Coral reefs, icebergs, ocean ruins, and other cool new features are all present in this month's selection of Minecraft 1.13 seeds.

The Top 20 Minecraft 1.13 Seeds for May 2018

Coral reefs, icebergs, ocean ruins, and other cool new features are all present in this month's selection of Minecraft 1.13 seeds.

Another month and another Minecraft 1.13 snapshot has arrived. This one reveals even more features that will be present in the final version of the Update Aquatic, including icebergs, dolphins, coral reefs, and many other cool new features.

There is also a hefty amount of buried treasure and shipwrecks that you will find in this month's selection, as well as a few surprising spawns of woodland mansions. But it's better to take a look at all the latest top 20 Minecraft seeds for May with your own eyes.

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Seed: 1953589261586108714

Coordinates: -184 188
Biomes: Plains, Deep Ocean

Coral reefs, ocean ruins, and a shipwreck at spawn! Almost all the latest features of the upcoming Update Aquatic are gathered together in this amazing Minecraft seed.

Apart from the coral reefs and the ocean ruins that contain chests with enchanted fishing rods, you will notice a new type of underwater mobs -- the Drowned.

Lastly, go check the two chests inside the shipwreck, which contain:

  • 18 lapis lazuli
  • 3 gold nuggets
  • 9 iron ingots
  • 5 iron nuggets

Seed: -5481950824466852100

Coordinates: -200 12
Biomes: Plains, Deep Ocean

Spawn on the shore of a large survival island with the new type of naturally generated biome nearby -- the icebergs, or as it's called in the game, Frozen Ocean.

You will also notice several ocean ruins that spawn on the surface of the island, which is unusual to say the least, as those are underwater structures. In any case, you will find a chest in each of the ruins with at least one good item inside.

Seed: 5634475927417477551

Coordinates: -200 -160
Biomes: Plains, Forest, Extreme Hills, Swampland

You will spawn near a village at coordinates -352 -272 that has a blacksmith. But the best part awaits at coordinates 47 97. There you will find a top-tier shipwreck with three treasure chests containing:

  • 2 emeralds
  • 16 lapis lazuli
  • 4 iron ingots

But that's not it! Under the shipwreck at coordinates 63 91 you will find ocean ruins with a chest holding an enchanted fishing rod. 

Seed: -2349576233169527230

Coordinates: -760 50
Biomes: Desert, Forest

Spawn right next to a village and half-buried desert temple. The blacksmith in the village has a couple of diamonds in his chest, and the rest inside the temple contain the following loot:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 5 gold ingots
  • Enchanted Book - Thorns II
  • Enchanted Book - Smite III
  • Enchanted Book - Sharpness III
  • Enchanted Book - Impaling V

If you go a bit to the north, at coordinates -664 -216 and -440 -312 you will find two more desert temples with even more great loot.

Seed: 1789530278842887108

Coordinates: 168 252
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Flower Forest

Woodland mansion at spawn! You will appear on the border of two types of forests, one of which is the flower forest, the other accommodating a massive structure of the mansion.

Under the mansion you will find an entire network of intertwining mineshafts with huge amounts of resources and carts with chests.

Seed: 268712258097270

Coordinates: -144 191
Biomes: Plains, Savanna Plateau M

Savanna plateau village at spawn! But this is not the only village in the area, as you will find another one at coordinates -408 568. If you keep moving in the southern direction from there, you'll end up at the desert temple located at coordinates -648 888. Open the chests inside the temple and get:

  • 2 golden apples
  • 3 iron horse armors
  • Enchanted Book - Punch II
  • Enchanted Book - Luck of the Sea I

Seed: -537663561936095

Coordinates: 122 92
Biomes: Jungle, Forest

Spawn near a vast jungle biome with plenty of temples that contain some amazing loot. The coordinates to all 3 temples are as follows:

  1. -288 32
  2. -1200 48
  3. -864 -336

Each temple has valuable resources that you may want to check out, such as:

  • 2 diamonds
  • 39 gold ingots
  • 17 iron ingots

Seed: -4689481405078176436

Coordinates: -370 -96
Biomes: Desert, Savanna

Village and desert temple at spawn! Go ahead and check out the four chests on the bottom of the treasure pit of the temple right away for:

  • 3 golden apples
  • 3 emeralds
  • 4 gold ingots
  • 3 iron ingots

Then, shift to the east to find another desert village with blacksmith at coordinates 88 184 and a shipwreck in the water basin next to it. The chests inside the ship contain:

  • 4 emeralds
  • 5 gold nuggest
  • 30 iron nuggets

Seed: -501618829226396793

Coordinates: 74 -28
Biomes: Ice Plains, Roofed Forest

Spawn on the edge of the ice plains biome that stands next to a forest with a woodland mansion at coordinates 300 540. As you enter the mansion, walk around the ground floor, and you will notice a narrow ladder leading to a secret chest full of redstones.

Under the mansion, you'll find an abandoned mineshaft with a chest at coordinates 346 25 448 holding a Notch apple.

Seed: 6330246058448416832

Coordinates: 100 -172
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

Spawn on top of a survival island with ocean ruins and a shipwreck near it. As usual, ocean ruins contain some enchanted fishing rods, and you will find a buried treasure map inside the ship.

Then, swim towards coordinates 547 251 for another set of ocean ruins. This one has a much better chest, containing:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 7 gold nuggets

Seed: -7864205482036046135

Coordinates: -18 -24
Biomes: Desert, Savanna

Spawn near a desert village with blacksmith and a desert temple at coordinates 139 -165. The treasure chests inside the temple hold the following items:

  • 2 golden apples
  • 1 iron horse armor
  • 5 iron ingots

Then, if you follow the river flow from the temple to the east, you will arrive at the tiny savanna village at coordinates 312 -344.

Seed: 6780647117327187496

Coordinates: -80 252
Biomes: Forest, Plains, Taiga

Spawn at village with a smithy that can serve as an obsidian farm due to easy access to lava and water. There is also some ready obsidian in the blacksmith's chest.

If you need more materials, then just dig down under the village, and you will find an entrance into an abandoned mineshaft with a cool chest at coordinates 209 40 -147 holding lots of redstones.

Seed: 262347294235606

Coordinates: 232 256
Biomes: Jungle

Spawn in the middle of the jungle biome, with a few jungle temples close by. The coordinates to all four temples are listed below:

  1. 144 16
  2. 832 368
  3. 1072 1152
  4. 736 1600

If you've managed to scout all four of these ancient structures, then this is what kind of loot you should have afterward:

  • 3 diamonds
  • 1 gold horse armor
  • 42 gold ingots
  • 9 iron ingots

Seed: 4298204367421218924

Coordinates: -240 80
Biomes: Desert, Ocean

Spawn on the ocean shore that hosts an absolutely massive coral reef -- probably the biggest one you've seen so far. It stretches all along the beach until it reaches the savanna biome.

On that same beach, at coordinates -119 -87 you will be able to dig up a buried treasure with some cool items inside:

  • 2 diamonds
  • 9 emeralds
  • 5 gold ingots
  • 3 iron ingots
  • 4 TNT

Seed: 4898124237234870911

Coordinates: 120 244
Biomes: Plains, Roofed Forest

Spawn in a beautiful terrain with waterfalls and a village nearby at coordinates 280 8. Then, move upward to the north, and at coordinates 632 -904 you'll find another one.

This second village stands close to a woodland mansion at coordinates 375 -1060. Also note that both villages have mineshafts underneath, so be sure to check them out as well.

Seed: 8306324003488669012

Coordinates: -200 100
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

Spawn on the edge of the forest biome, with a shipwreck right on the surface of the coast. There are two chests inside, one of which has a buried treasure map, and the other contains:

  • 3 emeralds
  • 5 gold ingots
  • 14 iron ingots
  • 23 iron nuggets

The buried treasure isn't too far either -- you will find it at coordinates -71 425. Inside the chest you'll discover:

  • 15 emeralds
  • 6 gold ingots
  • 7 iron ingots

Seed: -5340287810063741295

Coordinates: 86 -52
Biomes: Extreme Hills, Desert

Spawn on the border of two unrelated biomes: desert and snow-covered hills. At coordinates 101 -237 you will find a small village and a desert temple that stands next to a floating piece of desert terrain.

In any case, it shouldn't distract you from checking out the loot inside the temple:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 1 emerald
  • 2 diamond horse armors
  • 1 gold horse armor
  • 2 iron horse armors
  • 6 gold ingots
  • Enchanted Book - Power I

Seed: -369218761664516652

Coordinates: -130 156
Biomes: Plains, Roofed Forest

You will spawn just a couple of hundred blocks away from the woodland mansion at coordinates 185 285. There are lots of chests inside the mansion, but the best one is located at coordinates 186 67 244. It contains the following items:

  • 1 diamond hoe
  • 4 redstones
  • Enchanted Book - Luck of the Sea II

Seed: -943244106656890

Coordinates: 116 256
Biomes: Jungle, Forest

Spawn near a small patch of jungle biome that happens to have two jungle temples with great loot. Both temples are hidden deep under the giant trees, but these coordinates should help you find them relatively easily:

  • -208 832
  • 96 1024

In both cases you will find chests to be filled with excellent resources, such as:

  • 1 diamond
  • 18 gold ingots
  • 8 iron ingots
  • Enchanted Book - Lure II
  • Enchanted Book - Looting II

Seed: 1473995339363093396

Coordinates: 7 297
Biomes: Savanna, Mesa

Mesa village with abandoned mineshaft at spawn! The mineshaft is huge, and it's located right under the village, so you will have no trouble finding it. Also, check out the spider dungeon at coordinates 63 17 193 with two chests inside containing:

  • 3 redstones
  • 1 gold horse armor
  • 2 iron horse armors
  • 5 iron ingots


That is all for this month's top seeds selection, but be sure to come back for another batch of the top 20 Minecraft seeds next month here at GameSkinny!

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