The Top 20 Minecraft 1.14 Seeds for March 2019

Campfires and iron golems are the two latest elements added in the Minecraft 1.14 update, both of which make appearances in this month's seed selection.

Campfires and iron golems are the two latest elements added in the Minecraft 1.14 update, both of which make appearances in this month's seed selection.

In the last few weeks, Mojang has been predominantly preoccupied with fixing bugs that popped up during the 1.14 update. But the team behind Minecraft still managed to add a few new features as well.

If you're using the latest 19w08b snapshot, then you will notice that forest and taiga villages now have campfires that can help wandering players quickly locate these settlements by smoke trails. Also, you will find yourself in contact with iron golems that are now protecting all of the villages.

With all of this in mind, let's check out our monthly selection of the top 20 Minecraft seeds for Bedrock, PS4, and Java.

Seed: 484036606236935

Coordinates: 264, -184
Biomes: Desert

You spawn in the center of the desert village that stands just 100 blocks away from a pillager post and a desert temple at coordinates 375, 70. Ahead, there is one more village at coordinates 520, 100.

The desert temple is the best source of loot out of all the options in this Minecraft seed list, so make sure to check it out for:

  • 1x iron horse armor
  • 13x gold ingot
  • 7x iron ingot

Seed: -487613644389552

Coordinates: -70, -20080
Biomes: Taiga

Here's a glimpse at the newest object that will be coming in the full Village and Pillage release. You will find a new taiga village at coordinates -400, 50 that has two functional campfires.

But don't forget to check out the houses as well, as some of them have treasure chests. Inside of them, you will find obsidian and gold horse armor.

Seed: 665544360290087

Coordinates: -50, -50
Biomes: Desert, Mesa

Here, you spawn in the middle of the mesa biome. Go north, where you will find the first of the three villages in the desert biome.

Here are the coordinates of all three villages:

  1. 375, -890
  2. 585, -310
  3. 890, 150

If you have the latest snapshot installed, then you'll find an iron golem mob in the last village. It will be walking around and protecting the settlement.

Seed: 139668831448294180

Coordinates: -120, 252
Biomes: Roofed Forest

You spawn several hundred blocks away from a giant woodland mansion at coordinates -670, -770, half of which is situated on water. You will notice that even the entrance of the building opens right into the river biome.

There is a secret compartment inside the mansion with a hidden chest at coordinates -640, 68, -700. Open it and you will find a diamond chestplate for +8 armor.

Seed: -803365490736064

Coordinates: 88, -200
Biomes: Desert

This seed has a double village and desert temple at spawn. You will easily see the first pair, but if you have trouble finding the second one, then just use these coordinates: -280, 24.

The two desert temples are chock full of valuables:

  • 1x golden apple
  • 6x diamond
  • 5x emerald
  • 2x diamond horse armor
  • 1x golden horse armor
  • 2x iron horse armor
  • 5x gold ingot
  • 4x iron ingot
  • Enchanted Book: Infinity

Seed: -245121117771728

Coordinates: -44, 248
Biomes: Bamboo Jungle

After spawning, move head north, and you will arrive at the bamboo jungle biome. There are two jungle temples in this area with the following coordinates:

  1. -400, -1000
  2. 200, -1300

Both pyramids contain some very good loot, including:

  • 1x emerald
  • 1x diamond horse armor
  • 17x gold ingot
  • 10x iron ingot

Seed: 271528299705970

Coordinates: 296, 232
Biomes: Plains, Extreme Hills

You will spawn right next to a plains village with hills nearby, where you can find two types of llama mobs: brown and white.

Then, go to coordinates 86, 276 and start digging. As a result you will end up inside a zombie dungeon with two treasure chests that hold:

  • 1x golden apple
  • 1x iron horse armor

Seed: -167839387079077

Coordinates: -52, 256
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

You spawn on the ocean shore with three shipwrecks, one of which can be seen on the surface. Here are the coordinates to all three:

  1. -225, 350
  2. -175, 150
  3. 70, 85

The first one contains an epic treasure chest with some very valuable items, such as:

  • 4x diamond
  • 8x lapis lazuli
  • 15x iron ingot
  • 15x iron nugget

Seed: -032239140025787

Coordinates: -236, 240
Biomes: Taiga, Extreme Hills

You will spawn near a huge taiga village that stands at coordinates 60, -130. There are over a dozen buildings and campfires. The houses are scattered over a large chunk of land, and some even spawn under the mountain.

Also, be sure to check them for treasure chests, some of which contain obsidian and iron ingots.

Seed: -667319517264884274

Coordinates: -144, 256
Biomes: Forest

After you spawn, you will immediately see a few houses in the trees that comprise a small village. But if you want to find a stronghold, you will need to walk a bit to coordinates: 1300, 1700.

Dig down and you will enter the first room of the stronghold. Follow the corridors to your left and you will soon find the entrance into the abandoned mineshaft with a chest containing a golden apple and a diamond.

Seed: -470389013938818848

Coordinates: -132, 252
Biomes: Ocean, Roofed Forest

You spawn on a tiny survival island with an ocean monument right at its base, under the water. Follow the main corridor and soon you will arrive at the golden block chamber. Just beware of the guardians.

Then, travel to coordinates -850, 450, where you will be able to locate a nice woodland mansion. There are no treasure chests inside, but you will find an entire storage room full of empty chests for keeping stuff.

Seed: -077172057988786

Coordinates: 108, 256
Biomes: Desert

You spawn near a desert biome that hosts a desert temple and a village at coordinates 300, 25 and 375, 135, respectively. The village is rather small, but there are a couple of buildings that are made of brand new colored blocks.

The temple has some excellent gems inside its chests and a few other valuables:

  • 6x emerald
  • 2x iron horse armor
  • 3x gold ingot

Seed: -548994534874249

Coordinates: -312, 344
Biomes: Desert

You will spawn in the middle of the desert that at first sight, has nothing but barren land. But you will actually find two villages at coordinates -200, -150 and -440, 10.

But that's not it; go to coordinates -310, -350, where you will see a half-buried temple with some treasure inside:

  • 9x gold ingot
  • 4x iron ingot
  • Enchanted Book: Bane of Arthropods III
  • Enchanted Book: Projectile Protection IV

Seed: 207227789904888

Coordinates: -20, -68
Biomes: Bamboo Jungle

Here you spawn on the edge of a huge bamboo jungle, home to many pandas. In the vastness of this exotic biome, you will also locate two jungle temples at coordinates -660, -1460 and 1280, -1840.

You can gather some good loot from both of these structures, such as:

  • 1x diamond
  • 11x gold ingot
  • 7x iron ingot

Seed: -367755754335036

Coordinates: 236, 256
Biomes: Forest, Plains

It's a rare sight when a village spawns on two biomes at the same time. In this Minecraft seed, you will find such a village at coordinates: -190, -765.

Part of the buildings can be seen occupying the wooded area, while the rest of the structures stretch out into the plains biome.

Seed: 478753192414572

Coordinates: 196, 256
Biomes: Taiga

When you're roaming in the taiga forest, it can take a long time until you find a settlement. Fortunately, Mojang's newest campfires are an excellent solution to this problem, as they can signal where you need to go.

Here, you will find a small taiga village at coordinates -400, 790 that has two campfires, which will bring you to the correct location.

Seed: -593478080289876

Coordinates: 48, 80
Biomes: Ocean

You spawn on a small island with a top-tier shipwreck near its shores at coordinates: 110, 80. There are three full chests inside the ship with some very valuable items, including:

  • 5x emerald
  • 12x iron ingot
  • Leather Tunic - Fire Protection III
  • 3x iron nugget

As always, you will also find a buried treasure map, which can be found at coordinates 201, 441:

  • 2x diamond
  • 14x emerald

Seed: 688091524879319172

Coordinates: -128, 88
Biomes: Ocean, Roofed Forest

Here, you spawn on a survival island with a woodland mansion not too far away, standing on the ocean shore at coordinates 800, 450.

On the top floor of the mansion, you will see a treasure chest at coordinates: 815, 89, 485. It contains two very expensive items:

  • 1x diamond chestplate (+8 armor)
  • 1x diamond hoe (+4 attack speed)

Seed: 740097238710815

Coordinates: 46, 25
Biomes: Ice Plains

This seed has a snow village at spawn, which has an unusually high number of igloos. 

And of course, just like all new villages in Minecraft 1.14, there is one iron golem walking around protecting the settlement.

Seed: -231010552205573

Coordinates: 44, 26
Biomes: Mesa, Desert

Very close to spawn, you will see two desert temples located near the mesa biome at coordinates 105, 55 and -455, 215. Each temple holds four chests full of treasures:

  • 1x golden apple
  • 3x diamond
  • 1x gold horse armor
  • 1x iron horse armor
  • 2x gold ingot
  • Enchanted Book: Multishot
  • Enchanted Book: Blast Protection II
  • Enchanted Book: Bane of Arthropods V.


That is all for this month's top seeds selection, but be sure to come back for another batch of the top 20 Minecraft seeds next month here at GameSkinny.