls at least two blocks high

  • Make sure that there are
    • Beds all around the room
    • The center is dirt with water to make it fertile
    • That there are workstations so the villagers become farmers or butchers or whatever you want them to become 

Then, chuck some of the required food at the ones you've lured in, and go away for a while. This process will allow villagers to keep breeding until all of the beds are full. 

Eckosoldier has an excellent video on it, which is well worth checking out. 

Why Do You Want Villagers?

Villagers can be traded with, and the more of them there are in an area, the more you can trade.

They can also be given jobs using a composter or a blast furnace, among other things. They're a really helpful part of any world, and having them will only benefit you. 

The jobs they can have and the blocks you need are: 

Job Blocks
 Armorer Blast Furnace
Butcher Smoker
Cartographer Cartography Table
Cleric Brewing Stand
Farmer Composter
Fisherman Barrel
Fletcher Fletching Table
Leatherworker Cauldron
Librarian Lectern
Mason Stonecutter
Shepherd Loom
Toolsmith Smithing Table
Weaponsmith Grindstone


So there you have it, everything you need to know about how you breed villagers in Minecraft.

It's a weird thing to do, but hey, games or something? Make sure to check out our other Minecraft guides too, as well as our growing seeds master list and the best servers for 2019


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Published Aug. 22nd 2019

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