If you like to explore the forests of Bohemia, then follow this guide for all the best Easter eggs in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

The 5 Best Kingdom Come: Deliverance Easter Eggs

If you like to explore the forests of Bohemia, then follow this guide for all the best Easter eggs in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

The world of medieval Bohemia is rather vast, and finding little unusual objects is not an easy task. However, players have already managed to locate some really exciting easter eggs in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

There are a few nods to other popular RPG franchises, which is a natural choice for a game such as KC:D. But there are also other strange and interesting oddities here and there -- so be prepared for a few surprises. 

This guide will take on a journey to fing the best Easter eggs in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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Roach -- The Witcher 3

Horses are a part of everyday life in Kingdom Come: Deliverance (and considering the game's focus on authenticity, that's no surprise). However, some horses aren't as they first appear. Instead, one is the exact same horse from The Witcher 3 -- the Roach. You can find this little bugger at the horse stable in Merhojed (see the map below for exact location).

It's a town located to the southwest of Talmberg between Rovna and Samopesh. It's interesting to note that the KC:D version of Roach isn't very fast, but if you need a lot of capacity and stamina, then it's a great steed to have.

Talmberg map showing the Roach's location

Wolverine's Hand

There is really no reason for this Easter egg to be where it is in the game. Honestly, it's most likely one of the developer's love letter to Wolverine. The adamantium hand is hidden between some stones in the forest to the north of Neuhof (see the map below for exact location).

Unfortunately, you can't use Wolverine's hand in the game; you can't even pick it up. But that would probably ruin the realistic approach of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. To be honest, seeing a character run around with claws instead of fingers would be pretty hilarious to say the least.

Neuhof map showing the location of Wolverine's hand.

Epona -- The Legend of Zelda

Roach isn't the only famous horse to be found in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. If you travel to the horse stable in Neuhof, you will find Epona -- Link's horse from The Legend of Zelda series.

The last time you saw her was in the Breath of the Wild. And as you know, Epona can be called by playing Epona's Song on the flute. KC:D developers know this well, and they even included a little test during the conversation with the horse seller.

If you decide to buy Epona, her master will ask you if you can play the flute, which is the reference to Epona's Song. Of course, you can't do that in Kingdom Come, so you will have to pay extra for Epona. But it's the thought that counts, right? 

Neuhof map showing Epona's location.

Giant Shoes

There are lots of strange things in the forests of Kingdom Come, but this must be the strangest one of all. If you travel to the forest east of Rattay, you will stumble upon a hut with a skeleton on the backyard.

The funny thing is that near the skeleton you will see a pair of giant shoes hanging off of the piece of wood. The question is: Who could wear such big shoes? Are there giants in this game? Who killed the poor fella? Hrm...

This Easter egg definitely provokes lots of questions -- and makes us wonder if there's a beanstalk hidden nearby. 

Rattay map showing location of giant's shoes.

Traffic Cone

This is not the first time players could spot a random traffic cone in the forests of Bohemia. When the game was still in alpha testing, players stumbled upon them in the most unusual places.

There was even a theory that the presence of the cones indicated that everything that takes place in KC:D is a movie set, and that's why you could find these random modern objects here and there.

Now you can find one in the watchtower in a forest to the southeast of Vranik. Just follow the map above and you will see it for yourselves.


Let us know in the comments section below if you managed to get all five of these Easter eggs. For other Kingdom Come: Deliverance guides, see the list below:

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