Bethesda announces first Fallout 4 patch coming next week, hints at more Easter eggs

Bethesda will release a beta patch on Steam by next week, followed by a full PC release and console release.

The Wild West that is the glitchy, un-patched Fallout 4 is coming to an end, as Bethesda has announced a patch will be coming next week.

In a blog post on the official website, the developer first thanked players for their "amazing support" and for giving them their "largest game launch ever". It also acknowledged the variety of gamers' stories and experiences with Fallout 4 thus far, saying they brought "immense joy" to the team.

The developer announced that the first beta patch for the game will be released on Steam "by next week," followed by a full PC release. Consoles will receive the patch last, keeping with a schedule Bethesda found "has worked well for [them] in the past."

Bethesda hinted that gamers haven't yet found every easter egg in Fallout 4, saying:

"We know there's even more to come; the game is full of hidden gems and ways it can be played."

With the game's Boston map being so huge, we're sure to see more videos showing newly discovered easter eggs (as well as oddities like that creepy speakeasy). To see the best easter eggs we've discovered so far, check out this slideshow

In the meantime, we can enjoy (or fume at) the various glitches that gamers have found in Fallout 4 so far.

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Published Nov. 20th 2015

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