Get ready for the upcoming Nether Update with this selection of Minecraft seeds from the 1.16 snapshot.

Best Minecraft 1.16 Seeds for April 2020

Get ready for the upcoming Nether Update with this selection of Minecraft seeds from the 1.16 snapshot.
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It's time for our monthly roundup of best Minecraft seeds. This month presents a wide selection of Minecraft seeds, including those with oceans and deserts, those with hidden temples and exotic dungeons, and even those with super rare qualities, like triple villages. 

March has been marked with a few final snapshots for Minecraft 1.16, which introduced some new mobs and blocks to the nether, including a new Strider mob that can walk on lava.

With April ahead of us, let's look at some of the best seeds to play while trying out these new additions. 


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Seed: 557585232693155914

Coordinates: 200, 250
Biomes: Warped Forest, Soul Sand Valley

This seed allows you to start building a nether portal at spawn, and it's especially helpful that there is lava in the nearby hills. You can also find water and tools at a nearby village at coordinates 800, 200. 

As you enter the portal, you will spawn on the border of two new nether biomes: warped forest and soul sand valley. Go to coordinates -150, -120 and -100, 150 for two nether fortresses that hover over an ocean of lava.

Seed: 989490826076259

Coordinates: -150, 150
Biomes: Various

In this seed, you will spawn on an ocean shore to the west of one of the rarest sights in Minecraft: five islands of different biomes, all strung together.

Here are the coordinates for each biome:

  1. Mesa island: 500, 200
  2. Forest island: 850, 200
  3. Extreme Hills island: 950, 500
  4. Mushroom island: 1000, 750
  5. Birch Forest island: 1100, 1000

Seed: 546581295959790967

Coordinates: 150, 200
Biomes: Desert, Plains

In this seed, there are two villages right at spawn. One is in a plains biome, and another in a desert biome.

At coordinates 600, -450, you will find a ravine with an exposed mineshaft running through the ravine's cave system. Head towards coordinates 300, -1350 to find a desert temple with a stronghold underneath.

Seed: 892061877194045

Coordinates: 50, -150
Biomes: Desert, Plains

Here, you will spawn at the foot of a mountain, which hides three villages on the other side. 

All three villages are very close to each other and occupy different biomes: forest, plains, and desert.

Here are their exact coordinates:

  • 600, -150
  • 550, 50
  • 400, 200

Seed: 495530981147389

Coordinates: -50, 50
Biomes: Ocean, Plains

How about three island villages near spawn?

If ocean is your favorite biome, then be sure to visit this seed. All three villages are located in the ocean and are quite close to each other.

Here are their exact coordinates:

  • -900, 200
  • -1250, -150
  • -1200, -950

You will also find a swampy area with exposed ocean ruins at coordinates -1000, -1650.

Seed: -853891231831218971

Coordinates: 250, -350
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Plains, Desert

This seed has a woodland mansion and a village at spawn!

You will see the village right away, but the mansion is hidden behind a thick forest. You can find it at coordinates 550, -450.

Then, travel to coordinates -350, 200 for a savanna village that stands near a jungle biome.

Seed: 116639819417911

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Various

In this seed, you'll spawn close to a desert temple at coordinates -150, 850. The temple is between two villages, which have the coordinates of 50, 750 and -350, 800, respectively.

This area has vivid scenery and an abundance of biomes. South of spawn, you will find a mesa plateau with floating islands peaking at an altitude of 200 blocks.

Seed: -528829703487789891

Coordinates: -300, -200
Biomes: Plains, Forest

In this seed, you will spawn near two pillager posts at coordinates 300, -100 and 350, -150.

If you dig down between the two posts, you will find two dungeons at coordinates  297, -83 and 315, -88. Both are easy to access through an open cave.

Seed: -598518481198691

Coordinates: -150, 50
Biomes: Desert

This Minecraft seed offers something very unusual. After you spawn, go to coordinates 1150, 350 to find a lonely desert village by the hill.

You will see a cave in the hill. If you enter the cave, you will see an entrance into a buried desert temple and an exposed skeleton dungeon right above it. Altogether, you will find six treasure chests in this area.

Seed: -545139842334013

Coordinates: 50, -200
Biomes: Ocean, Plains

For this seed, you will spawn on an ocean shore to the south of a village. The village connects two small survival islands at coordinates -900, -500.

Next to a village, you will find a shipwreck and an ocean monument under the water in a ravine. 

Seed: -704880623098889

Coordinates: 250, 100
Biomes: Desert

Here, you will spawn east of a desert village at coordinates -1350, 50. There will be a channel between you and the village. The village buildings are connected to a desert temple as well. 

There is also another temple buried inside a hill at coordinates -1400, -150. If you dig deep enough under that particular temple, you will enter an abandoned mineshaft.

Seed: -154019734873301604

Coordinates: -200, 150
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Ocean

Not far from this seed's spawn point, you will see a gigantic woodland mansion with an unusually tall foundation at coordinates 550, 450.

If you travel to the north of the mansion  along the shoreline  you will come across an island village at coordinates -1000, -1400. The journey there may take some time, but it's worth it.

Seed: -679406749631248

Coordinates: -250, 250
Biomes: Mesa, Desert

Here, you will spawn at the entrance of an exposed mineshaft near a spider spawner. Fortunately, you will be able to hide in the nearby mesa caves.

If you need tools and weapons, head to coordinates 300, 200, where you'll find a desert temple and a village. Empty all the loot chests you can find and go smash some spiders.

Seed: -193244853454436

Coordinates: 200, 250
Biomes: Desert, Savanna

This Minecraft seed offers another glitched desert temple that's merged with a blacksmith shop at coordinates 500, -400.

You can enter the smithy from inside the temple and turn it into a warehouse for all your loot and gear.

Seed: 3987493556774279747

Coordinates: 50, -200
Biomes: Ocean

In this seed, you will spawn on a tiny island with a shipwreck surrounded by a ring of icebergs.

You will be able to find resources at the village on the mainland. it is north at coordinates 150, -650.

Seed: 646109468919749

Coordinates: -250, 250
Biomes: Plains, Swampland

This seed has a double village with a blacksmith at spawn. This is a great seed for a survival game, because it has all the necessary elements: settlements, smithy, witch hut, dungeons, and a mineshaft.

However, this seed allows for every playstyle, making it one of the best seeds for 1.16.

Seed: -691866018915478958

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Ice Plains

Right after you spawn, travel to coordinates 1650, -1350. 

There you will find two snow villages near a desert biome. To the east, there is an igloo at coordinates 1750, -1350, and under the villages, you will find an entrance to a stronghold.

Seed: -51627268132445

Coordinates: 150, 200
Biomes: Ocean, Plains

For this seed, you will spawn on a survival island. It is near another island with a village. Some of the structures stretch into the ocean and connect the island with several icebergs.

A bit further to the north, you will find a shipwreck stuck inside an iceberg.

Seed: -714203154335330

Coordinates: 50, 250
Biomes: Plains, Forest

This seed has a triple village, and one of them has a farm. All three villages can be found at coordinates -1000, -650.

Under the first village, you will find the entrance to an abandoned mineshaft and two dungeons.

Seed: -485649302696866677

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Mushroom Island

Mushroom islands don't usually spawn on the mainland, but when they do, they are called mushroom fields. This seed offers such a mushroom field with a village at its edge at coordinates 750, 1050.


That's it for this month's best Minecraft seeds. For more Minecraft seeds, check out the list below:

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