The very first Minecraft 1.14 snapshot is here, and we're looking at the best seeds it can offer this month.

The Top 20 Minecraft 1.14 Seeds for November 2018

The very first Minecraft 1.14 snapshot is here, and we're looking at the best seeds it can offer this month.

Mojang is on fire right now! Just a few months ago the developer of Minecraft released the long-anticipated 1.13 update. Now it's already working on the next 1.14 update -- Village and Pillage.

There is only the first snapshot 18w43c available for download, but you can already experience the new bamboo trees and panda mobs. These are mostly passive and friendly mobs, but reportedly there will be some hostile pandas in the future as well.

As always, here you will find a selection of the finest Minecraft 1.14 seeds demonstrating some of the new features of the Village and Pillage update.

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Seed: -279206144025874

Coordinates: 220, 212
Biomes: Bamboo Jungle, Desert, Plains

Spawn in the middle of the jungle biome and follow these coordinates 940, -120. There you will find a lush patch of bamboo jungle -- a brand new biome in Minecraft 1.14. If you're lucky you may find a few white pandas spawning in the jungle.

Also, you will see two villages standing very close to each other at the same coordinates. Both villages have blacksmiths, and here's what you will find in their chests:

  • 2x diamond
  • 4x gold ingot
  • 5x iron ingot
  • 2x iron leggings
  • 2x iron boots

Seed: 594725519803939672

Coordinates: -68, 252
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

Double shipwreck at spawn! Both ships have two chests each that can be looted for some fine items:

  • 13x emerald
  • 3x iron ingot
  • 10x gold nugget
  • 2x iron nugget
  • Enchanted Leather Pants

You will also find an map to an abandoned treasure at coordinates -39, 585:

  • 15x emerald
  • 7x gold ingot
  • 7x iron ingot

Seed: 474395258284874

Coordinates: -136, 212
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

Spawn on a small island with a shipwreck on its surface. Go inside and open the chest that holds:

  • 9x emerald
  • 7x lapis lazuli
  • 5x iron ingot
  • 25x iron nugget

Then, go a bit to the north and at coordinates -312, -952 you will find another island, but this time with an entire village.

Seed: 511423384091152899

Coordinates: -32, 252
Biomes: Taiga, Roofed Forest

Spawn in the forest area that has a woodland mansion up north from the starting point at coordinates 800, -460. There are two chests on the ground floor at coordinates 817, 71, -484 and 796, 71, -497 with the following loot:

  • 1x diamond hoe
  • 1x iron chestplate
  • 1 enchanted iron axe

Seed: 410486427348396

Coordinates: 212, -16
Biomes: Jungle

Spawn near bamboo jungle with four jungle temples scattered all around the biome. Follow these coordinates to find them all:

  1. 620, 670
  2. -240, 1140
  3. 160, 1300
  4. 150, 1750

When all loot has been collected, your stash should look something like this:

  • 9x diamond
  • 36x gold ingot
  • 9x iron ingot
  • Enchanted Book - Bane of Arthropods IV

Seed: 844056712334430570

Coordinates: -172, 224
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

Spawn on an ocean shore of the forest biome with a top-tier shipwreck hanging around just a tad north at coordinates 290, -220. As you know this type of ship has three chests that are ready to be looted for:

  • 4x emerald
  • 10x iron ingot
  • 15x iron nugget

The abandoned treasure map is also there, so just follow these coordinates 425, -535 for even more loot:

  • 2x diamond
  • 4x emerald
  • 5x gold ingot
  • 11x iron ingot

Seed: 679287596787251

Coordinates: -212, 100
Biomes: Forest, Ocean, Desert

Spawn on an island that is completely covered in trees. To the east of the island you will find a mushroom island at coordinates 10, -320. And, if you travel to the west, you will find a desert village and a pyramid standing very close to each other on the mainland at coordinates -1320, 520.

There is no smithy in the village, but the temple has a few chests with something you might like:

  • 2x gold horse armor
  • 1x iron ingot

Seed: 779223032310378948

Coordinates: -100, -164
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Swampland

Here is an unusual location for a woodland mansion that got spawned in the middle of the swampland. Usually, mansions don't spawn so far away from the roofed forest biome, so if you want to see this marvelous sight, then go to coordinates -900, -850.

There is another proof of just how weird this Minecraft 1.14 seed is. There are two secret chests inside the mansion, but they appear to be empty, which isn't something you see too often either.

Seed: -667606039539699

Coordinates: 140, 256
Biomes: Jungle

You will spawn on the very edge of the bamboo jungle biome that hides a couple of temples under its lush greenery. Here are the coordinates to both jungle temples in this Minecraft seed:

  1. 200, 880
  2. 100, 1100

If you collect loot from all treasure chests inside the temples, then you will have the following items:

  • 1x diamond
  • 1x emerald
  • 17x gold ingot
  • 4x iron ingot

Seed: -968756011977698346

Coordinates: -184, 144
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

Spawn on the surface of a tiny island and go south to coordinates 20, 370. There you will find another island with a shipwreck on top. This is only tier one ship with a single chest, but it is a good one:

  • 4x emerald
  • 15x iron ingot
  • 3x gold nugget
  • 9x iron nugget

Then, if you need even more good loot, follow these buried treasure coordinates 313, 505:

  • 1x diamond
  • 8x gold ingot
  • 8x iron ingot

Seed: -511658407220626

Coordinates: -112, 256
Biomes: Plains, Ocean, Desert

Spawn near a patch of desert biome with a desert temple at coordinates 88, 72. The four chests inside the temple are packed with good stuff:

  • 2x golden apple
  • 2x emerald
  • 1x iron horse armor
  • 5x gold ingot
  • 4x iron ingot
  • Enchantment Book - Power I

Then, travel a bit to the south, where you will find a village on a small island at coordinates -400, 250.

Seed: -272919175179329101

Coordinates: 240, 252
Biomes: Ice Plains, Roofed Forest

Village and snow biome at spawn! This nifty combination is for those who seek hard survival game. But if you move in the western direction, you will find a low woodland mansion with an attic at coordinates -800, 250.

In the main hall of the building you will find a chest at coordinates -854, 65, 299:

  • 1x diamond chestplate
  • 4x gold ingot

Seed: 1211993791

Coordinates: 20, 70
Biomes: Savanna, Desert

Incredibly rare Savanna M biome at spawn! The hills rise up above the clouds and well over 250 blocks. The desert nearby also accommodates a village at coordinates -350, 100, and a desert temple at coordinates -320, -450 with some nice loot inside:

  • 2x enchanted golden apple
  • 2x diamond
  • 3x emerald
  • 1x gold horse armor
  • 7x gold ingot
  • Enchanted Book - Sweeping Edge III

Seed: 937390821173894

Coordinates: 228, 224
Biomes: Jungle

Spawn near a small patch of jungle biome, which is large enough for two jungle temples that can be located by following these coordinates:

  1. -190, 20
  2. 40, -650

There are no special items in these temples, but they have enough gold and iron to sustain your early survival game:

  • 16x gold ingot
  • 6x iron ingot
  • Enchanted Book - Fire Protection III

Seed: 269592919769983260

Coordinates: -252, -64
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

You will spawn in a forest biome at the ocean shore. The water here is low enough that you can see a shipwreck sticking out from the bottom of the ocean at coordinates -170, 100.

This is a top-tier shipwreck with three chests that together contain some fine loot:

  • 3x emerald
  • 3x lapis lazuli
  • 4x iron ingot
  • 6x gold nugget
  • 9x iron nugget

Seed: 640085127535884

Coordinates: 200, 256
Biomes: Plains

Village and ravine at spawn! The ravine will give you access not only to a vast number of valuable resources, but also the entry point to the spider dungeon at coordinates 84, 30, 366.

Inside the dungeon you will find two chests with some nice items inside, such as:

  • 1x gold horse armor
  • 1x iron horse armor
  • 1x iron ingot

Seed: 101007792597854634

Coordinates: -216, 208
Biomes: Plains, Roofed Forest, Extreme Hills

You will spawn in a rather unremarkable area, but if you travel to coordinates -800, -900, then you will find a glorious woodland mansion standing near the icy slopes of the extreme hills biome.

There are two secret chests inside this mansion. One can be found at coordinates -826, 68, -838 and holds redstone dust. The other one is protected by TNT at coordinates -868, 70 , -838, so be careful.

Seed: 599475702199301

Coordinates: 92, 256
Biomes: Forest, Plains

Spawn near a vast forest biome that accommodates a beautiful village at coordinates -832, -312. The village has a balcksmith and is kept perfectly hidden from the outside world by the ring of oaks.

If you decide to take a look inside the smithy's chest, then here's what you will discover:

  • 3x obsidian
  • 1x gold ingot
  • 1x iron sword

Seed: -328894117572793

Coordinates: -240, 228
Biomes: Taiga

Just a few hundred block away from the spawn point you will find a neat taiga village on the ocean shore at coordinates -430, 20. It has a blacksmith, but with little value. For that you'll need to dig under the village for an abandoned mineshaft that hides underneath.

At coordinates -454, 16, 59 you will discover a treasure chest on a mining cart that holds a golden apple.

Seed: -484675506229476

Coordinates: 216, 256
Biomes: Taiga, Desert

Spawn in the middle of the taiga forest with a taiga village that stands at coordinates -750, 1000. It's going to be a rather long trip, but a worthy one. You will arrive at the border with desert that accommodates a desert temple near the village.

The loot inside the temple is excellent, so be sure to check it out for:

  • 4x golden apple
  • 4x emerald
  • 1x diamond horse armor
  • 1x iron horse armor
  • 7x gold ingot
  • Enchanted Book - Flame


That is all for this month's top seeds selection, but be sure to come back for another batch of the top 20 Minecraft seeds next month here at GameSkinny!

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