Best Budget Hearthstone Decks for The Boomsday Project Meta

Don't waste money on expensive and useless legendaries! Just craft these powerful budget decks and take Hearthstone ladder with a storm.

The Boomsday Project is here, and it's time for crafting new cards! But most players will rarely find enough dust to craft all the epic and legendary cards. That's just how ruthless Hearthstone economy is to budget players.

But there's more than enough good affordable cards in the new set for you to choose from. Just take a look at our list of the nine best budget Hearthstone decks for each class, and find one or few that fit your taste and wallet.

Fortunately, Blizzard made some fantastic common and rare cards this time that can really shake up the current stiff meta of big and clunky control decks. So pay special attention to Hunter, Rogue, Priest, and Warlock decklists, which will most likely be on top of the game in the next few seasons.

Treant Druid

The central and most powerful card of this deck is Mulchmuncher, a massive 8/8 minion that gets cheaper for each dead treant. Here you have enough treants for it to become a 0-mana minion, which is really powerful.

Cards like Witchwood Apple, Landscaping, and Soul of the Forest can generate loads of treants that can be buffed using Power of the Wild and Tending Tauren. Dendrologist, a brand new card from The Boomsday Project, also fits this deck just right.

Lastly, if you need to protect yourself, then use the tried-and-tested Spreading Plague plus Strongshell Scavenger combo, or just play Giggling Inventor that summons two Annoy-o-Trons.

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Deathrattle Mech Hunter

The two most important cards in this deck are Spider Bomb, Mechanical Whelp and Devilsaur Egg. The first one kills enemy minions, while the other two put some serious threats on board.

All these minions have deathrattles that can be triggered multiple times using cards like Play Dead, Fireworks Tech, and Terrorscale Stalker. Corpse Widow will help you cast your deathrattle cards for much cheaper.

The rest of the mechs are there to support these cards with the help of Magnetic mechanic. Also, as a Hunter you should never forget to use your hero power, and with the help of Clockwork Automaton you will be able to deal not 2 but 4 points of damage each turn.

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Spell Damage Mage

The point of this deck is to play as many minions with Spell Damage as possible and then hit your opponent with buffed Fireballs. Potentially, you can set up around +10 Spell Damage on board, which will make each of your Fireballs deal 16 damage.

There are a few other cards that should help you clear the board, such as Shooting Star and Arcane Explosion. While cards like Vex Crow and Arcane Artificer will generate value in the form of additional minions and armor.

If you manage to build up the board and keep it intact until you have your biggest spells in hand, then you should be able to win easily from there on.

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Mechano-Egg Paladin

The new egg card in Paladin -- Mechano-Egg -- can easily turn into a serious threat with the help of Magnetic mechs and Spikeridged Steed. When it pops it puts an 8/8 mech on board for five mana, and that is a great deal.

The good old Stonehill Defender can find you more mechs with Taunt, and Cobalt Scalebane and Fungalmancer will keep buffing them on board. The infamous Equality/Consecration combo is also here for some control gameplay.

If you can afford to put in Meatwagon, which is an epic card, then it will also be easier for you to summon Mechano-Egg from your deck. But it isn't essential, and the deck works just fine as is.

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Goblin Bomb Priest

This Priest deck is super fun and offers a new take on a typically very control-ish class. As the title suggests, your main threat here is Goblin Bomb that deals 2 damage to an enemy hero. Cards like Whirliglider and Explodinator will help you summon even more bombs, while Mirage Caller and Twilight's Call will help you copy them for even more damage.

As a result, you should have 32 points of damage in the course of a match-up just from the Goblin Bombs alone, which is more than enough to kill any opponent.

And if you're short on the bombs for some reason, then use Leper Gnome and Mind Blast as alternative win conditions.

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Pogo-Hopper Rogue

Nothing could beat Edwin van Cleef, a highly praised Rogue legendary, in terms of efficiency and power level. But The Boomsday Project has introduced a card that could easily compete with van Cleef. It's the Pogo-Hopper!

It starts as a 1/1 for two mana, but every time you play a copy of it, the card grows by +2/+2. You can keep it growing with the help of such cards as Shadowstep, Lab Recruiter, Mimic Pod, Elven Minstrel, and Vanish.

As you see, it basically works like Jade Golem mechanic, which produces minions that keep on growing to incredible sizes. Test this one out and make your opponents weep!

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Aggro Shaman

One of the strongest new interactions from The Boomsday Project in Shaman class is Voltaic Burst plus Flametongue Totem, which gives you two 3/1 minions with Rush. That's a lot of damage taking into account that the entire combo costs only three mana.

However, the main win condition is Bloodlust, which can be supported by cards like Primalfin Totem, Feral Spirit, and Giggling Inventor. If you're still short on damage, then finish off your opponents with two copies of Lava Burst and Lightning Bolt.

The new card, Menacing Nimbus, can give you some powerful unconditional Elementals to play with, and Lightning Storm can clear the board in cases of emergency.

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Demon Zoo Warlock

Zoolock remains one of the strongest archetypes in Hearthstone to this very day. Its new iteration involves several new Demon cards from The Boomsday Project like Void Analyst, Doubling Imp, and Nethersoul Buster.

The new buff spell, Soul Infusion, also gives a huge advantage to an already well-established deck increasing its power level quite significantly. Nethersoul Buster works especially well with Kobold Librarian, Flame Imp, and Vulgar Homunculus, which can quickly turn it into a 3/5 or 4/5 for only three mana.

The rest of the pack are your usual suspects, such as Voidwalker, Knife Juggler, and Doomguard. It feels like this deck will never die, but will always change and adapt to the current meta.

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Mech Warrior

The highlight cards of this deck are Omega Assembly and Dyn-O-Matic. The first one, as all other Omega cards, generates a lot of value after reaching ten mana crystals; and the second one is a real damage dealer, unless you're playing against another mech-based deck.

One more interesting addition to the Warrior class is a card named Weapons Project. It's very similar to Blingtron that equips both you and your opponent with a weapon. This may not sound as a good idea at first, but remember that you can use your weapon first. And in this way you can destroy your opponent's weapon, too.

So there's a lot going on here, and the mech package is just the frame for much bigger things in the list.

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