We're getting closer and closer to the release of Minecraft 1.15, but for now, enjoy 20 of the best seeds from the 19w42a snapshot.

The Top 20 Minecraft 1.15 Seeds for November 2019

We're getting closer and closer to the release of Minecraft 1.15, but for now, enjoy 20 of the best seeds from the 19w42a snapshot.

We're about one month away from the official release of Minecraft 1.15, which will have bees and beehives implemented in full force, as well as some exclusive features that have been available only in the Bedrock version.

This is a great time to explore what else there is to see in the latest 19w42a snapshot from Mojang. So here are another top 20 Minecraft seeds that give a glimpse of some amazing locations that are now available for everyone to visit.

Just type the seed number in your game's client, and use the given coordinates to quickly teleport to those special places on the map.

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Seed: 162575926347635626

Coordinates: -150, 250
Biomes: Savanna, Desert

This Minecraft seed is perfect for team battle mini-games.

At coordinates 300, 20 and 650, 100, you will see two pillager posts standing near each other on the opposite sides of the lake.

Also, there are many villages around this location. Here are their coordinates:

  1. 750, -250
  2. 1050, -150
  3. 1250, 150
  4. 900, -650

Seed: 17291239161

Coordinates: 200, 350
Biomes: Various

When you spawn, you will immediately notice a village near a swampland. There will be bees flying around it.

A bit to the west, you'll see three more villages at the following coordinates:

  1. 70, 570
  2. -170, 360
  3. -450, 550

The last one has a blacksmith with basic gear in his chest. From there, travel north to coordinates -920, 320 for a desert temple filled with valuables such as:

  • 1x golden apple
  • 4x emerald
  • 1x diamond horse armor
  • 2x golden horse armor
  • 1x iron horse armor
  • 2x iron ingot
  • Enchanted Book Curse of Vanishing

Seed: -461078946825570778

Coordinates: 150, 50
Biomes: Savanna, Desert

In this seed, you will spawn on an ocean shore between two large savanna villages. But the best part of this Minecraft seed is the buried treasure, which can be found at three spots close by. Here are their exact coordinates:

  1. 9, 105
  2. 105, 169
  3. -263, 313

All three chests produce an unusually large number of diamonds, so pick them up as soon as you spawn.

Seed: -3949317167

Coordinates: 50, 200
Biomes: Desert, Extreme Hills

Here, you will spawn on a tiny survival island with sunflowers and a shipwreck on the surface. There is a chest inside the ship containing:

  • 5x emerald
  • 10x iron ingot
  • 15x iron nugget

Then, travel to coordinates 1200, -650 for a desert village that spawns right on top of a mountain. Near the village, you'll see a desert temple with nice loot inside:

  • 1x golden apple
  • 1x iron horse armor
  • Enchanted Book Curse of Binding
  • Enchanted Book Curse of Vanishing

Seed: -107751777167944494

Coordinates: -50, -50
Biomes: Forest

This seed has a double zombie dungeon at spawn!

Dig at coordinates 13, -45 and 2, -48 to reach two dungeons connected by an underground cave. There are four treasure chests holding the following loot:

  • 1x golden apple
  • 4x redstone dust
  • 1x iron horse armor
  • 4x iron ingot

Then, travel south to coordinates 50, 550 for a village standing in the woods near a pillager post.

Seed: -965319613236139535

Coordinates: 100, 250
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Plains

In this seed, you will spawn to the south of a woodland mansion that stands at coordinates 1400, -1000. One corner of the mansion literally flops inside a deep ravine. This glitch creates a fun look, which stretches all the way down to the bottom of the ravine.

Near the mansion, you will find a small village along the ocean shore at coordinates 1200, -1250.

Seed: 709999612180895196

Coordinates: -100, -50
Biomes: Desert, Jungle

Here, you will spawn on a small mesa island not too far from the mainland. At coordinates 350, 600 and 250, 1250, you will find two villages and two desert temples.

The first village has a strange design, with several buildings hovering over the rest of the settlement on a sand dune. The second one looks fine, but the desert temple is hidden behind the sandhill nearby. So be sure to check it out as well.

Seed: 40734399917781352

Coordinates: -250, -100
Biomes: Plains, Ice Spikes

In this seed, you will spawn at the edge of a snowy biome. There is a plains village nearby, and it has a blacksmith. You will find an igloo with a basement at coordinates -450, 70.

Travel southeast to find a snow village standing near a huge ravine at coordinates 570, 320.

Lastly, go even further south to coordinates 700, 730 and 700, 1300. There you will see two more villages hidden in the trees of a forest biome.

Seed: -7387263479488314

Coordinates: 200, 250
Biomes: Swampland, Desert

In this seed, you will see two witch huts standing near one another at the spawnpoint. Check them out for some magic. 

Then, move south for two desert villages at coordinates 750, 1150 and 1300, 550. The latter one stands near a mesa with the tiniest exposed mineshaft.

After that, move north to coordinates 1050, -700 for another village that stands on a ravine.

Seed: -415892387710832

Coordinates: -150, 100
Biomes: Desert, Plains

In this seed, you will spawn on an ocean shore a couple of thousand blocks away from a desert biome, which has an oasis in the middle. A patch of plains with a village and some trees can be found at coordinates 2400, 1050.

On your way, you will see two more villages at coordinates 1800, 300 and 2050, 700. The first one is located vertically on the hillside, while the other one has only three buildings.

Seed: -3531828800563675

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Savanna, Desert

This seed has three villages at spawn!

All three settlements are clearly visible, but if you need their coordinates, they are:

  1. -350, 100
  2. -250, -150
  3. 50, -400

The first two are located in a savanna biome, while the other one stands in a desert area. Further to the north, you can find two more villages at coordinates 500, -650 and 650, -500. These are both plains villages.

Seed: -407488696550278659

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Mesa, Desert

In this seed, you will spawn at the edge of a mesa biome. It has a pillager post standing near a ravine at coordinates 150, -180.

Then, approach the river rushing through a desert biome and go south. At coordinates 500, -400 and 550, 50, you will find two desert villages. Near the second village, you will see two desert temples at coordinates 600, -150 and 650, 50.

Seed: 3582607302

Coordinates: 100, 150
Biomes: Savannah, Desert, Iceberg

Here, you will spawn in a black oak forest east of a fun little village at coordinates -700, 350. It is located on a tiny patch of acacia forest on a savannah hill. The farms go up as high as the topmost platform, which is really unusual.

The most interesting aspect of this Minecraft seed is that the village is located near an iceberg biome and a desert biome.

Further north, you will also find a desert village at coordinates -920, -450.

Seed: -495774464888793948

Coordinates: 250, 250
Biomes: Plains, Jungle

In this Minecraft seed, you will spawn inside a plains village that stands near a small patch of forest. Travel southwest, where you will be able to locate three villages surrounding a very fine bamboo jungle biome at the following coordinates:

  1. -750, 750
  2. -450, 1650
  3. -1350, 1200

You will find a cave that leads into an underground stronghold at coordinates -12, 1652.

Seed: -190364446164

Coordinates: -50, 250
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

Right after you spawn, travel southeast, away from the ocean shore. At coordinates 750, 650, you will see a huge island village with a blacksmith, who holds several diamonds in his chest.

Then, travel north to coordinates 1050, -950 for another island village, but this time, there is no smithy.

So, all in all, you have two island villages in one seed!

Seed: 399557726055737771

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Desert, Ocean

Here, you will spawn on a sandy beach with a desert temple and two buried treasure chests at coordinates -135, 121 and -359, 185.

This means that you will be able to open six treasure chests at once, which sums up to a lot of loot:

  • 2x golden apple
  • 2x diamond
  • 10x emerald
  • 1x golden horse armor
  • 14x gold ingot
  • 31x iron ingot

Seed: -1876799147

Coordinates: 250, 250
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

Here, you will spawn at the foot of a mountain near an ocean shore. Go west and at coordinates -1000, -250, you will discover a large island village standing between two ocean monuments. There coordinates are -800, -200 and -1300, -200.

Near the village, you will see several shipwrecks. Although these are low-tier ships, you can still find some enchanted gear inside their chests.

Seed: 196800213100481469

Coordinates: 150, 50
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Extreme Hills

To the east of the spawn point, you will find several huge floating islands hovering over some really beautiful mountains. Behind the hills, there is a forest that hosts a woodland mansion at coordinates 400, 450.

To the north of the mansion, you will see a desert with a couple of villages at coordinates -700, -300 and -900, -1200.

Seed: 88198176132794231

Coordinates: -50, 250
Biomes: Taiga, Ice Plains

When you spawn, you will immediately see a weird little village that somehow generates both types of taiga and snow buildings. 

Near the village, you will also see a funny ravine that looks like a smiley face. Be sure to check it out, as it leads straight into an abandoned mineshaft under the village.

Seed: -8854826231825198633

Coordinates: -250, 300
Biomes: Taiga, Plains, Mesa

Here is another village at spawn, but this time, it's near a mesa. It also has two blacksmiths, which is a really rare occurrence.

If you follow the mesa outline to the south, at coordinates -300, 1300, you will find a desert temple standing on a narrow patch of desert biome.


For more Minecraft seeds, check out the list below:

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