Friendly bears with diabetes, hilarious bugs, overly excited steers, graphical glitches, flying bison -- you name it and Far Cry 5 has it in this collection of the game's funniest moments and glitches from Youtubers and Twitch streamers!

Best Far Cry 5 Funny Moments from YouTube & Twitch

Friendly bears with diabetes, hilarious bugs, overly excited steers, graphical glitches, flying bison -- you name it and Far Cry 5 has it in this collection of the game's funniest moments and glitches from Youtubers and Twitch streamers!

With a tagline like, "In a place where anything can happen, everything will," you know you are in for a wild ride with Far Cry 5, which just may be the best entry in the series so far (apart from the shark-punching glory of Far Cry 3, of course). But some of the best parts about Far Cry 5 are its funny, crazy, and truly bizarre moments. Luckily, many of those scintillating moments have been captured by Youtubers and Twitch streamers the world over. 

Between pre-launch bugs that were lovingly captured by early reviewers and some intentional insanity found by the gaming populace at large after its official release, there's a treasure trove of Far Cry 5 fails and funny moments to experience!

Here we're rounding up some of the funniest moments you can find while wandering Hope County, Montana, from unexpected killer turkeys to homicidal motorists and flying corpses!

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Copulating Cows

Yes, what you think is happening in that image above is exactly what is happening in that image above. Ubisoft actually created an animation for a bull to mount and ride a cow.

This particularly disturbing image is from the Testy Festy side quest, where you are tasked with acquiring three different types of bull testicles to be cooked and eaten -- flambé style (kill 'em with fire!), shredded (mulch 'em with the death tractor), and "blue" (take 'em out while they are doing it!).

For those wondering, yes, the Testicle Festival is a real thing in Montana, and they really do serve bull testicles cooked in a variety of ways. If the apocalyptic Seed cult didn't convince you to stay out of our state, maybe that little factoid will do the trick?

Image courtesy of GameSpot

Suicidal Guns for Hire

If Far Cry 5 has one glaring gameplay issue, it's got to be the AI. This game is a ton of fun, there's no doubt about that, but sometimes the companions are just flat-out stupid.

From animal companions that will rush into a forest fire to try to revive you (and immediately get burned to death, of course) to guns for hire who will hurl themselves off cliffs or walk directly into your line of fire, these allies in your fight against the cult aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, that's for sure.

In the unbelievable image above, a gun for hire got into a car and is about to drive it directly into an explosive silo for no apparent reason. Apparently the apocalypse was just too much for him to take, and he decided life wasn't worth living anymore.

Image courtesy of Gamesprout

Physics Fails

Very odd things can happen when bodies interact with the vehicles in Far Cry 5, and this seems to be particularly true of the bodies of important characters like the main cult leaders.

In the pic above, a player has attempted to load John Seed's lifeless body onto a truck bed to go drive it around enemy territory ... only things don't quite work out as planned. 

Somehow he gets stuck in the wheel well, but the situation goes truly nuts when punching the body away from the vehicle. Something in the code is obviously messed up, as the truck goes spinning and flying off into the sunset!

Image courtesy of Andrew Curran

Flight School Flops

Did you know flying is hard and requires actual knowledge and training? Yeah, nobody realized that before now.

Trying to land a single-engine bomber in the wilderness leads to all sorts of hilarious mishaps and funny Far Cry 5 gameplay, but even just lining up on your target for a bombing run can be a challenge.

In what was probably my own personal most hilarious moment, I decided to try taking out a convoy of heavily armed trucks in John's region with a bombing run instead of going at them with small arms fire. I managed to entirely miss every single truck ... instead lighting the entire forest on fire and destroying every vehicle around them.

As I was turning around for a second run, I ran straight into a particularly tall tree and got ejected to my death. No worries, I'm thinking, my companions will revive me! Except that forest fire I'd started was still going, so they both ran directly into flaming death, ending the quest early. Lesson learned, I guess.

Image courtesy of LaMey

Dancing Peaches

Hunting down the graphical glitches in open-world titles is basically its own mini-game at this point (remember how hilariously Dog Meat behaved when Fallout 4 first launched?), and Far Cry 5 suffers from a fair share of them.

Just having Peaches and Cheeseburger as your fangs for hire and going for a swim is pretty silly on its own, but if you lure Peaches into a river and then pull out your fishing pole, things get really bizarre.

Try hooking Peaches with the line, and a glitch will occur where she pops up on her hind legs and starts dancing wildly! I mean, I know most cats don't like being in water, but this is a bit silly....

Image courtesy of Gamesprout

Traffic Fatalities

In what may be a nod to one of Montana's deadliest features -- our icy, high speed limit highways and perpetually drunk population -- people sure seem to die a lot by vehicle accident in this game.

In the screenshot above, a player has stopped to untie a kidnapped Montanan ... only to have her plowed over by a passing van a second before reaching her.

The van wasn't even a cult vehicle, either! Some passing motorist just didn't feel like stopping to avoid hitting the lady sitting in the road. Whoops.

Image courtesy of LaMey

Wingsuit Kamikaze

Co-op Far Cry 5 is absolutely nuts (think of the Wild West of GTA 5 Online, but put it in the wilderness), and some players have come up with some truly innovative ways to take out their enemies.

Did you know you can use your parachute and wingsuit to take out planes? Yup, just go up real high and aim straight for the propellers at the back of the plane. Sure, you'll get mulched, exploded, and fall hundreds of yards to your death, but maybe your co-op companion will be nice enough to revive you after the fact!

Image courtesy of PretsOnline

Flying Corpses

Turns out this cult does have magic powers after all, because sometimes their dead bodies just start flying around the screen for absolutely no reason.

I haven't personally witnessed this bug in-game yet, but there's a bunch of videos online of it happening after an outpost is liberated. I guess those fanatics just aren't interested in staying dead and would like to jump back into the fight!

Image courtesy of Gamesprout

Helicopter Versus Animal

When you combine homicidal animals with co-op open-world gameplay, a ton of available vehicle types, and destructible objects, there's bound to be some interesting kill combinations.

If you've run dry of ammo or are having trouble hitting cougars and moose with a bow, you could always just grab a helicopter. Of course, not all of them come with mounted guns, so sometimes you've got to improvise. Crashing the bottom of the helicopter into an animal and dragging it into a building is always a viable option!

Image courtesy of Gamesprout

Unexpected Animal Attacks

The sudden bear attack may have gotten all the press in the teaser trailers (and those can be hilarious when you are fishing or just got done taking out a bunch of cultists), but nearly every animal in this game has gone homicidal and has a taste for human flesh ... even the turkeys.

Seriously, go try hunting a turkey with a bow and arrow, and maybe just go ahead and miss one. They will go all aggro and can actually take you out if your health is low! I'm imagining the deputy then getting filled with stuffing and baked at a nice even 350 before being served.

Always be on the lookout for those randy bulls as well! They have a tendency to come out of nowhere and knock whomever is currently talking to you way across the screen.

Image courtesy of PretsOnline

That about does it for our roundup of funny Far Cry 5 YouTube gameplay. What's the funniest thing you've seen so far in your playthrough of this Montana mayhem simulator? Let us know in the comments below! 

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